How to Get Rid of Roaches

It is very difficult to kick the roaches out of your house once they have made themselves a home there. They can be unbearable to you for plenty of different reasons, your electronics get damaged by them also they harm your books, snack the food you have in your house and are also very efficient in damaging your wallpapers. However, the human are also affected by the one kind of a cockroach specie that spread germs to human. If you are the one facing this roach torture build a barrier for them to enter your house, try insecticides or any other remedy that turns out to be the best one to get rid of all the roaches in your house.

How to get rid of roaches

How to get rid of roaches

Following are some easy remedies and daily life practices that will help you fight with roaches coming into your home sweet home

  • Maintain a cleanliness:

Half of the problems that are related to anything that are related to the cleanliness of your personal health or your house maintenance. Therefore, it Is very important for you to take care of the required cleanliness measures a clean and neat house can forbid the cockroaches coming in. what you need to be most careful with is your kitchen make sure all the items and another stuff you have in your kitchen is neat and clean keep washing your dishes promptly after every meal you take and put the food away you,  don’t keep the dishes in a sink of your kitchen and wash them as soon as possible, clean the crumbs up and spill right away, keep cleaning and managing the range tops as the greasy place is most attracted to the cockroaches. In general even keep cleaning your kitchen and letting all the stuff be neat.

Also, don’t keep the food without sealing it or covering it. The cockroaches anytime can enjoy your food instead of you enjoying it, therefore make special efforts with the sealing of your food, there are accessories available for preserving the food items you have in your house, don’t open the bottle caps and better close them tightly make sure all the bottles are cleaned and aren’t attracting any roach towards it also don’t keep the food for much of an extended time, be very much careful with dish washing don’t keep them overnight to avoid any further problems also keep your countertops clean and free from all the things to be there, do not keep the fruit on your countertops. Mopping a floor regularly can help you get rid of the roaches very efficiently clean up the crumbs and all the sticky, greasy, dirty spots in your kitchen. Do not slosh the water against walls as they do need water don’t forget.

Throwing the trash out of your kitchen and out of your house on daily basis can help you stay healthy and clean, get a trash can with a lid importantly for all the wasted food to be thrown into it also keep it in a sealed containers that aren’t near and close to the house you live in.

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How to get rid of roaches fast:

  • Seal your house:

To prevent your house from all the roaches torture you need to be little more careful then before, to seal your house from the surroundings outside also seal cracks in all the exterior walls to keep roaches out of your house by stopping and blocking them to enter in your house, you can also  seal all the cracks everywhere within your house as well, the procedure might take a bit longer time, but the payoff is great.  Fill all the cracks inside your kitchen and inside all the cabinets you have in your kitchen, fill the cracks of doors, window molding, and both sides of the floor, you can even fill all the openings around the bathroom pipes and kitchen as well.

  • Poisonous roach bites:

Roaches can also be killed by the poisonous roach bites as well, do not panic and try this effective remedy for a poisonous roach bite. The remedy is less expensive indeed an easily affordable to be tried, it causes no side effects to any of the things that are related to you or your house except for the roaches in your house. The entire nest can be eradicated if you are successful in doing this procedure correctly.

  • Use soap and water simply:

Adult roaches can be easily killed by following this remedy, do make a solution of soap and water along make a solution with a soap it also can be a bath soap and mix it with thin water, you can now spray the mixture on roaches with the help of spray bottle. Splash the mixture and spray it on the roaches you can also just directly throw the mixture on roaches. The roach can be killed by just a few drops of the solution, even just by 2 or 3 drops. However, try to target a belly of a roach or head to get instinct response. This process will help you killing the roach in just 1 minute most of the times.

Try and throw the roach after this encounter immediately so the roach doesn’t get the time to recover, the roaches can recover and get back in your house if the water soap solution have not touched the larger part of their body.

  • Use water jars:

One another most famous and effective remedy to kick roaches out of your house if by using water jars. Take a jar and rest it next to the wall this would not help roaches to escape but will get them in the jar, you can also fill the jar with any bait either it be water or coffee grounds. This is how you can get the big roaches killed, however, this remedy does not work on the little roaches, eggs or nest.

  • Take preventative traps:

If you get successful by getting rid of a roach nest make sure you prevent a re-infestation by setting the traps out and get the roaches killed before they get out of your control. It is most effective to place the caulk and fix it in the openings and potential areas of entering like vents or drain. Spray the insecticide that are not in the gel form or in a liquid form to kill the roaches such as raid can be one option of not being a gel and a liquid.

  • Move the debris of yard away:

The piles of wood are loved most by the cockroaches including all the other hiding places, and as the change occurs in the weather the roaches need to find some place to hide themselves and to get warm as well. Make sure the woodpile of your is at a distance from the house you live in also remove the piles of clippings, leaves, straw, and any other waste you have in your yard to stop the roaches buildings their nests, also be very much careful with the cleanliness factor, keep cleaning the yard you posses and also replacing the older leaves, straws and clippings to bear little of a damage and get saved with the bigger one.

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How to get rid of roaches naturally:

Around the world there are many different techniques and ways to get rid of roaches, the remedies are followed according to your own particular easy, so go on trying by simple home remedies whereas others prefer trying insecticides, chemical gel, different liquids and etc . however  the roaches can be killed by trying some natural long lasting products and techniques as well. Following are the products you can try to implement and throw roaches out of your house.

Cocoa powder

Boric acid


Soap and water solution


There are different ways to use them, but one common is to just spread them on and over the nest to make roaches vanish and out of your house.

  • Use a liquid concentrate:

Trying to kill the roaches with using a liquid concentrate is not a bad idea instead is one useful way to prevent yourself and your home to get damaged by the roaches, they don’t only make your house look dirty and messy but the bacteria and germs stick to them make you and your kids suffer from many different people. There are things we touch, use and eat that have already been touch and tasted by the roaches existing in your house. To avoid all the panic and torture caused by the roaches, it is necessary to kill them and throw them out of you house.

Liquid concentration is a deterrent or a poison that is also diluted with water and then wipes, mopped or sprayed on the surface only to witness the roaches being killed by it or you can also spray the deterrent or poison on other places where the roaches are most likely found in your house . keep repeating this remedy for 1 to weeks or more for better, improved and complete results.


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