How to Remove Fake Eyelashes

Using False eyelashes is the best way to beautify the eyelashes and frame the eyes. False lashes fix just over the upper eyelash line with the help of a glue. These glues usually have some chemicals that can be very hard to remove. As a result, the removal of fake lashes is a bit difficult process, because with this your real eyelashes can also be affected and can easily be pulled away if you don’t do it with great care. However, There are many ways to remove the fake lashes like makeup remover, remove with the help of steam, false lash glue remover or with the help of oils to carefully remove the false lashes and clean the remaining glue.
Here are some useful and easy ways in this article that will help you in removing your false eyelashes.

how to remove fake eyelashes

1. How to Remove fake eyelashes using Oils

How to remove fake eyelashes 2

Step 1. Use oil

Using oil for removing the fake lashes is a very easy and secure way, but this also damages the false lashes and leave them unusable again next time. So, you can only use oil to remove the false lashes if you are ready to waste and not use them afterwards. The best helping oils may be almond, coconut and baby oil.

Step 2. Loosen the glue

First have some oil onto your hands, and gently wipe it on your eyelids. Oil will naturally loosen the glue and break down the makeup. Now put some warm water on your eyelids and then rub the oil gently on the eyelids and lash line to take off the makeup and make your lash line more clear. You don’t need to worry about harming your false lashes, because it will be wasted anyways.

Step 3. Pulling off the false lashes

Now you have to pull off the false lashes slowly with the help of your fingertips or you can use a pair of tweezers to grasp the fake eyelashes closer to the lash line more likely. If you get any difficulty in pulling them off and they are still tough to remove, apply some more oil and wait for 2 3 minutes more before the removal.
You should start from the inner edge, slowly pull the lashes off from the eyelid. Do it with great care and slowly until you come to the outer edge and false eyelashes are completely removed.

Step 4. Clean the excess glue

Clean the excess glue on the lash line if any. When you completely remove your false eyelashes, make sure to look on your eyelids for any remaining glue. If there is some present simply apply some drops of oil, and rub it gently until the glue fully comes off.

Step 5. Wash off makeup

Finally, wash off the oil and the remaining makeup from your eyes and face. You can do it with by using warm water and a face wash. Gently rub the face wash on your face until it lathers and remove all of the makeup. Then rinse it with warm water and use a clean towel.

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2. How to Take Off Fake Eyelashes Without Remover

How to Take Off Fake Eyelashes Without Remover

It takes a lot of experience and skills to perfectly apply the false lashes, and also the same experience and care will be required to remove them off without pulling out your real lashes. Fake eyelashes removers are available, but here is the safe and effective way to remove false eyelashes without any pain.

Step 1. Boil the water and make some steam

First of all take three to four cups of water in a kettle and heat it up with the help of a microwave or fire until it is hot enough to make some steam. Then remove the water from the heat and put it into a bowl. Then place the bowl of steaming water on a table. Now cloak a towel on your head and hold your face above the bowl for about five to seven minutes. This will allow the steam to make the adhesive and the glue loosen. But be careful not to keep your face too close to the bowl as it can harm you.

Step 2. Pulling the lashes with great care

Now lift the towel. Grip the false lashes at the outer edge and begin to pull it away from the lid gently. When you remove both of your lashes, place them in a discard or plastic bag.

Step 3. Using facial cleanser

If Your eyelashes do not come out easily or it is still tight and you practice some pain, then do not pull it off with force or doing it in a hurry because by doing this you will simply pull your real lashes out, while your aim is to remove the false one only. So, take one cup warm water and add a half teaspoon mild facial cleanser to it. Now put a cotton mop in the soapy water. Then close your eyes and gently rub the soapy cotton mop on your eyelashes.

Step 4. Pulling again

Now, finally pull off the eyelashes slowly and carefully from the outer edge. If again you feel some resistance there, then rub your lashes again with the help of the soapy cotton mop and try again.

Step 5. Finally rinse with warm water

After you completely remove the false lashes, put a cotton mop this time in the oil and rub it on the eyelids and allow it for about 2 to 3 minutes. Then finally rinse it with warm water.


3. How to Remove false eyelashes using Glue Remover

How to Remove false eyelashes using Glue Remover

Step 1. Buy a false lash glue remover

First of all buy a fake lash glue remover. However, you can get an eyelash glue remover from any beauty department or stores. But make sure to select a brand that suits your skin requirements especially. If you want best results, try the glue remover of the same brand that have made the eyelash glue you used for applying the fake eyelashes.

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Step 2. Take off the makeup

Now take off your eye makeup with the help of using the lash glue remover for best results, as the makeup present on your eyelid can create difficulty in removing your lashes.
For that you should use baby oil or a makeup remover to clear off your eye makeup gently. First, put a little remover on a cotton cloth and clean your eyelid until most of the makeup is removed.
Make sure if you are wearing mascara, you should not remove it at this point, because this can slit the fake eyelashes and awkwardly pluck your skin on your eyelids.
Also, make sure not to wash the face using soap and water to remove the eye makeup, because this can harm both your natural and fake lashes.

Step 3. Using glue remover

Now Stand in front of a mirror. Get the glue remover, put a bit glue remover on a cotton mop, and make the cotton mop completely moistened. The smell is very bad, but don’t worry about it, this is safe and normal.

Step 4. Wiping the glue

Now employ the glue remover on your fake lashes. Rub your lash line with the help of the cotton mop gently, that is moistened in glue remover. Now wipe the base of the fake lashes with using a cotton mop many times to remove most of the glues. When you are done with this let it set for 15 to 35 seconds.

Step 5. Pulling the lashes off

If you want to throw the used eyelashes, you can slowly pull them off with the help of your fingers. But if you want them to reuse and not get damaged, you can use tweezers to remove them. For that first, grasp the fake lashes closer to your eyelid as much as possible. Now start from the inner edge of your eye. Grab them upwards gently to pull them away from the eyelid. Using this way they will be removed easily and can be reused then.
If you face any difficulty in pulling them off, you can apply some more glue remover on it and wait for about 20 to 30 seconds before trying again.

Step 6. Recheck for remaining glue

Now check your real natural eyelashes if there is any glue remaining which needs to be removed, You can simply put a little more glue remover on the cotton mop, and place it over the remaining glue. Then rub the glue, gently with the help of a dry cotton swab to clean them. Now wash your eyes and face with warm water and you are done.

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