Cute and Easy Hairstyles for Short and Long Hair

Making hairstyles that are cute and yet easy is something every girl should learn. It is not very difficult; you just need to take out some time for practice. These hairstyles will land you in the spotlight even among a crowd. Get some of the best hair products from a brand which suits your hair type the most and style your hair daily in a different way. Start each day with a different and a unique look. The most essential hair products which can help you with many various kinds of styling are:

  • Hair cream of a good quality. It will help moisturize your hair well because styling with extremely dry hair is very difficult.
  • A wide toothed comb or a paddle brush because these reduce the amount of hair breakage and are safest for untangling the hair.
  • Bobby pins, hair beads, headbands, head scarves and other hair accessories to add beauty to the hairstyle.
  • Hair spray made by a good quality brand so that your hairstyle stays for a longer time period. Hair spray also gives a proper finishing look to your hairstyle.

Cute and Easy Hairstyles for Long Hair

Always blow dry your hair first when you moisturize it and then make the hairstyle. This will make the process easier and it will last the whole day. These styles are the ones which are considered cute this season:

  • Ponytails- Ponytails are never out of fashion. They are traditional, yet cute!
  • Buns- they are certainly not very formal or give a mature look. If you make a loose bun, you are automatically giving yourself a cute look.
  • Halfway- Wrapping up half of your hair in different ways look really nice and elegant. Adding embellishments will make the hair really pretty.

Cute and Easy Hairstyles for School

Going to school and wearing a uniform definitely does not mean that you should also do your hair simply. Make a hairstyle that is tidy, neat and cute. This will make you fresh for the day and a cheerful appearance is always the best in environments that might sometimes seem tough.

  • Manes

Make long manes using a band by tying up all of your hair. To add some extra style, first do a little back combing or teasing using a teasing brush. Then tie up the rest of your hair into a high ponytail. In order to make it look cute, tie a ribbon of a bright color around the pony. This will add a nice touch to it. The ribbon will make it look girlish and cute.

  • Braids

There are various kinds of braids and all of them look super cute, especially on school going girls. The traditional schoolgirl hairstyle is the two braids of each hair tied up nicely at the ends  with ribbons. Try to experiment this style with other techniques. Make a dutchess bun using these two braids and then add ribbons if you wish. Apart from that, make a French knot. It starts right at the top just where your hair line begins. It is also a three strand braid and looks really stylish. Add a bead for each twist of the braid and it will enhance the beauty. A fishtail braid is cute and gives a smooth look. This braid is made with two portions instead of three. A five portioned braid is also made.

  • The Hair Bow

This is an extremely cute hairstyle for young girls. It looks really nice on straight long hair. Take up some portions of hair from each side of the hair and make a bow knot at the back. Use Bobby pins for extra firmness of the bow. If you wish to embellish it further, some beads in the middle of the bow knot will look cute.

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Cute and Easy Hairstyles for Long Hair

Long hair can have so many different kinds of styles. They have a large scope but they are the most difficult to handle because of their length. The time to worry is over, as now these bunches of hairstyles can change this scenario for you. These are easy, will not take up much of your time and look very pretty and cute.

  • Hair Up Do’s

Women with long hair have the advantage that they can do their hair up on top as well, and that too, very easily. A traditional hair bun is not the only option you have if you wish to wrap up all of your hair. An interesting hairstyle that was seen this season was a knotted bun. Part all of your hair into two portions and make a knot at the back. Then take the remaining portions of the knot and roll them around the knot. Fasten them up with Bobby pins and the bun is ready. Instead of beads, use a small bunch of pretty flowers with buns. This is an extremely beautiful and quick hairstyle if you are attending a wedding. You can make braids and roll them into a bun as well. A high ponytail can also be turned into a nice and cute up do.

  • The 90’s Poof

This has been a very popular one this year among the celebrities. This is one nostalgic hairstyle. Wearing it with a frock and combining it with red lip color and a winged eyeliner will definitely take you a few years back to the golden era. Just take some portion of your hair near the crown area and tie it with a rubber band just near the head. Pull that portion of the hair inside and rest it there with some small sized Bobby pins. The advantage for this hairstyle is that your hair is not damaged by teasing it with a teasing brush and still you get to have a big poof on your crown. The rest of the hair at the back can be just left open in its natural course or you can put curls with rollers.

  • Sideways Hair

Make hairstyles on one side of your head. This looks cute and sexy. You can braid your hair on one side. A fishtail or a regular braid with three portions will do the needed charm. Even a low ponytail looks nice just behind the ear. You can make this ponytail by making a knot of the hair and then tying it up with a rubber band or a ribbon. If you are up for a bun, make a loose bun on the side. Take out a very small portion of hair just above the ear and curl it or just give it some wave using a curling iron. From up front, part your hair sideways and straighten up your fringes or the front flick of the hair.

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Cute and Easy Hairstyles for Short Hair

Short hair naturally looks cute and classic. You can add to the cuteness by making up these hairstyles. These are very easy and can be done at home as well.

  • Side Braid

If you have short shoulder length hair, it doesn’t mean that braids are not for you. You can still make pretty cute braids of all kinds. Just like a French braid is made on top of the head using all the hair, you can make a braid using the same technique, but only with a small portion of hair taking it from one side of the hair. Make sure to part your hair from the side instead of the middle. If you are parting it from the middle, make two braids, one on each side.

  • Twisters

Twisters look super cool, especially with short hair. Take small portions of hair from the front and keep twisting them and pinning them up using Bobby pins. You can make each twister prominent by either applying hair glitter or putting a bead in each one of the twisters. The number of  twisters can vary. You can either make 4-5 in the middle, or twisters can cover the whole front area. It looks better with straight hair so use a straightening iron on the rest of the hair if you have curly hair.

  • The Waves

You can add artificial waves to your hair. It is the new sexy this season. Straighten the bangs from the front and rest them on your forehead. The rest of the hair will be left wavy. Use a hair cream on the rest of the hair. Then, using a straightening iron, put waves by twisting it as you reach the ends of the hair. Spray all the hair with a good hair spray so that the waves stay in their place for a long time. This is a hairstyle which looks cute because of the natural hint of the style as the waves will appear natural if done properly.

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