10 Beauty Tips for Women

Women of all ages are regularly bombarded with the ‘latest beauty tips’, miracle products and tips to help them look beautiful and fight signs of aging. Sometimes it can be very hard to decipher which beauty tips are real and worth the time and effort, since many of them only apply to certain age groups.

Beauty Tips for WomenFollow our best top 10 tips below for women of all ages:1. Always go minimal in the summer
When it’s hot outside, give your skin some space to breathe by not clogging it up with makeup that may well be ineffective. The natural sunlight will give you a dewy glow on its own.2. Help your manicure last longer by adding another clear layer every 2 days
Nail varnish can chip easily and quickly, which means you will often find yourself repainting. A clear layer of varnish can protect the undercoat for longer.3. Use tea-tree oil on spots as they appear
Tea-tree has been used to calm spots for a very long time, and the quicker it goes on, the quicker the spot will vanish.4. Always re-apply sunscreen every 2 hours
Regardless of claims on the bottle, protect your skin from aging and cancer by applying regularly.

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5. Remove makeup before bed
Anything left on will clog the skin, causing spots and ingrowing hairs.

6. Use sulfate-free shampoo
Sulfates are known to dry hair cuticles and are very harsh. A gentler shampoo will leave your hair gleaming.

7. Pay attention to makeup expiry dates
These are not placed on products to make you buy them more often; germs and bacteria can develop on older makeup which are then transferred onto the skin.

8. Use a lipbalm with SPF, even in winter
Lips dry out very easily and are affected by sunlight quicker than other areas of the face, so give them extra care.

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9. Look after your feet
Many of us forget that our feet sometimes need a pamper too. Use a pumice stone to remove the dead skin on a weekly basis, and invest in a good quality foot cream to massage into the feet and toes, leaving them feeling soft and smelling fantastic.

10. The healthier you are, the healthier your hair and skin will be!
Take good care of your body by eating healthily (particularly food and vegetables) and doing regular exercise. You could be amazed at the results!

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