Back Acne Treatment. Get rid of back Acne

Here are the five best home acne treatments regardless in what type of acne you have.

Those are the treatments that you can easily try in the comfort of your own home without having to spend extra money on high-priced prescriptions. Find out which ones work for you.

Get rid of back Acne

Get rid of back Acne


Garlic is actually is one of the sulfur based acne solutions. If you want to get rid of acne rapidly, fresh garlic is a fast and proven system. The good news is you don’t have to rub garlic on your face, you just need to add it to your food selection. The difficulty of the garlic treatment is that you have to consume large dose of it.

There are supplements you can take to make this easier. On the local supermarket, you can find garlic supplements in the form of tablets. While this will still have a positive effect, raw garlic is the most powerful. If you need to treat your acne fast, you’re going to need a few cloves of raw garlic per day.

Some people choose to just sit down and eat the garlic straight. This is effective and saves time, but it’s also not so delicious. If you don’t think you can eat raw cloves of garlic by themselves, blend them in a meal. Eating them with a cucumber is a quick and clean way to get the garlic down.

You can also sprinkle chopped up cloves over pasta. The key is to keep the garlic raw. Do not cook it with the rest of your meal.Eating a few cloves of raw garlic can show positive outcomes in a matter of days. Since it’s a natural anti-biotic, it will act quickly to reduce acne anywhere on your body. Treating acne from the inside out might be best long term treatment for acne.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is another of those acne remedies that people use both as outside treatment and a consumable one. Many find lemon juice to be extremely effective when trying to get rid of acne fast. The key is to use freshly squeezed lemon juice. Using lemon juice from the bottle isn’t good because it has preservatives.Rubbing lemon juice on the skin has many positive effects beyond reducing acne. Users report reducing of swelling, improvements in color tone, and the lightening of scars. Initially, using lemon juice will be uncomfortable. It will burn and there may be some redness, but the slight discomfort is well worth the results. The acne dries out and fades quickly.Though using lemon juice is highly effective, it does have a bleaching impact. You might notice your skin tone becoming a little lighter. If you have facial hair, it will bleach it. You may also notice your skin becoming more sensitive to direct sunlight. This is why you need to limit your lemon juice treatments to once or twice a week.

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Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has been a popular skin treatment for centuries. Many people have found that it also makes one of the better acne treatments. Because Aloe Vera naturally reduces redness and swelling, this quality helps you get rid of acne. Not only will it reduce the appearance of your acne, but it’s also an excellent thing to use as part of your everyday skincare regimen. Your skin will look smoother and clearer.Not all Aloe Vera treatments have to be outside treatments.

Aloe Vera also comes in juices and gel capsules. Much like using raw garlic, you’ll be treating your acne from the inside out. There are conflicting opinions about the effectiveness of using Aloe Vera internally to treat acne. Start your Aloe Vera treatment with outside solutions. If you see that it helps, then you can try the inside technique.You may notice that your skin feels different when you first using Aloe Vera. You may also notice that your skin feels tighter. Those minor side effects will go away as you get used to the Aloe Vera. It’s great for treating moderate cases of acne.


This classic treatment is probably one of the most famous acne cures that you could try. This is for two reasons. First, it works. 2nd, it’s inexpensive and you can do it in less than 5 minutes. For years, people have been treating acne with toothpaste. There are some things to remember though when you decide to treat your acne with toothpaste.

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Toothpaste is most efficient when spot treating. This means, it need to be used on isolated pimples. If you get a big, painful pimple on an irregular basis, you can apply a tiny bit of toothpaste to it to assist in the drying out process.If you suffer from more serious acne, applying a large amount of toothpaste over a wide area is not recommended. The active ingredient in toothpaste that helps combat your acne is sulfur. This is what causes the drying out of acne. Applying it to large sections of your could can cause redness and a possible burning sensation.

You need also to make sure you are using standard toothpaste. Brand new toothpaste can include additional ingredients that can have unwanted side effects.


Though it may not be one of the faster acne treatments, it is important to make sure you get the proper nutrition, and it is the best thing you can do to help yourself get rid of acne. Getting the right balance of vitamins and other essential nutrients will help your skin clear up over time.Vitamin B is important when it comes to skin health. It improves circulation, metabolism, and overall body functions. It also assist in stress relief, which has direct linking to acne. Stress is a major factor in acne outbreaks that can be treated naturally.Vitamin C is also very useful because of its antioxidant properties.Taking supplements like Omega 3s also help to fight acne because of the positive effects they have on your circulation. They also improve your overall skin tone. While Omega 3s may not fight acne directly, they are an important part of your overall treatment because they are so beneficial to your skin.For more Information about Home Acne Solutions, Click Here

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