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Home Remedies for UTI

Urinary tract infection, or UTI, as it is commonly called, is a very general and a familiar illness that occurs in both men and women. Technically speaking, it affects the urinary tract of the patient causing pain, burns and irritation while urinating. Further signs may include recurrent  and urgent need to urinate, chills, cramps and fever. Prolonged UTI can affect kidneys as well, so it is always better to cure it on the first stage. When bacteria coming from the large intestine enter the tube that carries urine from the bladder to the outside of the body, urethra, it causes UTI.

Home remedies for UTI in women

Home Remedies for UTI

Since the anus is nearer to the tube in women, it is a more common concern for females. So if you experience any of the above mentioned indications, start curing yourself at home instead of panicking.

          There are a number of things that you can do to avert this from happening:

  • Cleanliness and hygienic conditions will always keep you at bay from most of the diseases and illnesses. So, since this is most common in women, they should wipe themselves clean carefully after using the toilet so that the bacteria are not allowed to stay there, grow and then enter the tract.
  • Regular intake of water will also help you if you want to avoid a UTI. Water has the capability to wash out all the germs and the detrimental bacteria from your body, hence sanitizing it from the inside as well. This way, both your insides and the outsides will be germ free.
  • It is considered that using tampons are healthier than sanitary pads during a menstrual cycle because they keep the opening of the tract open and dry. The bacteria do not find means to grow there.
  • Stopping yourself from urinating for longer intermissions of time can also cause problems for your bladder. So make sure you urinate when you feel the urge to.
  • If you are prone to UTIs, try to empty your bladder, soon after having intercourse. Also drink extra water so that the kidneys are swilled out clean of any bacteria.
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Home remedies for UTI in women

          When you are certain that you have contracted UTI, follow the simple tips and get rid of it easily.

  • Drink a lot of water. The more you urinate, the more bacteria will pass out from your tract. Drink at least 9-10 glasses daily. Even if you are taking medication for UTI, drinking a lot of water will help your illness go away quickly.
  • Along with water, taking unsweetened cranberry juice also helps. Cranberries, blueberries and apples contain D-mannose. It is a kind of sugar, which does not allow the bacteria to stay inside and takes it out along with itself, not permitting it to reside further inside the body. It does not tolerate the bacteria to stick to the wall of the bladder, hence removing it from there too. Taking all these fluids will not only keep you fresh, but also energized. The weakness that occurs as a result of such an infection will also be cured.
  • Eating a cup of pineapple isn’t just a tasty treat; it helps the antibiotics to work faster in your body. A research was conducted in which patients were given Bromelain, an element found in pineapple. Their recovery was quick and they got better in a comparatively lesser period of time.
  • In order to fight off bacteria, you need to have more vitamin C in your body. You can either take vitamin C supplements/capsules, or eat fruits having this particular vitamin. Oranges and lemons contain huge amounts of vitamin C. Supplements made out of rose hip powder are a great source of vitamin C.
  • For about one week, drink one glass of fresh water mixed with a teaspoon of baking soda. Take this mixture early in the morning and keep taking regularly for a week. This will also help fight off the enemy bacteria from your body.
  • Natural herbs help a lot. Ask your doctor for the right herb for your body, but parsley water will positively help you. It will not only restore your tired cramped out body, but will also aid in increased urination which will pass out bacteria from the body. Just boil half a cup of fresh parsley in 2 cups of water. You can drink it while it is still hot; or just let it cool.
  • As soon as the bacteria enter the urinary tract, a battle starts inside. In order to fight off the bad bacteria, you need to have more good bacteria inside your body. Add a daily portion of yoghurt in your diet.
  • If you wish to relieve yourself of the pain that can be experienced during UTI in the lower abdomen, use heat. Put a heating pad or a hot water bottle on that area. It will immediately provide you relief. Make sure you do not apply the heat for a long period because that will cause burns.
  • Avoid using any products or cleansers for your sensitive areas that may cause harm to the friendly bacteria. It is very important that this particular kind stays there and thrive to keep the harmful one away. Some products carry chemicals that can kill the friendly bacteria, allowing the enemy to take place.
  • If you are in a habit of taking baths, switch on to showers. The water in the bath also gets infected from the patient’s body, and while they are in the water, the bacteria keep getting more time and opportunity to enter the body.
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Urinary tract infections may occur often. This is nothing to be anxious about as they can be treated very easily and quickly. It is always better to discuss with a physician, but these home remedies will undeniably relieve you if you are in the preliminary stage of UTI. Even with current medication, these tips will help the therapeutic process work faster and quicker.



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