Easy Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Curly hair looks really nice when styled nicely and differently. They are the naturally bestowed exotic look for women if made nicely. They tend to become oily less often and so your curly hair is spared the risk of damage because of excessive shampooing. Curly hair doesn’t require a line of products for maintenance. There are so many things you can try on curly hair while styling that it never gets boring. Here are some extremely amazing hairstyles that will make a person’s outlook interesting and elegant:

Easy Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Hawk Style

Hawk Style hair style

Hawk styled hair initially started off as a men’s fashion statement. But through various experimentations, hawk now tends to become a hairstyle popular among women with curly hair. Just use some curl control cream through your curls and do some back combing using a teasing brush. Make sure you use the cream on damp hair. You can blow dry them a bit if the curls need some settling about. Start back combing in the middle of your head starting from the hairline and ending it just above the nape of the neck. Now lift the hair from each side and start securing your locks in the middle just where you back combed your hair. The teased hair is basically the base where you secure your locks with Bobby pins. Use hair spray in the end so that the curls stay in their place and do not become frizzy.

The Curly Updo

The Curly Updo hairstyle

You can make an interesting hairstyle if you have long curly hair. This is especially for the summers as it will give you a beach type look. Just prepare your hair by applying curl control cream on damp hair and then drying it completely using a blower. Start taking small sections of hair from the middle back portion of your head. Twist each section thrice, roll it over and pin it with a Bobby pin. You can either pin all of your hair like this or leave half of it open at the back. You can also give it a messy look by only leaving a few strands out from each side. The twisters on top of the crown area will give you the needed volume and a pompous look that is part of an updo, and that too, without any back combing.

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Cool Easy Hairstyles for Curly Hair

People with naturally curly hair should feel blessed because they can shape their hair into any kind of styling they want. People with other hair types use iron to put curls, when these women have curls naturally. They just need to get hold of some hairstyles that are not only easy, but also look cool.

The Fiery Curls

The Fiery Curls hairstyle

Curls themselves are a nice hairstyle and you can enhance the natural look just by doing very little effort. Towel dry your wet hair and use a good quality mousse through your curls. While applying mousse, scrunch your hair as well. Flip your head down while scrunching your hair. Now dry your hair properly using a blower, scrunching hair all the while. Instead of mousse, you can also use a curl control cream if that suits your hair better. To give it a finishing look, spray your hair with a misty hair spray. This hairstyle looks really hot if you have red or maroon hair. That is what the hairstyle is named after as well.

The Flirty Fun

The Flirty Fun hairstyle

You can make your curls look interesting and fun with this quick hairstyle. Women with curly hair straighten their fringes or bangs. They do not need to that anymore because curly bangs are the new trend this year. Just part your hair from the middle and leave it open after using curl control cream and blow drying it. Comb the fringes to the front and rest them on your forehead. Do not straighten them up. This will instantly give you the needed “cool” look and that too, in just 10 minutes. This looks nice on short curly hair.

The Sexy Pomp

The Sexy Pomp hairstyle

This hairstyle is all about the volume that you can create with your curls. It looks nice on women who have long hair with loose curls. Use hair cream or mousse thoroughly. Blow dry your hair using a big round brush. While using the brush, take it outward with each stroke or just continually twist and turn it so that the movement creates extra volume throughout the hair. Take hold of fringes or the front short flick of hair and blow dry it by twisting it around the brush. Use hair spray so that the volume stays for maximum amount of time.

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Easy Hairstyles for Curly Hair for Teenagers

Teenagers can experiment so much scope for hair styling with their curly hair. Interesting and cheerful hairstyles will look really nice on them and they make them while going to school or attending any parties with their friends.

The Braided Curly Hair

The Braided Curly Hair

Teenagers attending a formal party can definitely match this hairstyle with an elegant gown. They do not need any lavish, extravagant hairstyle if they have curly hair. With just a touch of braid, they can show their curls off beautifully and elegantly. Take a small section of hair from the right side just above the ear and divide into three. Start making a French braid along the hairline and reach the other side. This will work as a headband for the rest of your hair. Leave the rest of the hair open after using curl control cream through them and blow drying them. Finish off this look with a misty hair spray which give it a fresh look. Pin beads in each knot of the French braid to make it look even cuter.

The Ponytail

The Ponytail hairstyle

Ponytail looks nice on hair types but looks extremely attractive with curly hair. The hair length doesn’t matter much for this hairstyle but medium length hair in a ponytail look amazing. Just prepare your hair thoroughly by blow drying it after using hair cream. Comb your hair well from the front till the top middle portion and gather all your hair there. Tie them up real tight and firm using a rubber band. The front part will appear straight, even without using a straightening iron. The rest of the hair coming out of the ponytail will have your magnificent curls. Use a spray so that the curls do not become frizzy after a while. This is the perfect hairstyle for teenagers attending school or college.

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