Best Hairstyles for Every Hair Type

When you stand in front of the mirror thinking what kind of a hairstyle you should do for the day, best hair style is your answer. The thing is that there is no best hair style for everyone. Each of us is unique with different features and personalities, and so, each of us needs a style that matches and compliments the overall personality character. One should have an idea of what is best suited to his or her physiques. Here are some hairstyles that might help you get started with the self awareness regime.

Best hairstyles for Every Hair Type

Hair styles are not formulated only for women. It is true that hair is a symbol of feminine beauty, but men equally have a share of this cake. The most famous of these hairstyles are named after celebrities mostly:

The Adam:

The Adam hairstyle

Making a hairstyle is super easy when you get to have a hair cut, which is shorter from the sides and a little longer on the top. With the help of styling products and a blower, you can have a trendy outlook.

James Dean:

James Dean hairstyle

The James Dean style is all about pomp and volume, but still a very neat and tidy look. There is no hint of swag involved in this hairstyle. The hair is longer than usual and styled upwards with a little sideways bent.

The Ivan:

The Ivan hairstyle

  • It is true that adding a wavy look is not quite easy; but if you already have wavy hair, you can make this glamorous style in which the front hair is raised upwards with the help of gel and a blower.
  • Men should also have a fair idea of the best range of products that should be used on the hair for styling. There are a number of brands that are producing such items and are available in the cosmetic section in a good store. The products that might come in handy while hair styling include:
    A good hair cream or paste so that the hair is well moisturized and is easier to style it according to your need.
  • A can of mousse which can be used, before giving a blow dry hair style to your hair. This provides volume to the hair and they look thicker and fuller.
  • A paddle brush as it has a wide and a broad base and can settle the hair well on the sides, especially if the hair has already been blow dried and moisturized. A good moisturizer and a paddle brush will also be enough for a good hair styling process.
  • To finish off the look and to settle any hair that has escaped the cream, get a good lasting hair spray. Hair wax also plays the same role. This will give firmness to the hair style and it will last all day long if you don’t wash it off.
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Best Hairstyles for Thin Hair

Thin hair, whether long or short, is a hassle because very few hairstyles suit this kind. The volume needs to be filled and an illusion of volume hair needs to be given with thin hair. Here are some hairstyles that can be adopted by men who have thin hair:

Hawk Style:

Hawk Style hairstyle

Try to keep your hair shorter. This way the thinness of the hair will not be made prominent. After that, in order to give volume, blow dry your hair when it is still wet from the shower. Blowing your hair will instantly cover the baldness of your forehead. Apply stay on gel and work it on your hair using your fingers. Do not stick it on your scalp; instead make a hawk style from the front.

Slicked Back:

Slicked Back hairstyle

But if your hair has started to thin and a balding patch has appeared towards the back side of your head, slightly longer hair will be good. You can comb all of the hair back. Use a wet look gel to give a sleek look. The hair that is combed back will hide the balding patch.



If you notice that the hair has started to thin from the front or the receding line, then keep your hair longer especially if you are still in your teens. This boyish look is very popular this season in which the hair falls on the forehead just above the eyebrows or even touching the brow line. The thinning hair will no longer be prominent now. This hairstyle is known as the shaggy look.

Military Hair Style:

Military Hair Style

The military hair-style will look nice and tidy and the hair that is thin will not be prominent with this. The hair is cut very near to the scalp, hiding the fact that you have hair which is thinning away.

Short and Suitable:


A forward hairstyle also looks nice and fine. Keep it of medium length. Using a styling cream comb your hair forward towards the forehead from the middle. Keep the sides at their own place. Do not give a sleek look to the middle hair patch. To give extra volume, blow dry your hair before applying the styling cream.

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Mousse Hair styling:

Mousse Hairstyling

For longer hair, provide volume by applying mousse. First use your fingers to work the mousse through the hair. Either brush it back using a paddle brush, or blow dry it while brushing it as well. This will give the necessary volume to the hair instantly.

Best Hairstyles for Oval Faces

The oval shape of the face is the most common face shape that is seen among people. It is slightly longer than the other face shapes and so not all hair styles suit people with oval faces. They should be careful while styling hair even if they have healthy hair.

Do’s and Don’ts:

They should avoid making hair styles with hair parting from the middle as doing so will only make the length of the face more prominent.
Parting hair sideways is a good way of making your features prominent. You can also try the hairstyles that are described above because they compliment the oval face very well.
The Most Suitable Hairstyles:


neil hairstyle

The most famous hairstyle of the season remains the one which is combined with a bushy beard. The sides are almost shaved away using a trimmer whereas the top hair is left long. It is parted sideways and set according to the hair type. If hair is healthy, just brush it sideways using a paddle brush. However, if you have thin hair, you can give volume to hair using hair cream and then a blow dryer. The beard is also matched in the pattern as it is trimmed finely from the sides and the lower chin portion remains thick and full.



If you are going to a hair stylist for a hair cut, try to get your hair cut in layers. This will compliment your features and the shape will come out as an elegant one.

It doesn’t matter what hair type or what face shape you have, the fact that is important is that you should know what is best for your charming looks.

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