Hairstyles for Round Faces

Women with round face shapes might experience some difficulty in styling themselves because a round face gives the impact of a healthy and a chubby outlook.  But there is no need to worry because the chubbiness can be turned into cuteness with some very easy yet stylish hairstyles. There are many things one would have to take care while making the hairstyle. Hairstyles for round faced women are very simple. Just slight care regarding hair length and type should be taken.

  • Loose Hairstyle:

Loose Hairstyle

A hairstyle which is not wrapped up tightly will always compliment a round face. Small strands of hair falling softly on the face will make the roundness less obvious and will bring out the best in the features on your face. The eyes will look more prominent and beautiful. Making a half ponytail with some hair from your bangs falling on your forehead will do the charm. You can part your hair slightly from the middle while making this hairstyle. Cameron Diaz is known to flaunt her looks with this hairstyle.

Short Hairstyles for Round Faces

Short hair looks trendy and very charming. They are really in fashion these days and look extremely cute if managed properly and with style. These hairstyles are made easily if you have had some amazing haircuts. A good haircut will always guarantee a great hairstyle for you.

  • The Uneven Bob

The Uneven Bob

Bob haircut is the usual for short hair styles. It is not necessary to always get a bob haircut with straight ends. Get them in layers and that too, uneven. Uneven or asymmetrical layers give an instant stylish look and are not at all difficult to manage. When you wish to go out, you will not have to spend hours making your hairstyle. If your hair is thick, just use some hair cream and straightening iron. With thin hair, waves work really well. Waves will give the necessary volume to the overall look of the hair style. Wavy hair can be styled using hair cream and a straightening iron. Twist the twitch the iron while running it through the hair and you will get your wavy hair easily. Lock the waves with a good quality hair spray.

  • The Cropped Hair

The Cropped Hair

Even if your face is round, you can have a cropped haircut. Some round faces do look perfect with this hairstyle; for instance, round faces which are not very chubby. The cropped hairstyle will look nice when you keep your hair straight and rest some of it on your forehead as well. Part your hair on the side and then rest it on the forehead. Even if your hair is wavy, this hairstyle will look amazing and very stylish.

Long Hairstyles for Round Faces

The purpose of segregated hairstyles for women with round faces is to make the roundness less obvious. These women should not shrink away from adventurous and interesting hairstyles because of their face shape because hairstyles intended for such women are well suited. Those hairstyles will definitely bring the best out of their physical appearances and they can flaunt their long hair even with their round faces.

  • The Pompous Halfway Hairdo

This hairstyle initiated among women with round faces after Adele got famous. She is indeed one of the most confident celebrity who carries herself really well and with elegance and class. She wears her hairstyle with pride. Her hair is long, thick and golden. Usually, the has a height and a pomp on the crown area. You can make that height by gathering some hair from that area, raising it and back combing it with a teasing brush. Use hair spray and make it smooth by combing some hair over the height. She sometimes makes different shapes here, but most of the times, she pins the half of her front hair behind her head. You can secure your hair with Bobby pins. From the front, she always hangs her long fringes on the forehead. That is the trick to making the roundness less prominent. The long hair at the back can be left open naturally or you can put curls in them if you wish to make a formal hairstyle. In the end, use hair spray again all over.

  • Curly Curls

Curly Curls

Curls look really nice for women with long hair. The curls will rest nicely and beautifully. Start making this hairstyle with dry hair. Use hair wax or hair cream to start off. Comb your hair well to get rid of any tangles which occur, usually in long hair. Divide all of your hair into small portions and clip them up so that it is easier to work with them. One by one put in the curling rod in each divided portion of hair. Use a small to medium sized curler. You don’t have to curl it all the way to the roots because the intended volume needs to be in the lower portion of the hair. When all of the hair is curled, break them up using the back of your comb or fingertips. Use hair spray so that they do not loosen up later. Straighten your fringes or bangs and part your hair deeply from the side. You can use a misty hair spray for a better finishing look.

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Medium Hairstyles for Round Faces

Women with round faces should make hairstyles that give an illusion of length, rather than of roundness. You can use your hairstyles to ensure that you are creating the required illusion. Different hair styles with different hair lengths are going to change your overall look and personality. So make sure that you are aware of those hairstyles that make you look ravishing.

  • Sweeping Bangs

Sweeping Bangs

Bangs are a trick that can be used by women with round faces. The difference between bangs and fringes is that bangs are thicker and fuller. They will cover up the extra roundness of the face and the focus will shift to the hairstyle from the shape of the face; just like Ema Stone wears her bangs. The best way to style your bangs is that they should almost reach the check bone as that will make the angles and face frame more prominent. An angular shape of the face will hide the roundness. Instead of straightening the bangs with an iron, use a blower. Blow dry your bangs while brushing it sideways using a large round brush. This will keep the bangs from being too sleek. Along with bangs, layered wavy hair will give you the most enchanting looks for the day. This hairstyle goes well with any kind of an event as well.

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Best Hairstyles for Round Faces

Women with round faces have a large scope of making hairstyles that are considered some of the best hairstyles of this season. Many female celebrities have round faces and they flaunt their hairstyles proudly and look absolutely stunning. Many hair colors also look the best for women with fuller faces. Pink and blue hair dyes are very in these days and they look very interesting on such women.

  • The Marilyn Magic

The Marilyn Magic

This is one of the best and the most popular hair styles. It has a touch of nostalgia when we copy the iconic personality. This looks so much better on women with round faces. Your hair needs to be short to make this hairstyle. Just work through your hair using hair cream. Now use a blower and a round brush in your hair to make it fluffy and to give it volume. Now using a small curling iron, put curls throughout in your hair. Make sure that you protect it from the excessive heat by using a protective hair spray before curling. Break the curls using the pointy end of your hair comb or the tips of your fingers. The front fringe should not be very short. Blow dry it using a large brush. Move the brush in a wavy motion while setting it so that you give a volume on top. Use a hairspray all over so that the hairstyle stays firm and set.

  • Braid


Hairstyles for round faces does not always mean that they are going to hide the roundness; sometimes they make the roundness look more beautiful by making it obvious. Round faces look cute and stylish. Braids look really nice if you make them differently rather than making the typical ones. You can make a halo braid by wrapping your hair into a hair bun at the back. But on the front, just along the hairline, make a thick French Braid. This will look like a headband. You can use small beads with each twist of the braid. This is an extremely cute, yet stylish hairstyle.

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