Home Remedies for Nausea and Vomiting

Nausea and vomiting are the two worst conditions one can be in; however it is important to be treated in the first go to avoid much of an irritation and disturbance.  Pre-curser to a vomiting is one miserable thing to be experienced. There are several reasons why the occurrence of vomiting and nausea takes place such as sickness of motions, dehydration, morning sickness, food poisoning etc, the problem does not always need a doctor most of the times it is easily treated at home.

Home remedies for nausea and vomiting

Home remedies for nausea:

Following are some simple and easy home remedies you can keep at your fingertips to avoid and cure your nausea and vomiting with:

  • Healthy diet:

It is very important to be careful with what you eat in this condition of nausea and vomiting. Consumption of a heavy food will further upset your system and leave you in more of a distress and uneasiness. Increase the intake of fluids or only clear liquids sports drinks, juices and broth soup, at the very initial stage of nausea and vomiting then slowly start taking lighter meals like oatmeal, yogurt, gelatin and even after taking such lighter meals you head back to the nausea switch back to fluids and liquid again.

  • Peppermint:

Peppermint oil is considered to be the natural ingredient to cure all the symptoms of nausea and vomiting, it has got extracts that help relaxing the muscles in the gastrointestinal tract. Peppermint can be inhaled as aromatherapy, can be used in capsules and also in tea as well.

  • Ginger:

Ginger is the best ingredient to cure all the stomach related problems, different studies and examples clearly tell the benefit of ginger for all nausea and vomiting problems as well. Ginger can also be used in the form of capsules, tea, candid or crystallized ginger various digestive secretions is also promoted by ginger, helps your intestine move food and helps your digestive system work more quicker and appropriately.

  • Fresh lemon:

Fresh lemon can be very effectively helpful in dealing with your nausea and vomiting problems, whenever you are facing this nausea or vomiting symptoms, take a fresh lemon slice it and smell the lemon (make sure it is fresh) also be careful you are inhaling and exhaling it fully so you can feel better.

Home remedies for nausea and vomiting:

  • BRAT diet:

If the nausea and vomiting have attacked you because of your stomach issues like food poisoning and stomach flu, it is better for you to follow a brat diet as this will help you deal with your this condition much properly and help you get out of it the sooner it is possible

Your brat diet includes toast, applesauce (without sugar), bananas, and rice. Also, for some better BRATPP diet you can include pasta (with a little oil and lightly buttered) and potatoes (avoid gravy or the steak)

  • Tonics or syrups:

Nausea and vomiting can also be treated effectively with the help of tonics and syrups as well, according to some researches the coke syrup has been proved to be helpful in treating stomach issues properly, it has been used for the generation to help with stomach problems in fact it earlier was considered to be a stomach tonic.

  • Avoid fatty and acidic food items:

By eating such food items that are spicy, acidic, fatty or fibrous your stomach or digestive system will work over time than it should actually work which ultimately will give you the feeling of uneasiness, irritation and disturbance with your stomach and the occurrence of nausea and vomiting will eventually take its place. If you are nausea and vomiting have also been accompanied by diarrhea avoid using dairy products at first as they will only be hard on your stomach to work properly. Also avoid using too much cold or very hot products as well, your stomach will have to work overtime to process extremely cold food you just digest  this also is the case with extreme food items you eat.

  • Get fresh air:

When you are sick and you don’t feel getting off a bed and just want to sit and relax, the nausea and vomiting makes you feel lazy and weakness is all you are deeply surrounded with, with the crazy mood swings you like nothing to talk about. But the best way to get out of this situation is trying to get out of it actually. Get up dress nicely and go out of your house to get some fresh air, by going out and getting some fresh air will make you feel a lot better, you will see the environment outside other than your sick bedroom which will help you feel better to a larger extent.

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Home remedies for nausea during pregnancy:

Pregnancy is one another and very common reason of why nausea occurs, pregnant women mostly and commonly face these problems and finds easier ways to get rid of this. Following are some easier and most preferable home remedies all you pregnant ladies can treat your nausea with.

  • Rest enough:

Make sure you take proper and required rest in order to avoid problems with your pregnancy, if you aren’t able to complete your sleep or not complete it properly there are high chances you will get into the problem of nausea. Also, indulge yourself in little of the activities to keep yourself busy and active, helping with house chores or may be a friend with some party arrangement, take your pet out for a little walk.

  • Eat healthily:

You also need to be very careful with what you eat as in pregnancy you just don’t eat for yourself but also for the little life that is taking breath inside your womb. Make a proper timetable for the times of meals you consume in a day, be careful with the intake of liquid or fluid, sip it into small quotients don’t drink anything right after the meal immediately or even before you take your meal.  Also avoid milky products as milky products will only encourage your nausea and are difficult to digest. Mucus is created by proteins and fats which are one kind of the stomach drink sports drinks and avoid caffeine drinks all the alcoholic based drinks that will create uneasiness within you only. Also, drink warm liquid based things that will help your stomach work properly and won’t create much of the problems for you, include peppermint oil, garlic ale as it helps digestive system in functioning properly, Maalox cocktail is also proved to be one another important drink to be benefitted from when having nausea and vomiting.

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There are also some helpful remedies from the spices rack that can bring in some comfort to your life, spices like clove, cinnamon, cumin, mint, ginger, fennel and etc. by usage of such spices you can also cure your stomach problems which ultimately will help you with your nausea and vomiting.

Following are the food items that will you help you relieve your nausea:

  • Liquid items (ginger ale, juice, sparkling water, seltzer)
  • Soft (bread and noodles)
  • Crunchy (apple slices, nuts and celery items)
  • Salty (chips and pretzels)
  • Bland items (broth, gelatin, and mashed potatoes)
  • Fruity (fruity popsicles, watermelon)
  • Sweet food items: (sugary cereals and cakes)
  • Dry crackers
  • Lemonade, pickles, sweet tarts
  • Earthy: (peanut butter, brown rice and mushroom soup)
  • Medication:

There are some critical cases that are only treated with proper medication and its better not to take risks in such conditions if you aren’t getting the satisfactory results, better go and see your gynecologist who will do the proper examination and will give you the dose of proper required medication.

  • Other relaxing remedies:

Following are some easy and helpful remedies that can cure your nausea in pregnancy:

  • Lie down on a cold floor, it will help you feel a lot better and will give you a fresh feeling that will help you in curing your nausea.
  • Use of wet or cold cloth can also help you with your nausea treatment, take a wet cloth and place it on your forehead for some time, remove it after some time and you will fresh better and active then before.
  • Take deep breaths to make yourself feel relax, by taking deep breaths the sick stomach of yours can create a complete different rhythm pattern within your stomach.
  • Take a proper long shower and relax yourself while taking it, the anxiety makes the nausea worse than even before so it is recommended to take a shower nicely.
  • Get away from all the bad odors that will give you the bad feeling and will promote your nausea to increase and make you feel irritated, in most of the situations the bad odors can even encourage pregnant women to vomit.
  • Get your mind efficiently out of this nausea, try to involve yourself in other common and usual fun activities that will not only keep you active and bring in the positivity but will help in fading the nausea you have been into lately.

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