How to Get Rid of Underarm Fat

Increasing body weight can really be a matter of concern, for those who are already facing this misery. Apart from the health hazards it also ruins the overall outlook of a person no matter how good looking one is. Fat in particular areas such as under armpits can really be a source of embarrassment. If you are also in search of ways how to get rid of underarm fat you have probably landed at the right place.

How to Get Rid of Under-arm Fat

How to Get Rid of Underarm Fat

So, before moving towards the solution of this grave problem the most important thing you must know are the causes of underarm fat. Well the cause of this Underarm fat in one may be different from any other individual. Different people have different reasons for increased fat but generally due to the following reason obesity results:

Causes of under-arm fat

  • Unhealthy Diet: – It is probably the most important and obvious reason for the increase in body weight. Too much dependence on junk and processed food results in obesity. Further soft drinks and soda also contribute to the increased body weight.
  • Lack of Exercise: – Well due to the busy schedules and hectic routines most of us are unable to spare time for exercise. Due to the fewer calories burn the excess food stores and results in overall obesity.
  • Unhealthy lifestyle: – Another major reason for the increase in underarm fat is the unhealthy lifestyle currently adopted by most of us. Surprisingly even the day to day habits can be cause of increase fats. For example the way you sit on a chair can even be a reason for your obesity.
  • Genetic problem: – Another reason for the gain is weight is due to particular genes which are responsible for unusual gain in weight. Some unusual hormone secretion can also be a possible cause of obesity.

Once you are familiar with the possible causes of your underarm fat, it’s time to get ready for some practical work. As the core reason for this underarm fat is overall increase in body fat so its solution must be focused on reducing food intake and to increase burning of calories.

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Before taking any step further the first and foremost thing you need to do is to make your mind. Always remember that without a proper plan and motivation you won’t be able to reach to your actual goal. Once you have set a goal it’s time to start working on it.

Your plan must focus on the following steps:

Regulating your Diet:

In order to get rid of this misery the most significant thing is to regulate your diet. Say a permanent no to the junk food and try to shift yourself towards natural vegetables and fruits. Natural substances are not only a good source of nutrients but also contain healthy fat. They are also rich in vitamins. Also avoid eating processed food as it does not contain dietary fiber. Dietary fiber if present will fill your stomach and you will eat less. In addition to this always use simple water and say no to soda or soft drinks. Things like soda or any other beverages are usually rich in sugar and contain a large amount of calories in them. So reducing their quantity means fewer calories and hence less weight gain.

Regulating Meal times:

Another important factor in losing weight is the number of times you take the meal. Contrary to the general perception it is advised by many doctors to take small meals in different laps. Usually it is suggested to take five small meals in a day, as this speed up the metabolic rate of the body resulting in more calories burned and thus loss in weight.

Stay Hydrated:

An inadequate supply of water can also be cause of obesity. Drinking a lot of water not only keeps you hydrated but also make you feel full and you eat less than normal. As the water is almost calorie free, it does not result in weight gain.

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Taking green tea:

Although it sounds odd but even green tea can play a vital role in your weight loss program. Green tea also speed ups your metabolism and drinking at least 2-3 cups a day can aid in burning sufficient amount of calories.


Along with regulating your daily diet the thing that lies second to it is daily exercise. It is impossible for you to lose sufficient amount of weight without devoting your time to exercise. Exercise is like a backbone in a weight loss program. So always make a proper schedule for your whole day and set at least an hour for exercise daily. To get rid of underarm fat you also need to do some special exercises along with the normal cardio-vascular exercises.

Normal cardio-vascular exercises may vary from normal running or jogging to extensive exercises such as swimming. Other activities which can be fruitful in losing general body weight such as cycling can also be used. These exercises help your body in breakdown of stored food inside your body by increasing the overall metabolic rate of your body.

Along with the normal exercise you must also include exercises aiming at building the body muscles in chest area. Muscles in this area help to tone the overall shape of the area and make the fats in this area look leaner. Back exercises such as barbell rows, back extensions and face pulls can be very effective for toning you body. In addition to this front exercises such as pull-ups, chin-ups and dumbbell flys can also aid you in building your muscles. At least 5 hours in a weak must be devoted to these sorts of muscle building exercises.

Surgical method:

Another possible method to get rid of underarm fat is the surgical method. It is important to remember that this surgical method may not be suitable for everybody. It’s very expensive and may not be affordable for everyone. So the decision of a surgery must be taken only after consulting a professional doctor.

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