Quick and Easy Hairstyles for Every Type of Hair

Hair styling is an art and one should always know how to make some amazing styles which suit their personality and features.

Quick and Easy Hairstyles

Knowing how to make hair styles that are both easy and quick to make, is certainly an achievement. It is not very difficult to do so, but it will make you feel confident about yourself when you leave the home each day with a different hairdo and that too, done by yourself at home! A little practice and knowledge are all you need. All hair styles do not suit all hair kinds. Each hair type compliments some of the styles which you need to learn.

Quick and Easy Hair Styles for Short Hair

Quick and Easy Hair Styles for Straight Hair

Styling straight hair is always fun whether it is natural or you straighten them up with a straightening iron. The instant look is of smoothness and silkiness. A number of hair styles suit straight hair:

  • High Ponytail

Making a high ponytail is the best way to compliment your straight hair. Do some back combing from the top using a teasing brush and use some hair spray so that it stays there. Make a fine ponytail with the rest of the hair. Use Bobby pins for a firmer feel.

  • Layers

Layers is that one haircut that has been in fashion for the last decade and continues to do so. Layers are also of various kinds and you can select one according to your face shape. If you have a triangular face, go to the layers that frame your face. Make sure you are leveling the bends inside while styling them. Long layers look nice on any face shape and are the most famous type of layers. The reason layers are popular is that they are convenient to maintain. You just need to iron them slightly to set them right.

  • One Length Hair Style

Keep all of your hair of one length. This will add an extra volume look to your hair.  If your hair is not straight naturally then first apply a styling cream and blow dry before straightening it.

  • V Back

This is a very interesting hair style that has covered the fashion scenario this season. The hair is generally short from all sides. The back of the hair however is cut in V shape. The V shape will only be made  prominent if the hair is either naturally straight or done with a straightening iron. Curly hair will not support this hair style. Use a blower before you use the straightening iron.

Quick and Easy Hair Styles for Short Hair

Short hair can be somewhat frustrating at times because there is little scope of styling with that length. But if you have the perfect hair cut, then you can show off the best of your looks.

  • Bob Hair

Like layers, Bob hair cut also comes with different variations. The long Bob is a middle length hair cut and can be included in short hairstyles. It reaches the shoulder but is short enough for the Bob styling. The Graduated Bob is a very interesting style as it has shorter hair on the bottom, but longer as it reaches the top. This gives volume to the hair and makes it look nice and pretty. The High Volume Bob cut also looks trendy. The graduation of the hair is done with the crown of the head, which gives a heavy pompous look at the top. In order to style such hair, it is better to blow dry it after using a teasing brush in the hair.

  • Concave Layers

It is a misconception that layers are only meant for long hair. Short haired people can also have layers. The layers are given  to the Bob cut actually. It gives a rounded shape to the bob cut from the back, but on the front, because of the two layers, there are prominent edges which might seem disconnected but style prolific. Leave them slightly wavy and do not straighten them before running a straightening iron through the rest of your hair.

  • The Short Crop

Cropping your hair very short with combined fringes will instantly give you a distinct look. It looks nicer with straight hair as you can wear all the hair down, including the fringes. But if you have wavy hair and wish to crop it, you can style it differently. Use hair wax or gel and then blow dry it upwards using a paddle brush all along. Make sure you do not let the hair stand straight; rather bend the ends to the sides slightly.

  • The Spirals

If you have extremely curly yet short hair, then this is the style for you. You need to have a curl control hair cream. Work it through your hair while it is still damp. Use your fingers throughout the curls so that they sit perfectly well the way you wish it to. You can use hair spray in the end as well if you wish.

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Quick and Easy Hair Styles for Long Hair

Longer hair is difficult to manage and control. But if you know some hair styling techniques, then your hair will certainly look great and beautiful.

  • Long Mane

A long mane that is made after some slight back combing is something that looks perfect for long hair as it shows the length pretty well and also provides a convenience to manage them. If you do not wish to do back combing, you can have fringes or bangs at the front which will add an extra look to the upfront.

  • Braids

Braids are traditional and look very beautiful with long hair. Braids are of different types and all look equally attractive. Wear them differently on different occasions. The French braid is very elegant and classic. It starts right from the hairline and ends to the back of your head. You can add beads to each knot of the braid to add an extra pretty look. A fishtail is also another type distinct from the normal ones. It is a braid that is made by parting the hair into two portions instead of three. Similarly, you can experiment with the style of braids using different amounts or portions of hair.

  • Buns

Making hair buns are convenient if you have long hair and it will instantly give a tidy look to your hair. There are many different styles in which you can shape up the buns. If the event is very formal, a high bun with a sleek front will do so. It will complement the formal gown that you might be wearing. Loose buns look nice on casual evenings with your friends or even a usual day at your office. In fact, loose buns are much easier to carry and make. Just like braids, you can add beauty to the hair bun by adding hair accessories or a small bunch of pretty flowers if you are attending a wedding.

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Quick and Easy Hair Styles for Curly Hair

Curly hair is so much beautiful, especially if the curls fall off naturally. They are a bonus as even if they are thin, they will give the illusion of very thick hair.

  • Natural Texture

Some hair experts are of the opinion that if you are blessed with curly hair, you do not need to spend hours straightening them. Why change the texture when you have such fine hair? Katie Holmes is one of those daring people who wear their curly hair quite confidently. Just use mousse of styling cream through your hair when it is still damp and settle it down with your fingers. Do not blow dry it or brush it unnecessarily and show off your natural curls.

  • Straight Fringes

Another way of doing your curly hair is to straighten the front hair or the fringes. This will make your curls more prominent and sexy. You can even pin the front half of your hair tightly at the back using Bobby pins. This way, the curls will find a place at the back to settle.

  • Beyonce Curls

These are actually the lifted curls just like Beyonce wears them mostly on her public appearances. This provides volume near the crown area of the head. To make the lifted curls, just tilt your head sideways each time you blow dry that particular side. Use a styling cream beforehand and keep running your fingers through while using a blower. This will lift the hair from the top.

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