How to Get Rid of Yellow Eyes

Normally yellow eyes are not considered a good and healthy sign, rather it is considered as an underlying condition, and especially the yellowing of eyes is deliberated to be linked with liver disease or jaundice. Usually yellow eyes and disease of the liver is interlinked. You might be aware with the name of jaundice. The white part of the eye turns yellow which is a symptom that there are chances of liver disease. Normally this yellowing of the eye occurs when there is an excessive bilirubin present in the blood stream. Some of the main symptoms that could be possibly seen are fever, chills, malaise with general symptoms and fatigue. Some of the persons may feel that in jaundice people may suffer from mild stomach problems.

How to get rid of yellow eyes

Another main cause that could be the reason is yellow fever. This is one of the types of hemorrhagic fever that might cause when a viral infection take place. This type of yellow fever is caused when the mosquito bites and these are extremely common in the countries like Africa and South America. People who love to travel and are traveling in such countries might experience this disease and could become a victim of it. This disease should not be considered as light, as this is one of the serious diseases and if it is not treated well, it may cause dysfunction of the brain.

There are certain medicines that are such high in potency that they may also cause yellowing of eyes. These medicines are usually higher in potency and the ingredients are heavy that the color of the eyes starts changing. Since most of the diseases are of serious level, therefore these should not be treated nonchalantly. Here are some of the remedies that can be useful for the treatment of yellowing of the eyes but these treatment is for jaundice. 

How to Get Rid of Yellow Eyes:

Oregano tea:

Oregano’s are those herbs that are very beneficial for every disease almost and it could be used to treat most of the disease. To get rid of the yellow portion that is present in the eyes, start using oregano. You can use it in different forms like by making oregano tea. Drinking oregano tea could prove to be beneficial for this disease. Making tea is easy. Add about 2 teaspoons of oregano in about one cup of boiled water. Oregano leaves should be fresh. Let this mixture cool down for about ten minutes and the mixture settles down properly. After that filter, that mixture and you will get tea in the cup. Drink it. Keep on repeating this until you see that jaundice disappears. Oregano is one of the powerful and most efficient healing agents that is useful in many cases.

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Tomato juice:

Another good remedy is the use of tomato juice. This remedy is not only good for the treatment of yellowing of eyes, but it will also keep the skin fresh and healthy. Take some tomatoes and add some water in it. Grind it in a mixture until that does not convert into a pure form. Add some salt and pepper into it. Try to drink it when you are having an empty stomach or it is better that drink it in the morning. There are many other ways that you can adopt to make a juice or you can add many other things into it to get some really good taste, but make it confirm that you are getting a tomato juice to treat the disease.

White radish leaves:

White radish is one of those things that is good for blood flow and maintaining blood-related things. White radish leaves juice is easy, but the quantity should be kept in mind. Add white radish along with its stem in the grinder and add some water in it. If you want, you can add some sugar in it to change the taste and give it a good taste. Try to drink this juice with an empty stomach. You can also give flavor to this by adding some salt or pepper in it.

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Use fewer dairy products:

Try to use fewer dairy products during jaundice. The reason behind this is that jaundice is usually caused because the bilirubin level increases in the blood flow due to which the color changes and in order to make it possible to bring back the whitening of the eyes, bilirubin level should be dropped at any cost. Those people who keep on using dairy products usually cannot get the treatment of jaundice and get rid of it on an early basis. It has been observed that dairy products contain elements that might interfere with bilirubin absorption. Therefore, it’s better to avoid dairy products so that bilirubin should be maintained.

Take rest:

Try to take a lot of rest. Resting could prove to be a good solution for decreasing the bilirubin level and to get rid of yellow eyes. If you take the rest and sleep well without any tension, you might be able to get rid of diseases and feel free and fresh from jaundice. Try to avoid fatty and junk food during these days. This could possibly increase the bilirubin level.

Lemon juice:

Intake of lemon juice on a daily basis will be helpful in cleaning the symptoms of jaundice. Buy some lemons and squeeze them well in a cup. Add some water in it and mix it well. Now add some sugar in it and mix it. You will like it. Keep on using it until jaundice disappears.

Long Pepper with water:

This is one of the oldest herbal treatment for the yellowing of eyes. All that you will have to do is to soak some pieces of long pepper in buttermilk. The quantity of Buttermilk will be 3 teaspoons. Soak it in it for about 24 hours and after that grind it well. Add some salt in it and drink it with water. Drink this water on a daily basis until this jaundice disappears.

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