Home Remedies for Cold Sores and Cough

There are so many reasons that causes you the problem of cold sores and cough. Not only the bacterial infection is the reason behind your sore throat, cold sores and cough but so many other problems like dry air, flu, allergies, chickenpox, common cold, measles, outdoor pollution,  and etc are the reasons with which you end up getting yourself into the trouble of cold sore, throat and cough.

Home remedies for cold sores and cough

Home remedies for cold sores and cough

Following are the home remedies that will help you deal with your cold sores and cough sitting home:

  • Prevention:

Like a very old and famous quote “prevention is better than cure”. Taking the precautions can save you from unlimited problems and diseases you might get in. there are certain thing you need to be careful about and certain strategies you are supposed to follow.  Know what is bothering you during your infection and try to get rid of it as soon as possible, avoid being just too casual and taking things easier than they actually are, also be careful with what you eat especially when you have this problem of cold sore and cough.

  • Maintain hygiene:

It is very important for all of us to know that the bacteria can be spread or transferred from one hand to another, or from one person to another. Therefore, it is very necessary for you to stay hygienic and keep washing your hands not just casually but properly and in detail. 80% of the diseases (infectious) such as the common cold are extended from one person to another through your touch.  Using an anti-bacterial or an alcohol based sanitizer are highly suggested to be used when having such infections to avoid as many possible chances of the infection to be spread.

Hygiene not only includes your cleanliness but also the cleanliness of your house.  Especially when you have little kids in your house crawling on the floor, if only one person in family gets cold there are even much higher of chances for all the other family members to get the cold as well. However to avoid such situation be extra careful with the cleanliness of your house.

Home remedies for cold

  • Serve soup:

When you have cold and you feel everything wet around you, it is important for you to then take something that produces or lights up the heat inside you so you can feel better. There are different foods that can help you get out of this situation of cold, but one healthy and just perfect food is soup.  Drinking a soup in this situation can prove to be very helpful for you to survive. Chicken soup has got the properties of anti-inflammation that can give you much of a relief in this cold and help you survive.

  • Stay healthy:

When you come down because of the fever you got or the cough, flu etc. your immune system compromises and is busy fighting anywhere else. In order to avoid these all related problems you need to increase the intake of green leafy vegetables and the intake of all the necessary vitamins, drink a lot of water and get the required amount of sleep

  • Milk:

Milk is one best ingredient you can include in your diet when having cold sores or cough. It has got the calcium and many other properties that will help you give some relief with your cold sores and cough. There are so many other diseases that are dealt with including the milk in your regular diet.  Milk also has got the proteins that help to prevent and fight off with the bacteria and viruses like herpes.

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Also putting a whole milk on your cold sores and applying on it can be very helpful in releasing your pain because of the properties it has, it can fight the viruses you get into. Take a cotton ball and soak it in a whole milk then applying it to your sores can give you much of an ease and relief, the milk temperature can be of a room temperature or cold as well. Clean the milk with a towel later and also apply a dab of petroleum jelly to feel better if you want.

  • Vitamin C and E:

Vitamins all in all in general also are very good for your health, all the vitamin types have got their specialties and benefits, there are so many diseases that are cured with including the vitamin in your daily diet. Every food you eat has different properties and vitamins, you only need to know what you are supposed to eat when. Vitamin water is also available now to enrich yourself with consuming it.

Vitamin c is considered to be best in increasing the count of white blood cells, and these cells are noted to be the body defenders, however vitamin E has the specialty of comforting you with the painful discomfort and uneasiness of your cold sores. You can also get the vitamin by the oral supplement or through the diet as well. Vitamin c enriched foods are broccoli, tomatoes, kiwi, green and red bell peppers, red berries, spinach and etc. and the foods that have got the highest properties of vitamin E in them are, leafy green vegetables, whole grains, avocados, nuts and etc.

  • Apply even-sunscreen on your lips:

If you want to avoid getting into the problem of cold sores a little sacrifice in the form of applying a sunscreen is required. It might take you a bit longer to get a crazy tan but at the same time will give your the sigh of relief if you think about the cold sores.  Apply the sunscreen all over your face nicely and completely, also apply the lip balm.

Home remedies for cough

Dry coughs make you feel embarrassed and awkward at times, imagine yourself sitting in a huge quiet lobby with the only voice of your cough in the background. Cough attacks you due to many different reasons, but it doesn’t go away if you don’t handle your cough with the proper care and treatment.

Following are some easy and useful home remedies you can follow to get rid of this problem of cough. But make sure you are following the remedies as they are asked and mentioned to follow.

  • Fight a cough with honey, lemon and flax:

The combination of these three ingredients of honey, lemon and flaxseeds can do wonders for you to treat your cough completely. The lemon and honey are noted to be the antibiotics as they act mild, whereas boiling flaxseeds can give you a gooey, thick gel that can help in treating your throat and soothes it.

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All you need to do is take one cup of water and boil about 2 to 3 tablespoon of flaxseeds in it unless the water becomes thick and after it strain, then also take 3 tablespoons of each of lemon and of honey as well, and the mixture is ready for you to drink but take only about 1 tablespoon when needed.

  • Black pepper tea:

If you are going through the problem of a wet cough, then don’t worry and try the remedy of black pepper tea. This tea is not only obliged and drank as a medicine in UK but in China as well, according to the medication laboratories of both the countries this tea is promoted to be consumed when having wet cough.

To make the tea what you need to do is, add 1 teaspoon of a pepper and 2 tablespoon of honey to the one cup of water and let them get boiled for about 15 to 20 minutes, after that you can drink your tea, this tea is considered to be one best remedy and medicine for the wet cough.

  • Such a lemon:

Sucking a lemon is one commonly used folk remedy, if you want to get relief with your cough as soon as possible, take a lemon slice it into quarter parts, take one sprinkle over it a salt and lots of black pepper before you suck it. This remedy will surely provide you a soothing relief.

  • Sip some milk:

Sipping some warm milk would also give you much of a relief with your cough and its irritation. Drinking a hot cup of milk with the addition of honey to it is one another popular folk to cure your cough.

  • Blended almonds:

According to some old ancient theories, almonds are helpful in treating your bronchial problems which include cough as well. The almonds can be used by adding a teaspoon of fine grounded crushed almonds into the cup of orange juice and sipping it for some relief you require.

  • See a doctor:

If you have tried many of the home remedies and you are still unable to get the relaxing results, it is highly advised for you to go and see your doctor, there are many other severe diseases that encourage your cough and this particular type of cough is only treated and well cured by the medication course, as your doctor knows your entire medical history and will treat you accordingly

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