Quick and easy hairstyles

There is no doubt that most women out there like changing their hairstyles every now and again to be at par with the latest trend in fashion.  While taking the necessary considerations for the most suitable hairstyle to choose from, it is vital to note that there are one or two quick and easy hairstyles that best suits long, short or curly hair.  Among them include; ponytail, round bun, push back, crocodile cut, pixie cut among others. The choice mainly depends on the amount of money available, resources as well as the type of face to wear the style.

Quick and easy hairstyles for short hair

According to most women, short hair is always the best when it comes to achieving style and its management, which is probably easy. It is also vital to note that there is a range of short hair  for example, jaw length, chin length as well as super short length to mention but a few.  The following is quick and easy hairstyles for short hair:

Bob cut

Quick and easy hairstyles

Bob cut hairstyle is easy to make and it also works best in most shapes of faces for instance, round, oval and slim faces among others.  Achieving it is as simple as parting the hair into two equal parts while ensuring that a conspicuous  line is constructed in the middle front.  Using a comb and hair brush, brush one parted side towards the right ear the hold the brushed side with the hand and brush the other parted towards the left ear.  The style can be put in place by holding the hair with hair pins if it is somehow long.

Blunt bob

Quick and easy hairstyles

This style works best for short hair with fine locks as it thickens the hair making it look beautiful. It can be enhanced further by adding some bangs.  One thing about this hairstyle is that it is easy to make and manage.  But, it is important to mention that if  it is not well maintained, the this style can weaken the hair and make it look bad. One secret behind the beauty of this style is that it should be renewed after every six months.  It should be washed, blow dried and well brushed after which hot oil should be applied on the scalp to enhance its look.


Quick and easy hairstyles for straight hair

According to most women, having straight hair is a blessing because they can easily and quickly style it and even maintain it.  For them, they won’t worry if their hair is blown up by wind and destroys the style, spicing it up quickly and easily isn’t a problem.   Other than the many styles that other people can opt for, one can simply comb the hair and secure it with an elastic band and there it goes.  The following are among the quick and easy hairstyles for straight hair;

Getting the layers of the hair

If you don’t like the straight hair, make them look more lively be considering layers.  After making the layers, one can also add curls on the ends, which without doubts, gives the hair that pretty view.

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Using hair accessories

Some people don’t lie the layers and the curls hence for them, they can consider using hair accessories such as headbands to come up with different styles and at the end of the day, the hair looks as  pretty as the owner wants it.  Moreover, these accessories have also worked best with French braids.  The braids last longer and look good when they are flipped into a tie either sideways or backways.  Moreover, the best way  for maintaining straight hair is through washing it using hair shampoo, blow dry it and apply  hair food rich in vitamins.

The chignon hairstyle

Most women  like this style dearly, especially the career women  as it piles up hair in front of the head.  It gives women that beautiful look they are looking for as some hair tendrils drops along the cheeks  covering some part of the face. It is also good for those with skin imperfection.  There is a range of chignon hairstyle that are available in the market today.  To achieve one of them, one only needs: hair bands, hair pins,  hair brush among others and get started.

Leaving the hair hanging freely

Even though most women don’t like leaving their hair hanging, this is one of the sexiest styles that their men would like to see them in.  It’s as simple as blow drying the hair, highlighting it using a desired colour. Moreover, it can be improved further by parting the hair and braid a small portion from one side and hold it in place over the hanging hair. It can be held in place using the pins. When highlighting the hair, it is crucial to use a colour that blends well with the complexion of the skin lest everything will fall apart.

French braid

Quick and easy hairstyles

Even though most career women don’t opt for a french braid because it consumes time, it’s still one of the most beautiful hairstyles ever.  If the hairstyle is well done, it lasts longer, it enhances one’s personality and it also makes one feel comfortable. Moreover, it blends well with most outfits. Other than the above stated, one can also further style the French braids and achieve a new and unique look that nobody else around has.

Quick and easy hairstyles for curly hair

Having the best hairstyle for curling becomes even much easier, especially when the hair is long.  Most people are asking asking why and the answer is simply because the length tends to reduce the curls and making them more manageable.  When styling curled hair, one can choose a suitable cut depending on the size and shape of the head and use a small curling iron.  Make round layers on top using the curl and also consider trimming the hair for maintenance and also acquiring the that beautiful look.  Did you know that trimming curled hair also creates more room for implementing other styles? Well, the curls can also be maintained through the  application of  wax.

Leaving the curls to hand freely

Even though most women do not like leaving their hair hanging, when curled hair is well trimmed, it can be left hanging and still give someone that amazing and gorgeous look. Moreover, the hanging tendrils can be secured using rubber bands.

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Using accessories to style the curled hair

Did you know that you can achieve that fashion statement  with your hair through using hair accessories? Well, accessories such as combs, hair clips, head bands among others can also be used to style the hair. For instance, after trimming the curls, make a small cut sideways  using a comb, then pull the hair back either sideways or in the middle and hold the curls in place using a suitable hair clip.

When styling curled hair, it is important to understand the type of curls that one is having. For instance, some curls long curls, others have medium curls while others have long curls. Moreover, some curls are thick while others are not that thick. Consider the need of reducing the curls when they are too much or improving the curls if they are too little  to achieve the best style.

Did you know that there are also many hair styles for curling short hair?  One can simply make the short curls to look just amazing.  First, ensure that the curls are put in place by applying appropriate curl sculpture lotion on a regular basis  and also consider adding the volume through scrunching the hair when it is wet. This hairstyle can be worn to  an office, to an evening party or just when going out for a party, but this will depend on the type of outfit that one wants to put on.

Middle bun

Most people think that bun only works well when made with straight long hair. But, for other people with curly hair, they can also change the fashion in trend and introduce middle buns in their curly hair. For instance,  this style can be achieved by first pulling the hair to the back and let them meet in the middle.  Using a tie, hold the hair in place while interfering with curls, if the hair is long, divide it into two parts, then make two braids but do not reach the tips as curls should be left hanging. Then wrap the braids firmly to each other and leave the curls to hang. This will probably give one a unique and beautiful look

Well, it is also vital to learn how to maintain the curls and twists.  Depending on the type of hair that one has, look for the most suitable shampoo as well as a hair conditioner  to maintain the curls.  Moreover, this also helps in keeping the hair and the scalp healthy.  Other than washing the hair, the curls should also be trimmed  and do away with unwanted hair. This not only gives the hair that beautiful look but, it also enhances the growth of hair. While doing this, keep in mind the importance of using the right hair brush as a wrong choice will spoil the curls.

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