Home Remedies for Pink Eyes

Many will agree that they do not link pink eyes. Well, pink eyes are as a result of viral, bacterial or allergy that can always be corrected. Depending on its type, some will affect all the eyes like the bacterial while others will start by affecting one eye then with time it affects all the eyes e.g. viral. Due to their contagiousness, it is advisable that when treating, both eyes should be looked into.  Pink eyes don’t  mean end of sight, it can be corrected and one can also consider affordable remedies such as home remedies that are illustrated below:

Home remedies for pink eyes

There is a range of home remedies for pink eye. One must not necessarily use all of them, just consider the one that is affordable and that can work best for you. Moreover, some people are likely to react adversely with some remedies such as garlic, among others.  Also, follow the procedures fully for best results.

  • Honey has  unique properties such as antiviral as well as antibacterial, which are both best known for their healing abilities when it comes to wounds.  Moreover, honey is readily available at home and rather than treating wounds, honey can also tackle problems regarding pink eyes.  But, before using it, it is crucial to note that honey works best in cases of dry eyes where it comes in handy in reducing  the bacteria that are present around the eyes.  Did you know that honey has worked best in solving cases on pink eyes as compared to other conventional treatments? Well, honey has recorded tremendous results in eye treatment not only corneal edema, corneal opacities but also other eye problems.   It is advisable that when using honey as pink eye remedy, it should be a local and organic honey not those that have been repacked and preserved using other chemicals that might worsen the condition.

How to use honey as pink eye remedy

  • Dissolve honey in pure warm water
  • Add a pinch of salt to the mixture
  • Using a dropper put two to three drops of the mixture in each eye two to three times a day for a period of not less than one month.
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Breast milk

Another way of getting rid of pin eyes at home is as simple as finding a mother who is lactating, then let her squeeze out two to three drops of breast milk in the eye, two to three times a day until the situation is forgotten. Why would one need this? Well, breast milk has a special antibody known as immunoglobulin A which can prevent the bacteria from interfering with the eye thus reducing the infection.

Even though most people would opt for over the counter medication for pink eye, home remedy such as using saline water for eye will work perfectly best.  The process is as simple as adding a pinch of salt in water, then use a dropper to put two to three drops of the saline in the eyes and in return, the eyes will be washed.   The affected eye should be rinsed using the saline solution as many times as possible. Note, the saline solution should be prepared on a daily basis to prevent bacterial contamination. This remedy has worked well before, it will work best again.  This process can further be facilitated by compressing the eye using a warm piece of cloth to remove the bacteria that have accumulated around the eye. But, while doing this, it is important to keep in mind that different pieces of cloth should be used for different eye to avoid further spread of pinkeye.

Home remedies for pink eyes for adults

  • An adult can easily get rid of pink eye by taking diet that is rich in vitamin A. Consider eating a lot of carrots in foods or taken directly. This is because vitamin A plays a very crucial role in optimal eye. One can also consider taking multivitamins or fermented cod liver oil, which will help solve the problem in less than twenty four hours.
  • Did you know that organic yogurt can also help clear the pink eye? The answer is here, just put two to three drops on the eyes on a daily basis and you will be glad to realize that the problem has disappeared.
  • Well, just walk into the garden, pluck a few leaves, clean them using clean running water grind them then add warm water and stir. Sieve the mixture and use the liquid part to rinse the eye. The rinsing should be done two to three times a day for better results for a period of one week.
  • Garlic can also be used alongside teabag as a home remedy for pink eye. Take two cloves of garlic and grind. Then put the teabag in a wine glass and mix it with the ground garlic. Then add warm water and stir for thirty minutes.  Then, using the teabag, drag it gently along the eyes and mostly along the affected eye. It doesn’t matter when one decides to keep the eyes shut as long as at the end of the day, the liquid will be finding its way into the eyes and healing them.
  • Well, there are so many other remedies out there that will best work as a home remedy for pink eye such as turmeric, apple cider vinegar, coconut oils and most people have come to realize that their procedures are just the same. But, it is also vital to keep in mind that what works for me will not necessarily work for you that are why one should keep on trying and never give up after using only one remedy.
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Well, as the saying goes, ‘it’s cheaper to prevent than to cure’ that is why one should consider factors prevents pink eye.  But, no one knows when he/she will be down with some disease that is why if the home remedy is not effective then seek optician’s help.

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