What Skincare Product is right for You

Skincare is often ignored as less important for your overall well being. Taking care of your skin is very important no matter what your age or where you live. Different age requires different type of skincare products and different geographical regions with different climates add more requirements on top of that.

What Skincare Product is right for YouToday ou can find skincare for all types of skin from dry skin to oily skin and anything in between that you can think of. You can find skincare for sensitive skin, acne prone skin, and of course aging skin – starting for skin of people in their upper 20s. So, it’s extremely important to know what’s available and what skincare product choose in what situation. The following list provides input for the most common skin types:

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Oily Skin – Skincare for oily skin is usually geared toward those “problem” faces that are prone to acne breakouts. You should look for a skincare product line that also contains a non-oil based moisturizer.

Dry Skin – Skincare for dry skin is usually very rich/creamy and thick. Often you find 2 flavors for the same product. There is usually a day lotion and a stronger, thicker night regime. In both cases, the formulations will not strip your skin of important needed natural oil.

Combination Skin – Skincare products for combination skin takes care of the oily parts as well as the dry parts of your face. It’s like the Jack of all Trades skincare.

Aging Skin – This is probably the most difficult product to choose from. Skincare for aging skin is ever-evolving. Some of the newest ingredients actually soften and plump wrinkles so much that they hardly show – but what works for one person, might not work at all for somebody else.

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For each type of skin, there are several products available for use. Usually included are:

  • Cleanser
  • Toner
  • Day moisturizer
  • Day eye cream
  • Night moisturizer
  • Night eye cream
  • Gentle scrub
  • Mask

It most often makes sense to stick to one brand or skincare product series and buy the matching products as needed. This way you also avoid problems of 2 different products reacting with each other and eventully causing your skin to suffer – the opposite of what you were trying to achieve in the first place.

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