How to Repair Damaged Hair

How to repair damaged hair

Hair damage can be considered one of the most common medical issues today. Almost every other person is complaining about this issue and finding ways to curb it. A number of factors are involved which can damage the hair.

  • Pollution is a major factor involved in weakening of the roots. Harmful gases, smoke and dust will give you a hair damage frenzy. It is almost impossible to protect your hair from pollution, so hair damage is a problem which most people suffer from.
  • Diets these days are not taken properly. Children, instead of taking wholesome meals are filling their stomachs with useless carbs and junk food. This does not allow the natural growth of hair to take its own course. The parents are also not aware of the importance a balanced diet can have when it comes to hair.
  • A drastic increase in the use of electronic irons on the hair has been seen lately. This temporarily gives a shiny and a beautiful look, but damages the hair permanently. These devices are like poison to the hair if not used properly.
  • Dying your hair with bleach can cause a long term damage. The chemical from the bleach reaches the root of the hair and damages it directly. It removes all the needed protein from the base and stops hair growth.
  • Excess of everything is bad. Excessive use of hair products like shampoos, conditioners, moose, wax, hair spray, etc. will only cause long lasting harm. These products are needed to protect and to nourish hair. Some are needed for occasional hair styling, but the daily use of these products is not advisable. They contain chemicals that halt the natural process.

how to repair damaged hair naturally

In this age, hair damage is just almost unavoidable and we need to take proper care and measures in order to prevent hair damage. But if one already has damaged hair, what should he do? With patience and proper care, you can get your healthy hair back. Just don’t lose hope and follow these tips.

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How to repair damaged hair naturally

Using chemicals and different medical products on the hair in an effort to cure it might temporarily bring your healthy hair back, but they can also sometimes cause long term harm to the hair. They can sometimes cause side effects and can further worsen the situation. In order to cure hair damage, it is wise to use natural ways and manners. This will require a change in our routine and habits, but these tips are successfully experimented upon and have shown great results. There will be minimum side effects and the health will be restored soon.

  • Gentleness is the key word while handling your hair. Make sure whenever you wash or dry them out, handle them carefully and be friendly with them. You have to love your hair in order for them to get healed. Do not stretch, pull or crush them. Always use a soft steady hand. It is better to towel dry them instead of an electronic hair dryer. The excessive heat can further cause the damage. Similarly, other irons also should be avoided.
  • Keep your hair moisturized at most times. Oiling them twice a week will keep them nourished and smooth. Combing or brushing them will be easier and will not cause hair breakage. Natural oils from olive, coconut, mustard seeds and other herbs provide hair with the necessary supplements. They repair the damaged cells on the hair and restore the lost protein. Oiling not only provides the hair with essential nutrients, but the process enhances blood flow to the hair. Rubbing the scalp gently with your fingertips can regulate the blood flow, which reaches all the areas.
  • Eat and drink healthy if your hair is weak. Whatever we eat directly affects the growth and condition of the hair. Make sure your diet is balanced having proteins, vitamins, fats and the carbohydrates in the perfect amount. Protein food is especially good for hair e.g. fish and milk. Drinking loads of water also cures hair damage for mostly dandruff is the root cause for the damage. Water eliminates dryness from the body mechanism not allowing dandruff to grow in the hair.
  • Using yoghurt, egg yolk and oil on the hair scalp will also help the damage to get cured. It is an application of protein directly on the scalp and also removes dandruff quickly. Mix these three things and apply to your hair with a brush. Leave it for and hour or so for best results. When you wash away egg yolk and yoghurt there will be an instant shine and smoothness to the hair. Repeat this process once a month for best results.
  • Mixing aloe vera extract into mustard oil and applying it to your hair for an hour will also cause miraculous effects. It decreases dandruff growth and reduces hair fall to a noticeable extent. Repeat this process every month for best results.
  • Sometimes a layer of residue forms on the scalp underneath the hair. The best way to treat is to make a paste out of baking soda and some water. Rub it on the residue and wash it off with your regular shampoo. Repeat this after every two weeks.
  • Henna is considered the natural conditioner. Apply it for a while and wash thoroughly. Henna will not only give your hair a natural dye, but will also provide it with long lasting shine and firmness to the roots. This natural herb comes in different colors. Mostly people prefer black or dark brown henna, but henna giving maroon or auburn color can also give your hair a beautiful color.
  • For best result, start treating hair after getting a short trimming at the ends. This way the dead hair at the ends, or the split ends will not slow down the process. The hair will be able to breathe and you can grow them again, but this time in a much healthier condition.
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