How to Get Rid of Negative Energy

There are only two types of people in the world, the ones who succeed and the ones who don’t. It is firmly believed by many historians that positivity has been a prominent feature of the personalities of successful people. Unsuccessful people are often ignored by the historians, however, a general observation may lead everyone to believe that negativity plagues one’s life as much as any fetal disease can.

How to get rid of negative energy

How to get rid of negative energy

Two things are important at this point of time, you must ask yourself two questions right now.

  1. Am I Surrounded by Negative Energy?
    In most of the people negativity wears a disguise called “reality”. There is, however, this simple test to know about yourself. If your view about the world is similar to “Go away, leave me alone” then it is a strong sign of being dominated by negativity.
  2. Can I get rid of it?
    George Bernard Shaw has said that if you cannot get rid of the skeleton in your closet you’d best teach it to dance. There is no such thing in the world that can take full control of you unless you let it do so. You can get rid of negativity in not more than a few days by following a few unadorned tips.

The Colors You Choose are Important

It may not be in your attention that the colors that you see every day has a fairly strong effect on your perception and thought process. White, Blue and Green colors play a cardinal role in removing negative energy from your surroundings. So here are a few tips regarding colors

  • Use white curtains and white bed sheets.
  • Try to plant flowers of any kind having white color. Jasmine, White roses and White tuberose are a few suggestions from my side. They are easy to grow and manage. So why not have a few flowers in the garden? After all, they don’t hurt no body.
  • Avoid using black colors as much as possible. It may not sound very pleasant but most religious and scientific theories tend to declare a black color as a central attraction for negative powers. So why take a risk?

Replace Your Negative Thoughts

It has been proved that a man’s thoughts can change owing to the circumstances and exposure. It is also strongly advocated by the psychologists to overcome negativity by talking to yourself in a positive manner. Carl Rogers, a famous psychologist, promulgated positive self-regard as the elemental panacea to negativity. So here are a few quick points about how to give yourself positive self-regard.

  • Appreciate yourself every now and then. For example appreciating your time at the office by rewarding yourself with a cup of coffee later in the evening after working consecutively for five to six hours. Appreciating your dressing and your outlook by talking positively about it with your friends in a lighter mode.
  • Never limit your resources by saying “it’s over” because it’s never over. Always keep trying because you may be this close to achieving when you quite.
  • If you have to compare yourself to others then it is best to compare yourself with the ones living in slightly lower social standard than that of yours. All in all this will lead to a very positive view of yourself in your mind once you think positive about yourself you will start reflecting positivity in every aspect of your life.
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Help Others

Heaven is a source of happiness for a reason, everybody around you is happy in there. Apply the same formula to your life and you will see the light. Helping others will not only reduce stiffness but also the negativity that plagues your perception.

The world is a mirror and we see our own image when we see the world. If you can help cure the world you will actually cure yourself. Besides you will see a brighter and lighter side of the world when the number of people thankful to you increases. They will always be positive about yourself and there positive view of you will significantly enhance your positivity. Here are a few suggestions of how to reach the needy people and help them to help yourselves

  • Look for needy people around you in your office, neighborhood or the coffee shop where you spend the lighter time of your day. You might find a lot of them around you.
  • It is not necessary to help people with money or accessories, helping senior citizens crossing the road, helping your old neighbor in gardening or unloading luggage from the truck take no more than a few minutes of your time. Believe me, these are more effective than helping people with money because not many people tend to adopt this habit in the busy world we are living in.

 Set Daily Achievable Goals

How to get rid of negative energy NO NEGATIVITY HERE

When we don’t achieve something in a while, we tend to become negative. It puts a very recursive effect on our mind. Since, it is completely natural to have such feelings in such circumstances, one should not blame oneself of having a bad feeling regarding this. I would rather suggest these simple steps to avoid such feelings and counteractively nullify such feelings.

  • Set your daily goals carefully. Start with the lowest values and increase the levels day by day. For example if you have a negative feeling about your academic career owing to the bad results despite hard work, then you must start with the easiest subject of a particular subject and prepare for it whole heartedly. If you can work and get good grade in one subject it will boost your confidence and at the same time it will remove your negative thoughts about yourself. It might result in leaving other subjects at stake but you will show a remarkable resilience once gain confidence.
  • One good way is to set goals that you know you can achieve easily, never mind how easy and minor goals they are once you set them for yourself and then achieve them you will have valuable experience and satisfaction. For example setting up a wake up time and a time limit of finishing your breakfast may be as helpful in losing your negativity as anything else.
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Sit With Positive People

It is a commonly believed notion that a man is known by the company he keeps. It is unquestionable that your friends, family and colleagues contribute in developing your phenotype that is your personality. If you spend your time in positive people you will feel positivity induced into you without noticing it for a minute. Contrary to this is the company of negative people who will only contribute in wasting your valuable time and in endangering your positive views. It may not be the easiest task to change your friends circle immediately and it may be impossible to get rid of your family no matter how negative they are, but in this case you have to spend quality time with better people. The ones who give you a positive view of the world. Countering your problems is the only way you can beat them, and not doing anything about them is not the disposition of brainy people.

Do Not Resist Too Much Temptation

Your maid does not wash your clothes on time and as a result you have to be late from the office but instead of being angry at her you remain cool and calm. At some point this may be a good thing but resisting too much of your temptation weakens you from the inside and not surprisingly it enrages negativity. Never allow anyone to get under your skin but never resist too much to your natural instincts. Encompassing all the natural instincts in your daily life is what you need to do if positivity is your ultimate desire.

Being Disorganized

Your living room is also your office, it is also your gaming zone and at the same time it is your dining room and kitchen, well this is too much for a single room I guess. Patterns affect our perception the most, being disorganized at home or in the office attracts negative energy. So I guess it is time to clean up the mess you have created. Get your living room clean and organize your accessories so as to keep everything in a specific order. Not only your home but also your office, it has to be clean and well managed, If your desk is clean and your table only displays the things you need, you will feel the effects of a positive energy boosting your work performance.


It may take a lot to change your life, however, it is the first step that takes the most of your courage and determination. Once you are on a track all you have to do is follow the steps and keep growing. It is high time that you examine yourself and find out if you are dominated by any kind of negative energy and then immediately work on the given plan to heal the scars of negative energy and replace them with the marks of positive energy.

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