How to Shape Your Eyebrows at Home

Easy steps to shape eyebrows with razor without plucking

Eyebrows are like the frame of the face because they are considered to be the half of our beauty. They may be of different types like straight, arched, thick or thin.
God gave everybody a type of eyebrows, but sometimes people’s eyebrows don’t match with their face and they start getting worried and they want to change it. For that there are a lot of ways to shape your eyebrows at home very easily. If someone have straight eyebrows and want them to be arched, they can do it easily at home now by using some quick methods. If somebody has natural thin brows, It can be filled in and should be made thicker to look awesome.

How to shape your eyebrows at home

How to shape your eyebrows at home

But shaping eyebrows not help always to get best eyebrows, because some faces really look beautiful and attractive with the naturally thin eyebrows.
Here is the complete step by step method, by following which you can get the most attractive and beautiful shapes for your brows and can excellently shape your brows at home:

1. Shave your eyebrows

First of all ready your eyebrows for the shave. Then you should take a warm shower in order to make the hairs loose on your brows. While taking bath with lukewarm water the steam from the shower, softly opens up the hair follicles and also the pores exhibit around them. Therefore, it is made easier to trim the string and shape up your brows in a right way.

2. Rinse the area around the brows

Now rinse the area around the brows. You can use any type of moisturizer for it. Now employ it onto the skin expand from the bulge of your eyes to the upper area of your brow.
The skin bounded by the brows must also be covered by it. That will give safety to your skin while shaving. Furthermore, the hair string will get a bit fleshy, which can make the process painless.

3. Stencil

Now, You have to set a ‘stencil’ by using the eyebrow razor completely. You will also need an eyebrow pencil for using it. If you don’t have a brow pencil, you can also use a white pencil and an eyebrow comb or brush. Then Brush both of your brows in the upward order with a very dark function of the brow pencil to fill the arches.
The parts of eyebrows filled by the pencil can be your model in the process of shaving. Now apply little fluffy strokes and you need to be as precise as possible to have the best and most desired shapes.

4. Outside of the Stencil

You should only trim down anything present outside of the ‘stencil’ you made mean the area that you filled with the brow pencil. As you have already combed or brushed the brows, then the hair fibers are very straight now that is easy to select the ones that have grown too much and that need to be shaped.

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5. Start shaping

Once you completely measure your brows, do start shaping them with the help of the razor. Firstly, cut out the fine hair string that has grown out betwixt your brows over your nose.
In doing this you must grasp the razor straight up by using the broad vertical comb. Try to ensure that you apply small blows by moving it from one side to another only horizontally in the way opposite to the growth of the hair.

6. Clean the trimmed hair strings

Now have a soft towel and clean the trimmed hair strings off the razor. Then you must change the broad cap of the razor with a smaller one, that should be square or rectangular in shape.
Now, you can go ahead with the remaining shave.

7. Help of a razor

Usually, there is not an outgrown hair on the upper side areas of the brows. But if you have any, then you can simply remove them with the help of a razor. To do this, grip the razor straight down and use it in the way of the growth of your hair.

8. Beneath your eyebrows

Now, shave the area beneath your brows. You must start from the upper points or the arches and remove all the unwanted hair strands present underneath them carefully.
The razor has to be moved all with the lower region of the pencilled area to form small compact strokes. It will be better that you employ a little pressure while using the razor against your skin.

9. Even and balanced

When you complete the shaving both of your eyebrows, then have a very close look at them. They must look even and balanced from every angle. If there are any unwanted hair strands remains around, simply trim them too.

10. Cleaning

Finally, clean the areas around both of your eyebrows with warm water and a cloth and employ a good brow gel onto the hairs.
It will maintain the superb perfect shape of your eyebrows.
*No more plucking or threading now. You can have the perfect eyebrow shape with the help of the eyebrow razor.

Now shaping with make up

shape your eyebrows with make up

  • After washing the face, apply some foundation to the skin tone, and then ready to start shaping your eyebrows with the help of makeup. You can use a best way as a makeup artist do that involves applying a light concealer below and above your eyebrows directly. Using several shades lighter is recommended. That will create a better highlight and makes your brows look more polished.
  • Now, use a brow pencil just lightly darker than the natural brow color to fill in your eyebrows. The lightly darker will make your eyebrows look more impressive. If your eyebrow color is very light, you can have them professionally tinted, and it will be filled with makeup easier and will look very beautiful and natural.
    There are many products available in the stores for filling in your eyebrows, also complete eyebrow kits, but a simple brow pencil will work best for you.
  • After filling in your eyebrows with the brow pencil, You should apply a light finishing powder in the surroundings of your brows to brew and set the concealer. This will result are flawless brows that will be beautiful, neat and symmetrical.
    If you want to shape your eyebrows well with the help of makeup, then follow the steps above and have beautifully shaped eyebrows very easily and quickly.
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Tips to remember while shaping your eyebrows

Tips to remember while shaping your eyebrows

1. Don’t stand very close to the mirror

When you stand to the mirror you should have some distance from it that you will be able to see and check the balance of your brows well and also see the whole picture of yours. That decrease the chances of making your eyebrows uneven. After you make a shape in, then you can go closer to the mirror for better reach to the finer, lighter hairs.

2. Don’t tweeze too often

Don’t Tweeze every day, it is too much, Experts say that the act of tweezing becomes chronic and it is not necessarily do to make your brows look better. By doing this You just clean up unwanted hairs, but in reality you remove hairs that are really essential to your shape.
So to fix it you should avoid the tweezers. Try to do tweeze your brows only once in three weeks. when you will stop removing those tiny hairs, you will see that your brows do actually grow.

3. Take care of colours

It is necessary to use the right shades for your eyebrows. Fair coloured women should use light shades while olive coloured women have to select brown or dusky shades. While dark American or African women must use grey shades.
Brow shade must be about two shades lighter than the hair colour of the women having olive or dark skin and it should be two shades darker than the hair colour of women having blond or grey hair.

4. Coconut oil useful for growing eyebrows

Coconut oil has great properties and very effective to boost hair growth. It is best for eyebrows also. This will help a lot in a rapid increase in the hair growth on your eyebrows and also make them ticker which will help you in future to shape your eyebrows better.
For using it just employ the coconut oil on the eyebrows directly and leave it for about some hours and get the best and effective results.

5. Avoid over waxing and over plucking the eyebrows

Nowadays, many people think that when we tend or shave the eyebrows by plucking or waxing they grow more rapidly. But this is not true. Because by doing this will damage our hair follicles, and also restrict the eyebrows to grow back again. Thin or scant eyebrows may be the issue caused by the over waxing and over plucking your eyebrows. The perfect way to regain your actual and natural brow shape is to leave them untouched for about a year.

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