How to Strengthen Nails Naturally

Did you know that beautiful nails contributes a lot in a woman’s confidence? Well, achieving might be challenging but, this article takes you through how to strengthen nails in use of  readily available resources. For instance, nails can be strengthened naturally or artificially.

how to strengthen nails naturally

How to strengthen nails naturally

There is a trail of ways that can be effective in strengthening the nails just as illustrated in the points below:

  1. Maintaining the nails short

Long nails are more vulnerable to damages as they absorb water and other chemicals that one is likely to get into contact with. Cut the nails and file them towards one direction as this will help them learn that strength.

  1. Moisturizing the cuticles daily

If the cuticles are not well maintained such as moisturizing, common problems occurring as a result of dry nails and breakage may make the nails look ugly, weak and very painful while cutting off the cuticles. This is why one should opt for frequent moistening using most appropriate moisturizer.

  1. Avoid wearing fake nails

Although most women believe in fake nails, these nails contribute a lot on nail breakage, especially when worn on a daily basis. This is as a result of preventing the nails to get the free circulation of air.

  1. Filing the nails regularly

One should also consider filing the nails on a daily basis into a rounded shape. This will not make the nails to become vulnerable to breakage thus enhancing their strength.

  1. Avoid chewing nails

Most people are prone of chewing their nails whenever they are thinking hard. This will definitely make the nails, lose their shape and probably make them weak because they are exposed to water and other chemicals from the saliva.

  1. Consider a healthy diet

Another way of achieving those and beautiful nails is through eating a balanced diet that ensures that nails get enough and required nutrients that contributes to their strength. For instance, take fruits and drink enough water among other things.

  1. Use iodine to cure brittle

Iodine has been successfully used to cure weak nails and make them hard an unbreakable.  The process is as simple as Deeping the fingernails in iodine (colorless) once or twice a day for a period of seven days. This process focuses upon hardening the nails under the cuticle and as time goes, the nail grows strong and will never break.

  1. Use mild detergents while washing

Some detergents or washing powders normally react with nails causing them to break towards their tips. This can be avoided by using mild detergents as well as washing powders and apply moisturizer after washing to prevent the nails from breaking.

  1. Using lemon juice and olive oil to strengthen the nails

Lemon fruit and olive oil are readily available in the markets today. Do not leave your nails unattended for, this process only needs one to take a few drops of lemon juice, mix it with a tablespoonful of olive oil and rub the mixture onto the nails.  The mixture should be rubbed using a soft piece of clean cloth or cotton, then follow it up with wearing gloves.  One can also opt for undertaking this process at night because the gloves can be left on while one is sleeping.  This process should be done repeatedly for a period of two to three weeks.

  1. Avoid peeling off the polish

When one realizes that her nail polish is wearing off, instead of using nail polish remover, they rather opt for peeling them off using their teeth or razor blade. This is highly discouraged as this will lead to nail breakage and after a period of time, the nails will become weak and lose their shape.  As a way of strengthening the nails, one should consider getting rid of the unwanted polish through using appropriate remover.

  1. Drink a lot of water

Did you know that dehydration can also lead to nail breakage? Well, research shows that hydration contributes a lot in beauty. It makes the skin and nails look healthy.  One of the secrets of acquiring healthy nails is through drinking a lot of water, averagely, 6-8 glasses of water per day.

  1. Avoid misusing the nails

One of the things that also contribute to weak nails is using the nails as tools. For instance, one opens a soda using a nail or scratching the cards using the nails. This is forbidden, especially for those who want to achieve those good looking nails. Some people will also be victims of scratching their hair using their nails or handling soil with bare hands. This will definitely make the nails weak and they will break until one will not want to see them.

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How to strengthen nails after acrylics

It is best known among the individual who have tried the acrylic nails that at the end of the day, the nails are seriously ravaged.  The following are some steps that will help keep the nails grow stronger during the first four months of growth:

  • Rub the nails gently using an acetone that will in turn catch the acrylic residue.
  • Wash hands thoroughly using an appropriate moisturizing soap and pat to dry
  • Enhance circulation by rubbing the whole hand with a moisturizer using palm and fingers.
  • Cut the cuticles or consider pushing them back using a stick to achieve cleanliness and allowing one to work with ease.
  • Apply vitamin E along the cuticle and the whole fingernail by poking a small hole in a gold translucent capsule to enable the fluid to come out gently
  • Buff the nails while the oil coat is still there to make them shiny and sensitive.
  • After buffing, wash the hands carefully the file the nails towards one direction to avoid making them weak.
  • Always apply a light oil on the nails and it is advisable that nail polish should be avoided for a period of one to two weeks.
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Do not let your nails break, choose the most appropriate way to strengthen your nails.

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