How to Get Rid of Heartburn

Heartburn is a common problem faced by many people living on the planet, and it causes because of an overdose of food, wrong time of taking food or indigestion maybe. It’s very necessary to be careful about what you eat and when you eat there are certain foods that you should not consume late night or you will get yourself into the trouble of heartburn possibly.

Home remedies for heartburn

Heartburn, however, can be cured through many different techniques or either by seeing a doctor or even by following some useful and basic home remedies.

Home remedies for heartburn

The most convenient way to get rid of heartburn is by following some basic, healthy and useful home remedies. Home remedies are mostly free from getting you into any of a side effect therefore treating your disease or problem with home remedies is highly recommended. Following are some home remedies you can follow to get rid of a heartburn:

  • Consume ginger root tea

To help yourself get out of the problem of a heartburn, you can follow the remedy of consuming a ginger-root tea. Ginger root tea has been proved to cure many of the stomach problems like nausea, acid reflux etc. it is preferable to drink one cup of a ginger-root tea for about 20 to 25 minutes before you take your meal.

All you need is some slices of ginger root and 2 cups of water, simmer the both ingredients for about 30 minutes and stir it well, after it is ready you can take the  ginger root slices out and pour the remaining water into glass to drink it.

  • What, when and how

It is very important to take care of your entire time table of consumption of food. Things you need to take care of is what you eat which means like make sure you don’t eat heavy junk food in late hours of the night and after which you have to go to bed. With when it is important to make sure you don’t consume food in an odd hours of a day and how means do not take bigger bites of a food instead take smaller ones and try to eat slowly chew it properly as well, give enough time to your digestive system so it can work well and properly for you.

  • Don’t lie down

Heartburn generally tends to get higher or worse at the odd hours of a night, it is because when you lie down and gravity works against.  Try and get your head 6 inches higher to get into a better position and let the gravity work in your favor only. Try pillows that are wedge-shaped they are easier to sleep with and are easy to slip on them while sleeping at night.

  • Choose proper clothes

Avoid wearing clothes that are fitted and tight. Wearing tight and fitted clothes can encourage your heartburn to increase also avoid wearing tight jeans that is irritating you with your heartburn, similarly the tight belts and skin fitted shirts can make the situation even worse for you and your heartburn.

  • Sustain a healthy weight

Being overweight I something that invites different diseases towards you, it is however very important to maintain a proper healthy weight to keep yourself away and free from many different problems you can get in.  being an overweight can increase the risk of Gerd and will make you suffer from heartburn quiet more often, all this happens because of the extra few pounds that you have gained on your esophageal sphincter. To get rid of many problems including heartburn you need to make sure you maintain a healthy weight which will help you live a better lifestyle.

  • Eat apple or banana

There are many fruits containing different properties that can help in curing many diseases and problems. Similarly the usage or consumption of a banana and apple can be generally very effective but in heartburn it is considered to be very beneficial as banana has got the antacids that are natural and is helpful in working against acid reflux as a buffer. If you want yourself to get rid of a heartburn problem try eating a banana every day as this will help you with your problem. Also taking an apple can be very helpful if you take one apple slice it nicely and take few hours before you got to bed will help you in giving relief from the discomfort of heartburn.

  • Almond snack

Taking a almond snack can be a very useful remedy you can follow to get yourself out of the problem of a heartburn, it is advised to eat almonds after every meal you take, taking some almond will help your digestion system work better than before and will not head into the problem of a heartburn. Organic almonds can be the best option to track if possible. But make sure you eat 3 to 4 almonds after every meal or after anything you ingest, however there is no need of taking more than 3 or 4 pieces of almonds after every meal regularly.

  • Aloe Vera juice

The general perception if an aloe juice is If you want to treat your soothe burn try the juice of aloe or it might help you to cure your sunburn but it is actually much more than that, it helps in reducing inflammation this is why it can be helpful in treating a heartburn as well. So if ever your tummy starts getting inflamed or irritated do not worry and drink a glass of an aloe vera juice it will give you a sigh of relief and will make your feel much better than before.

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How to get rid of heartburn fast

Heartburn is a problem that causes much of discomfort and uneasiness within yourself, therefore it is very important to take care of the food you eat, all the stomach related things and digestion problems as well. Anything that is causing you trouble in your stomach is mostly because of the food you have consumed. Therefore, it is very important to take care of your stomach and related problems.

Following are some remedies that can help you get rid of heartburn fast:

  • Water

Intake of water is all in all and always in your favor doctors recommend to drink from about 10 to 12 glasses of water during the day to keep yourself free from all the unhealthy symptoms. Water again is beneficial with curing a heartburn fast, make an immediate move and drink a glass of water at the right first moment you feel the first flicker of a heartburn.

  • Vinegar

Vinegar has got the antioxidants that can help you treat your heartburn along with many other problems, drinking a tablespoon of vinegar can be very effective to give yourself a comfort from the problem of a heartburn. However the taste of vinegar is very strong and acidic which might not be an easy thing for your to drink but to avoid this trouble you can always use the substitutes like apple cider vinegar which is less strong and acidic in taste then the plain vinegar.

  • Vegetable juice

Drinking a juice of different vegetables can also prevent you from the problem of a heartburn. There are many vegetable juices that can help you with this problem of yours. For example vegetables like cucumber, radish, beetroot or carrot can be used in form of their juices to give your heartburn some relief, their alkalinity helps the acid tame in your stomach you can also add a pinch of pepper or a pinch of salt to your juice as well to get better taste with it, or also if your don’t like drinking vegetable juice you can always go for an option of consuming them raw.

  • Milk

Milk is also considered to be a good drink to consume in the problem of heartburn; milk does not only help you with your bones getting strong but discourages all your stomach problems and diseases. Milk is blessed with the natural properties that work on all the symptoms and problem creating bacteria in your stomach.

  • See a doctor

It is good and effective to treat your problem or diseases sitting home but it is more important to be careful with it, if you have tried all your level best with trying different home remedies to treat your problems with heartburn, but you haven’t succeeded doing so, it is better and advised to go and see a doctor. Doctors are aware of all the details of every single disease and they can help you with your problem in maybe just one simple go. Doctor will do the proper examination of your problem and will check everything in detail to know every single detail about the disease, after doing so he or she will write a prescription for you, that you must and need to follow to give yourself relief from the problem of a heartburn.

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