Hair Loss After Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very beautiful stage, even with all the hardships that the moms have to bear. The smiling face and those tiny feet of the baby are always a source of satisfaction. But during and after pregnancy, the after effects are going to last for some while because the whole body undergoes serious changes and it takes a long time for the body to regain its original shape. Hair loss is also one issue which women have to endure during and after pregnancy.

Hair Loss After Pregnancy

Excessive Hair Loss After Pregnancy

There is a scientific explanation of why hair starts to fall off after a woman delivers a baby. During pregnancy, the hormones within the body start changing their levels and so the hair become healthier and fuller. You will certainly notice that your hair is not falling off. Gradually, during the nine months, you will have healthy hair. Soon after the birth of the baby, the hormones start to settle down. Once again the change in the levels of various hormones have to settle down to their original resting place. Because of that, after about 10-12 weeks of delivering the baby, you will notice that your hair is starting to fall off or even shed. This will be alarming and unsettling for you of course.

But there is no need to be anxious about it. This surely will be a disturbing phase for you, especially whenever you are shampooing or brushing your hair, for that is the time when your hair will fall off the most. This shedding is temporary and your hair will come back to the pre-pregnancy condition. But it will take some time and you will have to be patient. The more anxious you will be, the more damage you can cause to our hair because depression sure can lead to further hair fall.

How to Prevent Hair Loss After Pregnancy

The hair loss is not something which is bound to happen to you after childbirth. You can reduce the risks and the probability rate of such an issue. Even if you cannot prevent that hair loss, you can take measures that can help make it feel less obvious. That will certainly help make matters better. There are a number of tips that can lead to prevention of hair loss after pregnancy. Just follow them and make sure you lead a happy, cheerful post pregnancy life.

  • Getting a new hair cut is most of the times the most reliable method of either treating hair fall, or ensuring the fact that the risk of your future hair loss is eliminated. Get your hair cut in layers or bangs at the front. So when your hair starts to shed off, you can still maintain your full hair look. Your split ends will also be removed and this will also aid you as split ends are a barrier in the process of hair growth. Fresh hair cut will leave your hair healthy and flowing.
  • Changing the style of the hair will also help. When you start to get thinner hair, people will not notice the lesser hair you have got, instead, the changed hair style will become the more prominent feature of your personality. Change hair color, or start doing your hair differently. For instance, if you normally parted your hair from the middle, start parting it sideways. Instead of leaving your hair open, use a head scarf of Bobby pins of different colors to give a new look. This will shift the focus from your hair loss and you will be more confident about yourself.
  • Keep your hair well moisturized at all times because tangles can also cause hair loss when you comb your hair. A good hair moisturizer will also maintain the health of your hair. Pure natural oils like coconut oil, olive or mustard oil will strengthen your hair and keep it fresh and smooth. Regularly oil your hair and keep it clean.
  • Get a hair treatment that best suits your hair type. If your hair turns out to be good after protein hair treatments and other treatments of the like, then do get them after childbirth.
  • If your hair is naturally straight, get them blow dried or use curling irons on your hair. This way, the thin hair will be less prominent and your hair will look fuller and with more volume and mass with this kind of a hair style.
  • Keep including healthy food in your daily diet. Including fresh fruits and vegetables will keep your hair well nourished and well fed. A balanced diet is very important for your hair. Drinking loads of water and eating food rich in protein will enhance the health of your hair and will help you quickly overcome the post pregnancy depressing stage of hair fall.
  • Avoid using a lot of heat on your hair through blow dryers and irons. The excessive heat exposure will further weaken your hair’s health. For hair styling, use hair cream or wax instead of these irons.
  • For brushing your hair, use a comb which has wide tooth and a brush which has softer ends and will not damage the scalp. Injured hair scalp will definitely cause harm to the roots of the hair. A good hairbrush or a comb is vital for the hair’s health. Physical torment will surely weaken the hair.
  • Do not style your hair in a way that pulls and stretches your hair a lot. Tight ponytails and heavy curls will cause hair breakage. Even while combing or brushing your hair, be careful with it. Pulling on it will not make things right. Be gentle and soft with it so that the hair feels nurtured in your friendly touch.
  • Zinc, vitamin B and C are very important for your hair’s growth and maintenance. Either take oral supplements of these nutrients or start using hair products like shampoo or a conditioner that contain these elements. Regular contact with your hair with these nutrients will enhance the hair’s health.
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Hair loss after pregnancy and delivering a baby is something normal and routine process. You need not worry over that and just continue with your daily routine without being anxious or over worked about it. Follow the above mentioned simple tips and you will surely see the difference. These are very convenient tools and nothing is out of the way for you. Make sure you start following these on time so that you do not have to go through the pains of seeing your hair washing down the gutter during a shower that was supposed to be relaxing.

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