Face Stockholm is a renowned US based cosmetics brand with an experience of over 30 years. The brand does not only produce great quality makeups, but their product range also consists of different makeup tools, Skin and body care products and accessories. The brand also provides professional makeup services and has its own makeup schools across USA, Norway and Sweden. The company has also made its entrance into the UK, face stockholm uk alsoprovides similar services and the same product ranges.

Face-Stockholm-4Why you need the best makeup tools

Brushes and tools used in the process of makeup make a vital difference in the way of application. A good quality makeup can give you the best effects only when applied properly with a proper tool.  The structure and the quality of the makeup brushes matter a lot when it comes to the face, lip or eye makeup. If you have a sensitive skin, then the issue becomes even more crucial. A rough bristled makeup brush can give you rashes. So it is always advised to choose your makeup brushes with the same care you choose your makeups. You can depend on the face stockholm uk for the best quality makeup tools.

Makeup tools from the face

The face stockholm uk provides a whole collection of makeup brushes, starting from Lip, eye to the foundation and concealer brushes. Each of the brush has different varieties according to the application needs. Every brush from this brand is made from 100% genuine quality material, thus ensures the best effect and easy application. Under the makeup tools section the brand provides the best quality tweezers, lash curlers, puffs and sponges and different pallets that can be very helpful for the beauty professionals.

The skin and body care products

Under the skin care section, face stockholm uk provides, different types of powder, lotion and cream based cleansing formulas. The makeup removers from the brand are a must for every makeup addict. They also provide botanical cleansers and specially formulated eye makeup removers. The toner range consists of toners with botanical extracts. The brand has come up with excellent ranges of moisturising creams enriched with anti-oxidants and goodness of nature. They have a total range of skin repairing products. The “Ageless” range from the brand comes with a toner, eye cream and cleansing cream. The body care products consist of, moisturisers, cleansers, scrubs and specially formulated hand and foot care products.

Accessories for women

The two most important accessories of today’s women are handbags and eyewear. The professionals at face stockholm uk understand how much these two accessories mean to women. The brand has come up with a great collection of bags and cases. Different colours and materials have been used to make a unique collection. Attractive sunglasses and a great collection of stylish frames complete the Eyewear section of the face.

An added note

The face stockholm uk provides a great option to choose a collection of the Face products as a gift. This is a great way to make your loved ones happy. In their website you can easily choose one from the wide collection of the available gift sets. In these gift sets the products has been coupled keeping their use in mind, so you can be rest assured that your gift will be cherished by your dear ones.

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