How to Get Water Out of Your Ear

Occurrence of water is one common problems faced by many people, anybody can get into this problem generally people get  irritated with this occurrence of water in the ear and wants to get rid of it as soon as possible. There are certain remedies and techniques you can use to avoid and get rid of this problem if ever occurred. But make sure you don’t panic in this situation and try to deal with it smartly  and effectively.

How to get water out of your ear

How to get water out of your ear fast

Following are some techniques you can use to get water out of your ear fast, efficiently and effectively

  • Start simple:

Try to first use simple and easy techniques to get the water out of your ear, don’t start using much technicalities at a very initial stage as you first need to identify how and with what technique this problem can be cured.  Use ordinary and simple home methods and techniques, try to create a vacuum in your ear with your finger, use your index finger and gently massage with your index finger in your ear, keep moving your finger upward and all around gently so the vacuum is created and you can feel better.

  • Chew a gum:

To also get rid of the problem of water in your ear you can also try this technique of chewing a gum or making a motion of chewing gum or any other food, the Eustachian tubes are opened  often trying this technique of chewing gum or just make a motion of chewing anything  also try yawning and chewing with your head tilted a bit so the Eustachian tubes get a chance to get free and let the gravity do its work as well.

  • Rest on a pillow :

Resting on a pillow to get water out of your ear can also be very helpful technique to be used in this situation.  Keep your head on a pillow in a downward position so the fluid gets out of your ear and is able to get the required level of gravity.

  • Use a blow dryer:

You need to immediately try and get the water occurred out of you ear, but if this is not possible at the very initial moment and you are later irritated by the water in your ear you can go for different techniques, which includes this technique of a blow dryer also. Take a blow dryer and set it to the lowest setting keep it away from your ear and give some air of a blow drier to your ear it will help the fluid dry in your ear.

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Make sure you set the blow dryer to its slowest setting and keep the hair dryer away from your ear enough, this technique wont cause any of the injury to your ear and you will sustain only trying this technique.

How to get water out of your ear after swimming

  • Steam:

Steam is very helpful technique to get the jammed fluid out of your ear, taking a steam is helpful in many different ways and is also very beneficial when having the occurrence of water in ear, by taking a steam the Eustachian tubes of your ear will get the chance of getting relaxed will release the fluid out of your ear, also will you ear get the desired capacity of gravity.

Take some steamed water in a bowl and cover your head with a towel, bow down you head towards the bowl and tilt it as well to get the water out of your ear completely. The fluid will soon start coming out of your ear and you will feel better.

  • Salt:

Treating your ear with getting water out of it can also be very helpful remedy that you can be benefited from. The salt has got the properties that will absorb the water easily and give you some relief.

What you need to do is take about one-fourth cup of a salt and heat it in the microwave, later get a cotton cloth and put the salt in it then tightly close or tie the clothe back. Hold this cloth having containing heated salt in it near to your ear for about two to three minutes, do it several times to give your ear some relief and the salt will absorb the water present in your ear which will ultimately give you some relief.

  • Olive oil:

Olive oil is also a very useful ingredient to be used for solving the problems of water occurred in your ear. Olive oil is considered to be good on the whole for many other problems your body faces every other day,  and can also treat efficiently your problem of water occurrence  in your ear. Olive oil is also used as a anti-septic  for all the infections that are related your ear. It has got some properties that are used to cure all ear infections.

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Take some olive oil and slightly warm it in a small bowl, take a dropper and with the help of it you can pour the olive oil in your ear, let the oil get settles in your ear for about 10 to 15 minutes and then see the fluid coming out of your ear, gat a clothe and keep cleaning it.

Taking about 3 drops of an olive oil before you go for a swimming it will help your ear tissues to lubricate and will also prevent the ear canal to get trapped by absorbing water.

If you are a swimmer and are habitual of facing this problem of occurrence of a water in your ear and want to get rid of it you must try the following techniques to ease yourself .

  • Make sure you carry a towel immediately you get out of the swimming pool start wiping the water off your body specially from your ear and the area in surroundings of your ear
  • Keep doing some casual and lighter moves to make yourself better after you get out of a swimming pool and some hand moves and moving your legs upward turn by turn so you the body gets some movement and can also get enough gravity required.

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