How to Get Rid of Mouth Ulcers

What is a Mouth Ulcer?

Mouth Ulcers are commonly found among every age group people and they are kind of oval or circular sores that progress in the inside walls of the cheeks or our human lips .
Mouth ulcers are generally orange or yellow in color depending upon the intensity of infection of the sore. These sore are often swollen in nature and they cause a region of bulged out circular dot like structure.

how to get rid of mouth ulcersThey cause you pain especially when you drink a fluid , when you swallow your saliva , when you brush your teeth and they are generally not much of reason to worry. mouth ulcers generally perish naturally in a week or more than a week , maximum two weeks are enough to heal the ulcers naturally without any medication , but this period of time is quite painful and troublesome , you should not wait for the time to pass , you just find the ways listed below to make your mouth as fresh as before.

Many of the mouth ulcers are a result of some minor effect of an act , it may be due to the biting of the tongue or cheek , or may be due to the intake of some toxic or undesirable food or meals.

A healthy adult may experience a mouth ulcer once or twice per year, hormonal changes may also account for the cause of the mouth ulcers.
Iron Deficiencies may also trigger the mouth ulcers and it may be noted that they are not a big reason to worry.

How to Get Rid of Mouth Ulcers

The following are some of the ways to get rid of mouth ulcers, some of them are natural and some of them are medications from the pharmaceutical industry.

The Ice therapy

how to get rid of mouth ulcers with The Ice therapyIf the mouth ulcers are persistently giving you a lot of pain then you must go for a very quick remedy and you must get a small cube of ice and you should gently rub it on the ulcer region.

Clove Drink

Clove is a natural spice that can easily be found in the market and it is available on a considerably cheaper rate as compared to other spices. You are supposed to Take some clove and boil it in some small amount of water, add some sugar if you want for better taste, clove buds will definitely heal your ulcer and they will help you get rid of the disease within no time, clove will lessen your pain and it will help you recover the ulcer in your mouth.
Clove drink is indeed very beneficial and you must give it a try if you are struggling with an ulcer problem.

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Tulsi Leaves

how to get rid of mouth ulcers with Tulsi LeavesTulsi leaves also have a very healthy repairing effect on the body and it gives you healing reagents for many diseases and problems. It is a very good herb.
You can take some tulsi leaves and chew them right in your mouth and afterwards take some plenty of water or rinse wash the inner side of your mouth. tulsi leaves will definitely get rid of mouth ulcers in a very effective and healthy manner.

Coconut Method

how to get rid of mouth ulcers with Coconut MethodCoconut has long been used to cure the mouth ulcers.
If you are struggling with your mouth you should take the coconut oil and you should gently rub it on to the region where you are having the ulcer problem in your mouth, you should not bother if it gives you temporary pain while rubbing the oil on the sore and affected region, you are concerned with the after effects of this treatment that is indeed very helpful. Coconut oil will give you pleasure and it would reduce the size of the sore.

The Poppy Seeds

how to get rid of mouth ulcers with The Poppy SeedsThe Poppy Seeds treatment has been extensively used for many centuries for the cure of mouth ulcers and it always proves to be beneficial in a way that it gives you cooling effect in your mouth and heals your mouth in no time, you can crush some poppy seeds and add a bit of some sweetener and then you should take it with some fresh water, you will feel the difference in short interval of time.

The Licorice Treatment

The licorice has a amazingly effective treating property and it just gives you anti inflammation treatment for your ulcer , you can use the licorice powder or the stems of this specific plant and gently rub it on the sore , guaranteed recovery is there for you. Honey along with glycerin can also be used along with the licorice powder to get rid of mouth ulcers. You should take warm milk or tea, coffee, whatever the thing you want. It can enhance your healing procedures.

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The Honey Treatment

how to get rid of mouth ulcers with The Honey TreatmentHoney is a very good substance it should be taken in as a natural remedy for the mouth ulcer and it has a very fast and effective affect of healing many many diseases.
Honey is a hydrant it helps in the retention of the moisture contents of the body and the effected region to where it should be applied wisely. it has a very good repairing effect and it repairs the worn out tissues and the organelles surrounding the sore ulcer region. You should take a small layer of honey on your index finger and you should gently apply it to the ulcer sore region.

Castor Oil

The substances with the cooling properties are very common in treating the mouth ulcers as they cool down the pain persistently irritating the body of the host i.e Human Mouth. You can apply a little castor oil on to the ulcer and you should wait a bit then again take a bit more of the castor oil and gently rub it onto the ulcer causing region in the cheek or the mouth, you should wait for a while so that the sore absorbs your medicine i.e castor oil and you must wash your mouth afterwards.
Mouth Ulcers should be well treated, in some worst case scenarios theses ulcers can really upset you in an irritating manner.

Other Effective Methods

  • Mouth ulcers can be treated in many ways, some of them being discussed above , here are some more tips to help get rid of the ulcers.
  • You should use a toothbrush having soft bristles, or more importantly you should give up brushing in the days you are facing the mouth ulcer problem.
  • You should also avoid the intake of spicy and acidic meals or beverages. These can aggravate your pain in bad manner.
  • You should go for a yoga class, you should try to feel yourself stress free and at else. It in turn would surely help you.

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