Home Remedies for Ants

The feeling of disgust you get when you open up the cabinets of your kitchen or anywhere else in your home sweet home you see the tiny living beings living with you, they are found everywhere in your house in the cabinets of kitchen stuck to anything else in the house and you want to get rid of them as soon as possible and wish not to see them again ever. There are different techniques you can use to get yourself and your house free from all the ants, you can either go for the option of pesticides or for anything else also. Pesticides option can, however, be dangerous and unhealthy to the human life and to the animals as well, if you have your pet in your house the pesticide technique can be very dangerous for them as well.

Home remedies for ants in kitchen

Home remedies for ants

Apart from pesticides there are many more different techniques you can follow to get yourself and your house free from the ant torture around. You can use the sprays of a different kind that says a clearance for all the type of ants or even you can opt for the option of nest. It’s better to cover it with the nest and prevent ants coming inside your house. You can also use some basic home remedies to get rid of this problem of ants all over in your house, the home remedies are the easiest way to follow and get the ants out of your house. Simple and almost daily life ingredients are required for the clearance of ants with a technique of home remedies. Here are some basic home remedies you can follow to get yourself free from the ants existing in your house:

  • Water and vinegar solution:

The first home remedy is killing the ants out of your house by these two basic and almost available products in every house, water, and vinegar. Ants cannot afford to deal with the vinegar they hate it as they are killed with it. All you need to do is take a spray bottle and fill it half with a water and the remaining half with a vinegar shake the bottle so the solution gets mixed and then start spraying it directly onto the ants existing in your house, the moment you spray this water and vinegar solution on them they are dead. After they are dead you can wipe them out of your house with the help of damp paper towel and get rid of the towel used as well.  You can also spray this water and vinegar solution in the areas near to your windows and doorways  where from the ants possibly are coming inside your house.

Vinegar is also used for the purpose of cleaning there are many people who use this to clean their floors with the help of vinegar and when the ants crawl on the floor they are no less than the dead.

Home remedies for ants outside:

  • Mint leaves (dried):

Mint leaves are one another best remedy to get rid out of the problem of ants existing in your house, there are many reasons why the ants exist and build their houses within your house and make your life miserable to the greater extent.  You can use the mint leaves in the form of powder after crushing them spread the powder of mint leaves all over the areas ants have built their nests.

  • Use tobacco tea:

Tobacco tea can also be used to get rid out of the problems of the ants existing in your house and outdoor as well, take a tobacco soak it in water for the entire night, after leaving it overnight remove the tobacco and let the liquid be there only and then spread or spray the tea liquid on the mounts they have got to get free from the ants completely.  Tobacco will help you to kill the ants existing in your house completely.

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  • Boric acid:

Like many other solutions, boric acid is one other solution we have got to get rid of the ants completely. Using a boric acid is completely natural remedy and indeed works very effectively. Just sprinkle the powder of boric acid which is normally of white and blue color on the areas where you are most having ants in your house for example at the baseboards, doorways or at your windowsills. The moment ants ingest the boric acid they don’t survive to live anymore boric acid creates problem with the ants stomach.

However boric acid is not considered to be toxic pesticides but should be kept away from your children or pets in the house, it can be dangerous to human life. Do also avoid sprinkling the boric acid near the play area of your kids or pets and keep it away from the kitchen cabinets you have got and the food sources as well.

  • Hot boiling water:

Take a pot fill it with water and keep it for boiling on your stove, after the water evaporates and you can see it boiling take the pot of water carefully and make sure you find the right place where the nest exist and try to pour the hot boiling water in the hole of the nest you just found. You will stop and kill the hundred of ants  (on contact) by doing this remedy and by pouring the boil water inside the nest you will see the nest collapsing as well but in case the nest is larger than you thought do not worry and pour in one more pot of boiling water in the nest and you will get over with the nest as well. Check for one or two days and if you see the nest opening again or the ants giggling around in your house as well do not worry and try this remedy of boiling pot water again with the nest to shut it off completely until it actually does. It is normal if you don’t get over the torture of ants in one go it takes more than one attempt most of the times.

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You also need to make sure you don’t end up hurting yourself in order to kill the ants, do all the precautionary measures you should do to prevent yourself and also your house from any danger or damage. Wear socks, cover your hands with gloves also hide your face with a thin cloth so you don’t get into any trouble.

  • Plug the holes of entrance:

Sometimes it becomes very difficult to run over and kill each and every ant that exist in your house, to avoid this torture what you can do is shut the entrance holes they have got, like discussed earlier pouring boil water in the holes of nest can be very helpful and effective to kill the ants, but there are also some more techniques you can use to plug the holes of entrance. Use boric acid to shut the hole or you can use the rocks and dirt as well to cover up the nest holes. Ants would want to relocate their nest as well.

Home remedies for ants in kitchen:

Kitchen is the most sensitive place you have got in your house to look after, you get your meals ready there and half of the health problems can also be avoided If you have got the kitchen clearance. Problem arises when the ants start conquering on your kitchen and make your life miserable. Kitchen is supposed to be the favorite place ants can build their nests in, behind the cabinets, windowsills of your kitchen or even at the doorways. When trying to get rid of this ant torture you can just not use any remedy in your kitchen like you would have used in any other place of your house. You need to be careful about what remedies and measures you take for clearance of ants from your kitchen.

Following are some remedies and easy techniques you can use in your kitchen to get rid of ants:

  • Spray lemon juice on the doorways and near all the cabinets you have got in your kitchen to prevent yourself from the and problems.
  • You can also use different oils like peppermint oil, lavender oil, cedar oil, lemon oil to get over ants existing in your house. Add (10 drops) of each kind you select at a time mix it in one cup of water and spray it all over you know ants can come over from indoor or outdoor.
  • Make sure you maintain the cleanliness factor in your house specially in your kitchen so the ants don’t get attracted to anything in house, ants are more likely to appear in the season of spring so try and be more clean with everything in your house within the season of spring specially. Make sure you’re you keep your cabinets spotless, counter-tops and flooring clean and clear from all the dirt and spots.

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