How to Get Rid of Moles on Face

Are you having troubles with moles on face face? Do you want to remove them but you do not know how and you are afraid? Most moles can be very dangerous not all of them and they can be very easy to remove. You need to be extra careful if you decided to remove them at your home instead of going to surgery you will need to know following things and remedies that can help you remove them gently and carefully.

How to get rid of moles on face

Most used methods beside surgery are definitely with home remedies.

  • Did you know that apple cider vinegar is the most used ingredient in home remedies? He has a very good effect on skin and if you decide to use it, applying vinegar on your skin using q-tip is the way to go. You need to be careful and consistent.
  • Garlic paste – is another method where you crust a fresh garlic into a paste and apply it to the mole that you want to remove, be careful and avoid the skin around it as your skin can have a very bad reaction and it can burn. You need to apply it to the mole put some bandages and leave it for a couple of hours. Depending on your skin type and how big and dangerous the mole is you can have first results in just five days. It can be more, but those variations can’t be determined as everyone has a different skin type. But it is proven that can be very effective.
  • We already mentioned apple cider vinegar, but you can also use sour apple juice. Apple is a very, known ingredient when fighting against annoying moles. Sour apple juice is a good start, it’s not too aggressive like garlic paste, but it contains acids that will dissolve the mole. Do not expect any big results soon it can take somewhere from 3 weeks to month – month and a half till it’s completely dissolved.
  • You know that Honey tastes really good, but I am guessing that you did not know that it works against moles as well. It has anti-bacterial properties and it’s made a great start for your fight against moles. We recommend that you use Honey first to clear your skin against bacteria you will also soften it and prepare it for more aggressive methods like garlic paste or apple cider. Remember not to use all the remedies at once. You need to pick one and stick with it. The results will show, be sure but stay patient and be careful using it.
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**If you have a very sensitive skin don’t use these home remedies for too long as it can irritate your skin and you can create a negative effect. This is not surgery, there is probably a reason why you decided to go with home remedies, this is not quick but also it’s not painful unless you go overboard.

home remedies to remove moles

Medicated creams and their use against moles

If you decided to go this way you should try a simple and foremost mole removal cream you can purchase it at your pharmacy. This cream will lighten your skin until the mole is no longer visible, the effect will start from the first time you apply this skin over the course of several weeks until the process is done and the mole is not visible anymore. You have more aggressive creams that use the method of peeling. It will practically peel your skin layer by layer until it’s completely gone. We recommend starting with the mole removing skin that lightens first as it is a lot less aggressive if everything goes well you can peel the mole later if you want to with this much more aggressive way.

**Remember these recommendations that we are giving are proven methods but every person is different and we can’t be sure how your skin is going to react. The best way that you can go and our recommendation is Surgery, it’s not painful, it’s fast and it’s the safest method you can use.

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Surgical ways to remove your mole

First what you should do is consult your doctor and find out if the mole is malignant. Your doctor will tell you what, are the best ways to remove it. If it’s malignant it should be removed as soon as possible with a surgical intervention. Even though they can be dangerous most people are removing them because they just do not look good on your skin.

home remedies to remove moles on face

When it comes to surgery there are plenty ways to do it the biggest issue is almost always the cost of a surgery.  These types of surgeries can be very price. But if the mole is malignant it’s definitely the best way to go.

There are several types of surgical mole removal:
  • Removal with scalpel – where the mole is practically shaven from your skin. After this stitches are not needed. It will be used a cream and bandages to stop the bleeding.
  • There is also an option for cryosurgery – where the mole gets frozen and removed. It’s common to have a blister formed on your skin afterwards but it will go away soon and you will be done with it.
  • Burning with electricity is another method. Basically, the mole tissue gets burned away using electricity.

There are a lot more home remedies and ways for you to remove your mole. These are the most popular one. It doesn’t matter what way you should choose. But our friendly advice is for you to go and see your dermatologist first he will give you the best advices on home remedies, creams or surgical ways to remove it. Don’t do anything aggressive on your own as moles can be very dangerous and it can form into something much worst. Be patient, don’t overdue anything, get a second opinion and you shouldn’t have any big problems removing it. I hope we helped a little with this, in our opinion best ways to remove it.

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