How to Get Rid of Cough Fast

Once in a while every one of us must have had that miserable feeling when the lingering cough hits you and you want to get rid of it as soon as possible. Cough has two types mainly dry cough and the wet cough, you treat both the types differently and accordingly however there are some more techniques that can help you in dealing with any type of cough you have either wet or dry. Following are some useful and effective techniques you can try to get rid of cough fast with.

How to Get Rid of Cough Fast

  • Inhale water vapor (warm)

Coughing can lead to almost never-ending allergy if, not treated with proper care. Therefore, it is very beneficial to inhale steam and take a hot water shower. You can run a humidifier with warm water and breathe. Taking the inhaling of warm water is very essential for the type of cough that is caused by asthma, cold and allergies. Nasal secretions are loosed by the steam you take and put backs the moisture in the air. However it is very necessary to clean the humidifiers neatly and regularly or else you will end up harming yourself instead of being benefitted from this remedy, other bacteria and fungi can build up and get regulated to the air along the steam side.

  • Honey

Honey has countless benefits ranging from getting cure of different diseases to natural skin care tonic. It is widely used in ayurvedic and homeopathic medicines around the world. However due to its numerous miraculous benefits, it can also help in curing your cough. Therefore, a sore throat can be soothed along with suppressing the cough as well by trying this effective and easy remedy of honey.

How to use

You can use the honey by taking it directly to about 2 tablespoons in almost every few hour unless your cough gets well and you start feeling better. Or you can also add 2 tablespoon of honey to one glass of a tea with also lemon in it, but be careful you don’t give honey to the kids that are under the age of one as this might increase the risk of botulism in infants. According to many researches and studies, honey is one effective cough suppressant of all the time.

  • Piece of hard candy

If you are a type of a person who does not prefer to take medicines and have no time for trying on with home remedies, you must consider the option of enjoying a simple piece of hard candy that will help you feel much and a lot better.

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How to use

The cough can usually be stopped by sucking a hard candy piece. However lemon drops can work in your favor if you have got the wet cough as it produces phlegm. Hard candy supports your dry cough as well because of the phlegm it produces can be halted by a piece of hard candy nearly the candy helps you in producing more saliva and will help you to swallow more thus suppressing the cough you have.

  • Warm and clear fluids

Even in your normal routine it is always advised by doctors to consume more of a water to keep yourself safe and free from many of the diseases, it is very necessary to maintain the hydration level when you have a cough either be it a dry cough or wet, drink at least about 8 glasses of water in a day when having cough to keep yourself better.

Another option could be drinking light, fresh and clear juices if you have problems drinking water alone, apple juice can be one example of it even mixing it with any other would do no harm as well. If you have a dry cough mucous membranes moist because of the hydration as it thins the membranes by preventing the dryness of your throat and encourages the most dried cough. However having the wet cough thins the mucous that causes your cough by discouraging it and helping you to get rid out of it completely.

  • Change your coughing style

Irritation in throat causes bad cough. In order to prevent prolonged cough, you need to change your coughing style. By changing the style, means taking light and small coughs instead of large and too forceful coughs. The benefit of doing so will be of great level as taking small coughs will move your mucus at a slow pace. After you are done with taking smaller coughs, end the procedure with taking one large cough.

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A large cough in the end will move that mucus towards out. This process or way will prevent your throat from further irritation.

How to get rid of a cough fast

  • Medicated chest menthol balms

In your childhood, your mom must have applied balms to your chest and rubbed over the surface to give you relief during your flu and fever days. Well, flu and fever somehow leads to getting cough. Sometimes the cough is more irritating than both; flu and fever.

How to use

So, what you have to do is to rub the medicated chest balm or medicine on your chest. The menthol effect of the balm will give a soothing effect and make you feel better. These type of medicines are known for stopping the cough at its moving track.

  • Get rid of airborne irritants

Coughing causes dryness in your throat. Due to which, it actually makes your cough get worse and leads to taking larger coughs. This type of dry cough usually and most commonly attacks in winters. However, one of the reasons to avoid this cough is to eliminate or remove any sprays around you at least during your cough. These sprays may include room/air fresheners, body sprays at night (use deodorant in fact) or even insecticide sprays.

The sprays should be avoided at most during your coughing period. Due to their scented smell, chronic coughs will get triggered and result in more amount of mucus. If, not treated properly, it might lead to sinus irritation as well.

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