How to Lose Water Weight

Our body retains water for a lot of reasons. The stored water is used during dehydration. In many cases, it may lead to an excessive storage building leading to unwanted weight gain.

Everybody wants to have a properly hydrated body, but nobody wants it at the cost of weight gain. If you are a prey of the aforementioned problem, you will love the following tips.

How to Lose Water Weight

The article provides how to lose water weight tips by using simple home based remedies. The tips that I am about to share are tested and they have no side effects unless mentioned otherwise.

1. Cardiovascular exercises

how to lose water weight with Cardiovascular exercises

Cardiovascular exercises are helpful in boosting heart rate and metabolic reactions. Once your metabolic reactions are boosted your body will burn the extras stored in your body. That’s what we want right? So, you should start doing from today, you can find all the guides on cardiovascular exercises on the internet. Just be aware that do not do it for more than half an hour in which case you can face problems such as weakness and fatigue.

2. Cold Green Tea

how to lose water weight with Cold Green Tea

Green tea is a natural de-oxidant, it also increases the metabolic reactions of our body. Doctors refer green tea to many patients aiming to lose weight. Iced green tea has sparkling effects in losing weight. Just prepare a cup of tea without adding sugar to it. Once prepared, add some ice and keep it for five minutes. Drink the tea and repeat the process at least once every day. Remember not to add any sugar because it may not help your cause of losing weight immediately. Do not take a lot of it at one time as an excess of everything is bad.

3. Reduce Salt Intake

how to lose water weight with Reduce Salt Intake

Salts contain sodium, which tends to increase the water storage capacity of our body. Doctors suggest that one should not intake more than 2500mg of sodium per day. You should also know that mineral water also contain salts and you may increase your salt intake without really knowing. So keep a good eye on what you eat and what you drink. One can only achieve an ideal health if one pays a little attention to small things like mentioned above. Never take things like this for granted, sometimes small things matter the most. So keep a track of how much salt you intake per day and then keep it in control.

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4. Drink more water

how to lose water weight with Drink more water

Yes, you must drink water at least every two hours to hydrate your body. If your body is properly hydrated continuously it will not feel the need to store excessive amounts of water. However, drinking less water will send a message to your body to store water and consume it economically. So, all you have to do it drink more water to lose water weight, sounds interesting right?

5. Increase Fiber Intake

how to lose water weight with Increase Fiber Intake

Fiber intake will cleanse your kidneys up to the urinary tract. They consume a lot of water and thus the stored water of the body is utilized. Well, we eat every day don’t we? All we have to do is add a little fiber to our daily food intake. Avoid roasting your vegetables because it burns all the fibers, this is where most of the people get confused. They complain that nothing really changes despite a regular intake of suggested food items, they simply don’t listen to all of it. I guess you are not one of them. So, do exactly as mentioned above as these are tested and examined by the professionals. Vegetables, yogurt and grain cereal contain a high quantity of healthy fibers. You can interchangeably make them a part of your daily eating habit.

6. Reduce Alcohol Intake

how to lose water weight with Reduce Alcohol Intake

You may already know that alcohol dehydrates our body. Once it happens your body stores more water to remain hydrated. This leads to an increased water weight. You definitely don’t want that do you? So, try to reduce alcohol intake and start it from today. You cannot simply take control of it at once, but you can do it easily if you reduce its intake gradually and steadily. Just make a plan and follow it. Commit to reducing at least two percent of your total alcohol intake per day, every day. For example if you intake 100 ml of alcohol per day, take 98 ml on your first day, 96 ml on your second day, 94 ml on your third day and then carry on. You can also stop on a certain number and sustain it for a few days to regain your strength. Well, they always say you have to lose something in order to get something, in this case, you will have to reduce a few things in order to lose water weight. It’s totally fair isn’t it?

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7. Tanning Sweating

how to lose water weight with Tanning Sweating

Tanning is considerably helpful in burning extra body fluids, you must do it at least once or twice a week. You can use sun block creams for your face and areas mostly visible. This is important because the sun may darken your skin to undesired levels. However, sweating via tanning will magically reduce your water weight and overall, it reduces weight by burning other fluids as well.

8. Reduce Cortisol Level

how to lose water weight with Reduce Cortisol Level

Cortisol levels increase mostly due to emotional setbacks and stress due to daily life problems. Cortisol increases the storage capacity of the body, which leads to higher body weight. It may not be easy to simply leave your problems behind and start living a stress-free life from today, but it is possible for sure to start trying from today. Once you start doing something you get some results, and positive results always boost your confidence. So, I suggest that you should look into this matter and talk to a psychologist today. If a psychologist cannot solve your problems, he can at least, guide you to deal with them in an effective manner.
Losing water weight is simple if you follow my instructions with a little attention. All the aforementioned tips are tested and reliable.

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