How to Get Rid of Dry Lips

Dry or chapped lips are called cracked lips. This particular condition can arise because of a long list of factors. These factors include weather changes or probably excessive licking of the lips and mostly due to some medical conditions. So how to get rid of dry lips?

In most countries like the one we live in, the condition of chapped lips usually occurs due to variations in weather patterns. These differences mostly catch people off guard, and an enormous number of people get affected by this condition. Apart from the weather variations, the condition of chapped lips usually occurs occasionally in most people. But in some cases, this condition gets worse and develops into a more critical form known as “Cheilitis.” This advanced form of cracked lips arises from infections and is identified or characterized by parts of the skin of lips that seem cracked from the corners.

how to get rid of dry lipsHow to Get Rid of Dry Lips

Dry or chapped lips can be treated quickly in most of the cases that are brought to light because like previously mentioned, these cases mostly don’t occur due to severe medical conditions. But even in these cases, if left untreated, can mature into cheilitis. In this case, the subject must consult a specialist doctor or a dermatologist. These professionals will recommend particular medicine or product for use.

Most parts of the human body have oil glands that keep those parts moist when they are subject to dryness. But in contrast, lips have no such glands that can excrete moisture to prevent them from drying. Hence, lips are more naive to becoming dry or chapped. The sun is also an enemy of the lips. Direct and long-term exposure can cause these conditions too.

Causes of Dry Lips and How to cure them medically:

Chapped lips can affect people of every age and every gender. Severe medication makes this situation even worse. People taking certain medication are exposed to severely chapped lips. These medications include Chemotherapy drugs that are used to treat cancer. Lithium, which is mostly used to give treatment for manic and other such diseases, retinoids, and even more vitamin A. Those people who consume such medication need to be extra aware that they might get severely dry lips, and the condition can develop into cheilitis. Severe malnutrition and dehydration are also a potential source of chapped or dry lips. Drinking plenty of fluids can quickly treat dehydration. On the other hand, people suffering from malnutrition need to consult a specialist doctor who in turn will help them get rid of dry lips. Other small steps can also assist in solving the problem of chapped lips, such as keeping a lip balm in your possession at all times and consistently applying for it whenever the need arises. Drinking sufficient amount of water and hydrating yourself. There are some appliances such as humidifiers; that can control the humidity level of your house to a specified level. They can adjust the dryness standards of the room or the entire house. Avoiding conditions that are cold or keeping your mouth covered at all times when you feel that a particular condition can affect you lips. As far as the sun is concerned, there are lip balms available that have an SPF value. Thus, they can act as a sunblock for your lips keeping them moisturized.

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Home Remedies to Get Rid of Dry Lips:

There are several readily available products in our homes or available on the market that are cheap, reliable and efficient enough to help us in our problem of cracked lips.


how to get rid of dry lips with SugarOne of them is “sugar”. Yes, sugar can help us in removing the dryness from our lips. Sugar exfoliates the dead cells from your dry lips and brings back the natural tenderness of the lips even faster. Sugar should be applied with a bit of honey on the lips in the form of a paste and then let it settle for a bit. After that, it should be rubbed gently like a massage and then washed off with mildly warm water.


how to get rid of dry lips with HoneyAnother readily available remedy is the usage of honey. It is a natural sweetener, it’s an antibacterial, it’s an effective moisturizer and God knows what else. Honey is one of the best ways to serve your dried lips. Applying honey before going for sleep and leaving it on for the whole night is quite beneficial. After that, you can enjoy more delicate, tender and moisturized lips in morning.Applying honey many times a day is also recommended.

Rose Petals

How to get rid of dry lips Rose PetalsAnother possible remedy is the usage of rose petals. Most people don’t have risen growing in their backyards, but you can easily buy it from a florist. They also allow your lips to remain moisturized and tender. You can use them by first cleaning them by soaking in cold water and then making a paste out of them by mashing. Apply this blend to your chapped lips twice or thrice for softer lips.

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Coconut Oil

How to get rid of dry lips with Coconut OilThere is the variety of oils that can be used to remedy this problem. One of these oils is the coconut oil that is readily available. This stuff is also a natural lubricant. For this purpose, you can use Olive oil. It can be applied few times in a day to keep your lips from drying.

Castor Oil

How to get rid of dry lips with Castor OilAnother great home lip moisturizer is castor oil. You can mix castor oil with glycerin, and even lemon juice will help in the mixture. Just like honey, this mixture can also be applied just before going to sleep and in the morning, it can be taken off leaving behind moist and tender lips.

Some medical products

These are the natural moisturizers that you can find in your house. Even if they are not available at home, you can easily find them near your house at a local store. These produce are relatively at quite cheaper rates than most of the new products such as lip ointments that are available in the market. But If you still want to spend money on your lips, there are several useful products that sometimes dermatologists themselves recommend. Some of the lip balms include “beecology lemon lavender lip balm”, “smith’s minted rose balm”, “laRocca Shield multi-active lip balm”. These are only a few of the enormous numbers of products that this lip balm and dermatology industry has produced.


Hence, lips are considered to be one of the most important features that contributes to a beautiful and healthy face and personality. AS we take care of our other body parts, our lips also need same attention and time. A sturdy pair of lips is a symbol of the healthy lifestyle. The vigorous and tender our lips, the more beautiful you will look.


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