Top Beauty Trends for 2020

Natural makeup is something that has always been admired. But this year there is a twist on the whole raw look. These new trends are simple yet very chic and feminine. Read on for some tips on how you can achieve the perfect makeup look for 2019.

1. The color, nude

This is arguably the hardest trend to translate from runway to reality, because, these colors can tend to wash you out. So the key to this trend is to find warm, neutral tones like bronzes, peaches or tans to accentuate your features but eeping it monochromatic. As for your pout, nude lips can be tough. They can wash you out if they blend in too much with your skin tone. So look for warm neutral tones – shades with orange in them – which help make your face look alive. Therefore, you should go for peachy tones that complement your skin tone and don’t wash you out.
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2. Fresh and feminine

This is the perfect look for spring time which anyone can pull off. It’s about a wide eye mascara lash look and then really soft, feminine, pink cheeks and a pink pout. This look is spot on for a brunch or a wedding shower. To make your eyes look really awake, load up the mascara, especially in the middle of the eye. You can also add a few lashes in the middle of the eye to create that round, beautiful eye. For lips, go for shades that have a little shimmer in them. If pinks get too matte, they can tend to look chalky and retro. All in all, in the spring time you can’t pick a much better trend than this one.
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3. Poppy reds

The difference with this kind of red is that it’s not a deep or dark red. It’s really vibrant, it’s poppy and it packs a nice bold punch. This color is a lot more alive and feminine than the dark berry color you wore in the fall. So say goodbye to fire engine and cherry reds this season.

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4. Swoops with shadows

Everybody loves a cat eye but to modernize it, swoops with shadows have gotten really in this season. So instead of using a liner, you’re going to use a shadow which you most certainly already have in your makeup bag, and create a soft subtle swoop on your eye, using different shades. This creates a soft, sassy and subtle eye that will work amazingly for you. It can be as thin or as thick as you want it to be and the key to this trend is to wet your brush when you dip it in your shadow and you’ll be able to get a much opaque look when you dry your swoop. It’s a beautiful new way to play with colors and it’s way soft than the look of a liquid liner.
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