How to Get Rid of Extra Skin

Problems keep us busy, if there were not problems at all, the world would have been boring. There is however a solution to every problem. This makes it even more interesting. Losing weight is a prodigious achievement; however it may become a problem in cases where it leaves behind a lot of extra skin. There are, withal, as many solutions to this problem as one can get.

How to get rid of extra skin

How to Get Rid of Extra Skin

Let’s start with the easiest ones.

Skin Tightening Creams

Skin tightening cream

Skin tightening creams are one of the best and the easiest way to get rid of extra skin. Vitamin E and A creams are particularly good for the aforementioned purpose. One may use skin tightening creams after weight loss or even after pregnancy. Using good brands would always be the most appropriate choice since a lot of companies are producing such creams.

Salt Scrubs

salt scrub tightening skin

Sea salt increase the blood flow around your skin leading to a relatively more lively and elastic skin. It ultimately subsidizes the goal to get rid of extra skin. Salt scrubs are easily available and are not so expensive either. They may be your choice if you want to start with the easiest way and without putting much at stake.

Limit Your Exposure

Too much exposure to the sun or hot water may contribute in loosening your skin even further. So when we are trying to get rid of extra skin we surely do not want anything to go against our quest. One can never avoid sun and hot water one hundred percent but one should do one’s best. Here are a few tips to limit your exposure.

Use umbrella whenever you have to go out in the sun, people normally use it to protect against harmful UV rays that the sun emits. So it will serve as a multipurpose habit leading to several benefits.

Avoid taking bath in hot pools, use warm or fresh water instead. Although not everybody uses hot water in the pool but just in case you are one of them you must stop doing so. Small tips are sometimes the most valuable.

Build Muscles

You may have done a lot to lose weight; losing extra skin is not as hard as losing weight. It is a good habit to work out for at least thirty minutes every day. Doctors suggest that it is the healthiest way to tighten your skin after weight loss. Building toned muscle under lose skin will make it look tighter and sexier. So add up some more weights to your workout and see the magic. Here is how you can get started

Join a nearest gym.

Build your muscles without using any medicine such as steroid pills. This may not be the most appropriate choice.

Keep increasing your workout time and the difficulty level periodically, do not over burden yourself with it in the beginning or you will lose interest very soon.


tightening skin with hydration

Drinking more water is recommended by many doctors for several purposes, here is another. It is valuable in nourishing your skin. A well nourished skin looks healthier and tighter. You may be thinking about how much water you need to drink everyday. Well there are many theories about it. Some of them exaggerate it to the highest limits, however, the most moderate view is drinking 8 glasses of water a day. A normal person drinks 2 to 6 glasses of water a day already, so if you need to do more add up a few glasses and enjoy the benefits.

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Try Yoga

tightening skin with yoga

Yoga helps in releasing stress. It is a blooming addiction, once you start doing it you may not be able to leave it keeping in view the lusty benefits. Many successful people find Yoga as a package of healthy body and healthy brain. It helps releasing extra skin by nourishing it and regulating the blood flow. Here is how you can get started on doing so.

If you are the office guy then it is best for you to do it later in the evening after the working day is over, it will help you release tension and stress of all day as well as tighten your skin. You can also get advice from a Yoga master if you want to get targeted exercises for skin tightening or you can also check internet where you will find complete guide to becoming a Yoga guy.

Morning time is the best for many people. Yoga in the clear air will be even more beneficial for your skin. Start doing it and spend less time in the beginning. Once the things are on track you will find it very easy to make it your routine.

Raw Foods

tightening skin with raw food

It is commonly believed by the doctors that many vitamins are cooked out of the food. So why not try un-cooked foods to get the most out of the nature. (Apples anyone?)

You may try any fruits or vegetable that you like. Some of the richest foods include apples, berries and green vegetables.

Do Calisthenics

tightening skin with Calisthenics

Calisthenics are valuable for building lean muscles and they are magical for tightening muscles. You will find enormous guiding on the internet if you want to get started with it today. They say that you should not delay it if you can do it today. So what’s the plan?

Lean Protein

tightening skin with Lean Protein

Lean protein help in tightening skin. Adding some of it into your daily diet will not be a big deal but its benefits will be great for sure. Fish, meat and dairy products are rich in proteins. Here is how you can add some proteins to your daily diet.

Eggs are a good source of proteins, you can add some eggs in your daily breakfast. You can eat half fried or boiled eggs.

If you are a fan of pizzas or burgers then try eating ones with chicken. Because chicken if also a good source of proteins. You can also add meat to your daily lunch and increase your protein intake.

Avoid Fats

Avoid Fats for tightening skin

Eating junk food and increasing fats intake is not good for your skin. Doctors believe that eating fats after weight loss acts as a counter action. Not only that it will nullify your efforts of weight loss but also it will negate your efforts to get rid of extra skin. If you can survive without fatty foods then you are good to have a tighter skin.

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Avoid Soaps with too much Sulfates

Sulfates are a part of most of the body washes. Try not to buy the ones with too much of it. Percentage of ingredients is mentioned on the covers of such products. Look for sulfates and avoid buying ones with its higher percentage. Sulfates are not good for the skin, they may act as a brightening element for the time being but they reduce skin health in the long run. So now is the time to change your body washes and soaps if they have a higher percentage of sulfates in them.  You can easily find ones that have a lower amount of sulfates. You can also consult your physician for this purpose if you find it difficult to select the best body wash or soap. You will find enormous brands and guidance on the internet as well. So why wait if you can do it today?

Never Swim and Tan

Swimming pools contain chlorine, which is not good for your skin. So is excessive sunlight. If you tan after swimming in a pool you are doing substantial damage to your skin.

Use Castor Oil  

tightening skin with Castor Oil

You can use castor oil mixed with lavender oil or lemon and rub it on your skin to tighten it. It is a home based remedy to reduce extra skin. Many people do not know about this magical effect of castor oil. It is a valuable tip that will help reduce extra skin and at the same time it increases the brightness of your skin. There are many creams that claim to have the same effects as castor oil, but if you have easy access to castor oil then you must not wait to get started today.

Tightening Mask

tightening skin with Tightening Masks

Have you ever thought that if tightening mask can work for your face, why won’t it work for your stomach or breasts? It may sound weird applying tightening mask to your body but it may do wonders. Get started by applying it on any one part of your body and then wait for the effects and do accordingly. You can also make your own tightening astringent at home. Rosemary a little honey and witch hazel make a very effective tightening astringent.

Getting rid of extra skin should not be a problem if you have read the article carefully. Following the aforementioned tips according to the suggested procedures will be of immense importance. If you plan to get rid of extra skin I suggest that you try these natural tips before trying something drastic or dramatic. Natural remedies are often the best.

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