How to Get Rid of Garlic Breath

So, how to get rid of garlic breath?

There are many people around the globe who just love to use garlic in their foods and they give preference to using it on the daily basis. Garlic is of great importance, though, it not only gives a unique flavor to the food but it also enhances the aroma of the meal. There are many other advantages of it as well like it is good for the people who are patients of heart and it is full of antioxidants as well. But the bad thing about this is the presence of sulphuric compound in it that not only is beneficial on one hand but it is also the reason for producing an unpleasant smell which is normally considered as garlic breath.

In this topic, we will suggest you some of the solutions that are associated with the garlic breath and easy solutions to get rid of garlic breath fast.

How to get rid of garlic breath

How to get rid of garlic breath?


One of the best solutions s to stop using garlic, in order to eliminate the smell of garlic from the breath. If you cannot stop the use of garlic from your diet then there are other solutions as well. This should be kept in mind, even if you neutralizes the use of garlic from the food, even then you will exhale the garlic breath from the lungs just because of the presence of that sulphuric compound. Therefore, it is insane to think that the smell will be eliminated completely as this is not possible.

Home Remedies to get rid of garlic breath: 

  • Brushing and flossing:

The most effective way to get rid of the smell is by removing garlic particles from the mouth and make those sulfur compounds volatile in your mouth. This is only possible if you are brushing properly and flossing your teeth on the regular basis, you can also use a tongue scraper or any mouth wash in this case. The use of tongue scrapper is an important step in providing relief to the sulphuric compounds that are present on your tongue. The remedies that are stated below are for short term basis, these will not provide you the solution on long term basis until or unless you do not use any mouthwash, tongue scrapper or you do not floss your teeth regularly to remove the particles associated with it.

  • Use of water pik:

Water pik is another important thing that is beneficial in removing the compound of garlic that are present in between the teeth and onto the teeth and mouth. You can also try oral irrigator that will be effective in blowing water to the back of the mouth and it may help in removing the particles that are left behind.

  • Parsley:

Parsley is effective and important in neutralizing the odor of garlic and many other things similar to that. Many of the people who are well aware with the use, techniques and advantages of food, add parsley along with the garlic to keep the odor to the minimum level. You can chew parsley as well after eating garlic.

  • Cardamom, anise seeds, mint, cloves and fennel seeds:

These are all those herbs that produce the same result like parsley. These seeds are quite beneficial in many other aspects and are mostly used in foods to reduce the smell of the garlic and to neutralize its effect. It also helps in giving a mask to the garlic odor.

  • Use of lemon:

Lemon is another effective thing for neutralizing the odor of garlic. Lemon have antibacterial properties as well that helps in the killing of the bacteria. You can use lemon either by simply sucking it after eating garlic containing food. You can also make lemon tea from it and use it after the meal. If you wash your hands with lemon juice, this would also be beneficial in removing the odor that is left in the hands.

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Lemon also works well if it is used with some garlic that is crushed. The acid that is present in garlic juice is helpful in the neutralizing alliance, this is an enzyme that is being produced when the garlic is crushed, and it produces odor in return.

  • Green and peppermint tea:

Different teas especially green tea and peppermint tea contains polyphenols in it that are helpful in reducing the sulfur compounds that are left behind when the garlic is being used. By drinking this tea after the meal or in between the meal will be helpful in removing the smell.

  • Sugar-free chewing gums:

There are many sugar free gums available in market that will be good in providing mask to the odor of garlic and it will also help in dislodging garlic and many other food particles that have been stuck in your mouth or between the mouth.

  • Use of milk:

A research was conducted in 2010 and the results obtained states that the consumption of milk is helpful in reducing the smell of the garlic. Whole milk is far better than skimmed milk if it is used to drink. The use of milk would be better if this milk is being used side by side with garlic rather than consuming milk after the use of garlic.

  • Coffee beans:

Although this is a solution that is quite awkward but it have been reported that chewing of the coffee beans or even if you ground it a bit and then spit it afterwards from the mouth would also help in reducing breath.

  • Odorless garlic supplements:

If you are using garlic because this has many other beneficial aspects, then it is good to switch yourself to garlic supplements that are odorless.

  • Apples:

It is commonly observed that if we cut an apple and we leave it for some time, the color of the apple will change and it will be converted into brown. This is because an enzyme, is responsible for changing this color thus leaving it less appealing regarding its look. This also acts as a natural deodorant that would be good if it is helpful in removing the smell of the garlic.

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