Hairstyles for Women Over 40

The age of forty affects women either positively or negatively. For some women, this is the time they realize that they are still young and now they put on those wild teen hairstyles, for some, this is the time they become conscious about the hairstyle and the outfit to put on.  For such kind of groups, reaching the age of forty must have equipped them with a range of knowledge regarding various hairstyles and even the skills to make those hairstyles.  There are a wide variety of hairstyles for women over forty including for short, medium as well as long hair respectively, if these hairstyles are thoroughly researched on and keenly chosen, they give one that fashion statement view that they have been dreaming of.

Hairstyles for women over 40

Short hairstyles for women over 40

At the age of forty, most women opt for cutting their hair short and this does not mean that they do not style it to look good, still there are various hairstyles that can be considered to acquire that sexy look. Did you know that at the age of forty you can still play around with colours to highlight the hair and achieve that enticing look?

The question that people would be asking themselves regarding opting for short hairstyle is, why should one consider it. Well, other than beauty, it opens the face as well as making one look younger in her early forties. Moreover, keeping short hair is affordable and easy to work with.

Short hair. Among the short hairstyles as illustrated below:

The no-nonsense cut

No nonsense is affordable and also very easy to maintain that is why many will go for it.  In this style, the hair is cut above the neck, depending with the desired style, one can opt for turning the ends inwards as well as outwards.   As mentioned easy, it does not require any maintenance as one only needs to blow dry the hair to enable the comb to go through the strands smoothly.

Adding curls on short hair

At the age of forty, maintaining those complicated hairstyles might be quite challenging, hence one should consider a fashionable hairstyle that  will be easy to maintain. For example, applying chemical to curl the short hair, then afterwards apply  gel to make the hair look silky and beautiful.

Wearing a short weave

There is no doubt that the age if forty one feels tired and sitting down for longer periods of time in the name of fixing a hairstyle.  But, they should no longer worry as they can consider buying those short and fashionable weaves which would consume less of their time and they won’t get tired. Besides,  if these weaves are well chosen, that beautiful style will still be achieved.

Staying with hair natural is also another way to style short hair. Well, today, there are many women out there who are keeping their short hair natural and they look so confident and beautiful in that hairstyle. It makes them look younger as it opens their faces. At forty, one will think that they are in their early thirties.

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Medium length hairstyles for women over 40

There are people out there who will not just keep long hair because to them it’s hard maintaining, there are others too who will not keep their hair short because they don’t look good in short hair. They should not worry as there is still hope for them, why not consider reducing the hair in medium length and choose hairstyles for women over forty for medium length? Among the styles that can be worn for medium length hair are:

A-line, Bob

This style works perfect for naturally curled hair. It can be worn while going to office, to do the shopping and even for a night out in a town.  One good thing about this hairstyle is that is quite easy working with because it requires minimal maintenance.

One can opt for A-line bob for medium length  with layers and the layers should be kept shaggy. This is one of the leading styles in the trend today as it can be worn by young and old women due to its stylish as well as easy maintenance.

When  choosing medium length hairstyles for women over forty, it is crucial that one puts into consideration the shape of the face.  This is because there are some styles that are meant for oval faces, slim, wide or round faces among others.  Another thing that should also be looked into is the color of the hairstyles in relation to the lifestyle that one is leading. For instance, a respectable teacher will not necessarily highlight her hair using a yellow colour of purpose as this will attract the attention of her learners and at the end of the day they will not be concentrating on what is taught but what they are seeing on the hair.

It is also a fact that at forty, not all hairstyles will do good with our hair, this is because there are several years that have gone by and the hair follicle loses its strength, thus making the hair weak and they are likely to thin.  The following are among the hairstyles for medium length:

Leaving the hair its natural look

Leaving the hair the way it is makes it look good as long as it is well blown dried and combed.  It should be combed sideways as well as backwards or parting the hair into two and pulling the hair towards the ear along the neck. One can further make it look good by highlighting it using a gray color.

Chelsea Kane bob

This is a hairstyle that best works for medium length hair. The hairs fall on the shoulder. It can be styled with natural hair as long as it is well blown dried, then part the hair into two and combs every part towards an ear.  This style can also be enhanced using a gray color to highlight the hair as well as a dark color.  Moreover, some women also like adding curls on their bob cut. Well, this is simple and also very attractive as long as the right choice of tongs is put in place to construct the curls.

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Wearing medium hair tells a lot about a woman. There is a lot that women hide behind the tendrils of their hair. As a matter of fact, some women with skin imperfection will probably hide it through her long hair. With medium hair, it tells that one is beautiful, does not have any skin imperfection and also has confident.  This is because medium hair exposes everything, the neck and the face mostly.

Long hairstyles for women over 40

Well, you must agree that at the age of forty finding a woman with long hair is quite rare because maintaining long needs attention and money. All the same, there are various hairstyles that will do good for long hair, especially for women over  the age of forty:

Holding the hair back with a headband and making a bun

Well, there is no doubt that at forty, no or a few women will like these charming tendril of hair hanging in their faces.  For this matter, they can use a headband to hold the hair back. Moreover, the length can further be reduced by making twisting the one side of the hair and secure using a rubber band, then twist the other side and also secure with a rubber band then make a bun by wrapping the twisted parts into a bun and further secure using pins or hairband.  This style very quickly and consumes less time to achieve.

Braiding the hair

Even though braiding consumes time and energy, it will work well for women with long hair. One can choose small, medium or large sized braids respectively, depending on the fashion desired. After all the braids are made, arrange them well towards the center of the head then tie them firmly using a tie. Following the fact that women over forty are always busy at the office, leaving the braids hanging will not be ideal for them, hence one can consider making a braid bun in the middle of the head by parting the braids into two equal parts then wrap the first part towards the middle then wrap the remaining part  after which it is secured using hairbands.

In the above mentioned points, there is no doubt that hair is a very important tool in a woman’s life and many will be willing to spend a lot of cash just to make that style that they have been dreaming of.  While choosing styles and making hair cuts, it is vital to consider the hygiene of the hair by frequently washing it using appropriate shampoo and rinsing it with clean water. After which it is blow dried and recommended hair oil should be applied on the scalp for refreshment. Moreover, it is also important to choose the right hairstyle that best fits the shape of the  face.


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