Cute and easy hairstyles (with images)

Most ladies out there are very conscious when it comes to the kind of hairstyles that they want to wear. As others know what styles precisely fits the shape of their faces and heads, others are still in a dilemma to choose the one that most fits them. Well, there is a range of cute and easy hairstyles that will make you look gorgeous as illustrated in the points below:

Cute and easy hairstyles

Side ponytail


This hairstyle is one of the best because it is easy to achieve and it requires fewer resources. It does best with long hair, which can be straightened or just be left messy in its natural texture. Again, it will depend on the texture of hair that one has, for instance, some are very bushy and hard to brush while others are easy to comb.   There are two types of side ponytail, neat and messy ponytail respectively.  After deciding on the one to have, the hair should be brushed towards the preferred side, right or left using a suitable hair brush,  the hair should be held just below the ear while its end drops along the shoulder. The drape will depend on its length. Finally, the hair should be secured using an elastic hair band.

Crocodile haircut

This kind of hair cut is one of the leading hairstyles among young women in the fashion trend. Most people opt for it because it is easy to maintain and it is easy to make. Moreover, it is affordable as one does not have to use a lot of materials in order to achieve it. The following is a simple procedure for the crocodile hairstyle:

  • Reduce both sides of the hair to a desired level, leaving the middle part long
  • Trim the extending hair depending on the style desired
  • Comb or brush the middle hair towards the left or right
  • The middle hair can also be left uncombed.
  • One can also decide to highlight the middle hair using hair dye.


Cute and easy hairstyles for school

Most students fail to choose the best hairstyles for school due to peer pressure or the latest hairstyles that are hitting the market. While at school, one should avoid hairstyles that drapes over their shoulders that will force them to push them back every single minute thus interfering with their studies.  The following are cute and easy hairstyles for school;

Push back

A simple push back will not only make one look simple, it also enhances ones look thus helping in achieving that targeted fashion statement. Moreover, it saves time as one only needs to comb the hair backward and allow the hair to drop in between the shoulders.  For security, the hair should be held with a rubber band as well as a hair band. Did you know that a simple push back can be used for both long and short hair?

The twisted hair bun

The-twisted-hair-bun hairstyle

This is also one of the best hairstyles for school going students as its simple to achieve and making it requires less time. This is what will make your dream hair look come true.  The following are steps for twisted hair bun:

  • Comb the hair towards the back.
  • An individual can choose to make a cut sideways or in the middle towards the back.
  • Divide the hair into two parts without interfering with the cut if at all its there
  • Make a knot in the center of the head or on the right or left depending on the style desired
  • Take one side of the hanging hair and roll around the knot
  • Take the remaining side and roll around the knot firmly
  • To secure the knot and the created style, it should be held with an elastic or tie using a small piece of cloth.
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The half crown braid

The half crown braid hairstyle

The half crown braid is a school hairstyle that has not only been worn by students, but has been successfully worn by even office going ladies. It’s simple and gives that simple and enticing look that one is looking for. The following are steps for half a crown braid:

  • Comb the hair using a suitable hair comb or brush.
  • The hair can be straightened or left messy to give that messy look though most students opt for straightening.
  • Take a piece of hair from one side of the head in front and plait into a string like shape, then make a knot at the tips to avoid undoing.
  • Take a small piece from the other side and repeat the procedure.
  • Leaving the plaited pieces, comb the rest of the hair backward.
  • Take the plaited pieces and make a knot in the middle of the head to hold the rest of the hair in place.


Cute and easy hairstyles for long hair

According to most ladies out there, having long hair is a blessing because creates ways for creativity while choosing hairstyles. Moreover, maintaining long hair is quite challenging, hence one should be keen when choosing a style for the same. All the same long hair looks beautiful, especially when spiced up with a few hairstyles

Wearing ponytail

Although most say that ponytail is hard to make, it’s very simple and it will keep the long hair from hanging on the forehead causing inconvenience.  The steps are as simple as: first brush of the hair and let it fall back,  then systematically comb the hair starting with the left when done, hold the combed side using the palm then comb the remaining side. Hold a piece of cloth or tie in place as the rest of the hair should be flipped on the piece of cloth and make a ponytail.

Braid Bun

Braid Bun

Braid bun also does it well for long hair as it prevents hair from hanging on the face, thus creating a conducive environment to work or cook. As a matter of fact, long hair is beautiful but, it comes a time when one just doesn’t like it. Well, when well styled,  it gives one that beautiful and desired dream look. For instance, braid bun is a simple style that is adored by many people out there.  It’s perfect for older women, teens and young women among others. Check out for the procedure:

  • Start by combing the rest of the hair
  • The hair can be pulled into a pony depending on the style desired
  • Portion the hair into three equal parts
  • Then plait the three parts into a rope like thing
  • Wrap the plait firmly to the middle to make a beautiful bun. The bun can be made in the middle as well as sideways
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Cute and easy hairstyles for short hair

According to most people, styling a short hair is always difficult, but that should no longer be a problem now as this article helps you find out about how to style the short hair;

Double flip accent

Double flip accent

Double flip accents can be used in a wide range of hairstyle combos, for instance, it can be used across the front heads to get rid of the bands.  For this style, one needs a rat tail brush, pieces of rubber bands, topsy tail tool, brush, spray bottle among others.

  • The hair should be parted from side to side and middle to front using the brush
  • The parted sides should be secured with alligator pins
  • One parted piece should be further divided into four equal portions
  • Create a ponytail in the middle using the pieces of rubber bands, but they should not be held tight.
  • Then thread it under one rubber band using a topsy tail tool towards a ponytail base in front.
  • Then thread the loose ponytails via a hole in the topsy tool so that the ponytail is flipped under itself.
  • Do the same with the remaining section, then add a desired Hairspray.

Pixie cut

Pixie cut is a popular style among women because it not only helps them achieve that beautiful look, it is also comfortable and can be worn while going for different occasions such as wedding, church, office to mention but a few.   The following are the steps necessary for pixie cut for short hair

  • First, trim the hair towards along the ears
  • It looks much prettier when one has natural hair bangs, but if not so short or long bangs should be added artificially.
  • One thing to note about pixie cut is that it makes the face visible and all parts of the face can be seen hence it is discouraged among individuals with skin imperfections.

There are two types of pixie haircut, curly as well as straight  which creates choices of which to choose depending on the shape of the face.  This kind of haircut works best for those with heart-shaped face.

Were you looking for beautiful and affordable hairstyles to wear? Well, this article has best described what a woman needs to do with her hair in order to achieve that sleek look.

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