Beauty Tips for Teens. The Ultimate Guide

Ever teenager always wants to be as beautiful, sexy and attractive as possible. They are always on the look for new ideas regarding beauty or the perfect maintenance of their bodies. Surprisingly, it is not only the case for girls, but boys are also beauty conscious which they should be.  The top secret regarding beauty is being composed and confident, use the traits that you have and make yourself beautiful. Following are some really amazing tips that will give you the outlook that you have been dreaming about.

Beauty tips for teens. The Ultimate Guide

Beauty tips for teens

The Solutions To Your Problems! 

  • Most teens hate it when they have to cope up with oily hair because it makes the hair look greasy. But, this should not be a worry anymore as they can find a way of getting rid of excessive oil on their hair. For girls with light as well as blonde hair, they can try baby powder. Just apply the powder to the scalp and the hair strands and within a short period of time, the excessive oil will be absorbed. Dry shampoo can also be used by individuals who possess dark hair because the powder will be obvious on darker hair.
  • There is no doubt that there are many teens out there with bad hair color, and they find it as one of their biggest challenges affecting their beautiful hair. Well, this should not be a problem anymore as there are many colors out there that are specifically manufactured to make your hair look just the way you want. There are natural colors as well colors that are adventurous and fun.
  • Some teens just scrap off their eye make ups using a piece of cloth that would definitely cause the formation of rashes if not spider veins on the face. The best way of getting rid of eye makeup is by applying Vaseline on the face, then wipe it off using a soft piece of cloth. The petroleum will prevent further reactions, thus preventing rashes. Did you know that Vaseline can also be used as lip Exfoliator?  Well, just apply a pinch of it on a toothbrush and massage your lips gently using the toothbrush.  Believe it or not, after a few days, the lips will become glossy and soft.
  • Another way of ensuring facial beauty is by visiting a dermatologist who is going to advise you on how to get rid of bad acne that is ruining your face as well as your beauty. Well, it is worth mentioning that there is a trail of dermatologists out there, either online or through consulting with relatives and friends, you will probably find the best.
  • When buying beauty products such as lipstick, mascara, blush, powder, foundation, eye shadow, eye liner and lip gloss among others, it is advisable that they are tried out first and find out if they match your complexion. Read the expiry date as expired products can be harmful. It is important to read all the ingredients that are used while buying these products to ensure that you carry home only what is required for beauty.
  • It is best that you go for manicure and pedicure on a weekly basis to ensure that the nails and the cuticles are well-taken care. Apply the right nail polish that will not react with the nails. Moreover, it is important to note that the nails should always be trimmed to the same length and the perfect shape. Use a nail filer to make the shape. When the polish starts wearing off, it is important to get rid of it using the right remover and do not scrap it away using a razor blade as some women do.
  • Even though most teens are not comfortable going for a body massage, these massages are important as they will relax your body. They give smooth skin because, after the massage, there are lots of body lotion that are applied onto the skin to nourish and soften it.
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Natural Remedies For Beauty

Using chemical products is not the answer to all your problems; you can use natural products to ensure that you remain healthy, smiling and beautiful.

  • Getting smooth and sleek skin is not very difficult. You just need to have this home remedy and get started. All you need is an egg, almond oil, and some lemon juice. Mix the egg yolk with three tablespoonfuls of almond oil,  then add two tablespoonfuls of lemon juice and mix properly. Then use this to massage the skin gently for a quarter of an hour. This procedure should be carried out on a daily basis for a period of thirty days and you will definitely feel the difference.
  • Pimples can be really annoying and irritating. Get rid of them using this simple method. The procedure is very easy. Just mash a bulb of a mature onion, add three tablespoonfuls of vinegar and leave it to rest for fifteen minutes. Then apply the mixture on the face three to four times a day. This treatment should be carried out for a whole month for effective results. The pimples will be removed and there will be no pimple scars left on the skin.
  • Glossy pink lips are very attractive and charming. According to most teens, sexy lips must always look this way. While some might toil after lip glosses which are only temporarily effective, others will be busy achieving this the natural way. Grind rose petals, mix it with milk, leave the mixture in place for ten minutes or store it in a cool place and apply it to lips every night before retiring to bed. Instead of grinding the roses you can also use ready made rose water is it is available in its purest form.
  • According to most girls, sexy eyes go together with long eyelashes. Even though some girls will be opting for artificial eyelashes, still their effect will not be as beautiful as the natural’s.  Just dip a piece of clean cloth into coconut oil as well as olive oil and apply it to eyelashes on a daily basis and within a month, the eyelashes will be as long and seducing.
  • Another tip for girls out there looking for beauty is doing physical exercises on a daily basis. Apart from being physically fit, these exercises help in getting rid of excessive fats in the body that would lead to obesity and there is no girl who wants to be that way.  Moreover, it enables one to have that amazing figure that many will be dying to have.
  • Another way of acquiring beauty is through eating a well-balanced diet that consists of fruits, vegetables, and water, among others. Adequate water in the diet facilitates metabolism rates in the body, thus leading to a healthy and beautiful body.
  • Another way of ensuring that there is no dandruff in the hair is by applying aloe vera. Aloe Vera is popularly known for its antifungal properties. Besides, it also cures many other diseases in the body. When applied to the scalp then left for some time, a positive reaction will take place and within a few days, the scalp will be healed and there will be no more dandruff.
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Acquiring and then maintaining beauty requires efforts, commitment  and some sacrifice too.  But this is not something impossible. Positive inspiration and good knowledge will always keep you attractive and enchanting.

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