How to Get Rid Of Hemorrhoids Fast Naturally At Home

Hemorrhoids, also called piles, are exacerbated or varicose veins of the anus and rectum. They are a common health ailment, affecting an age group of mid-thirty to fifty years. This problem can be vicious, but it is normally not life menacing.

How to Get Rid Of Hemorrhoids Fast Naturally At Home

  • Hemorrhoids Causes

Constipation and straining at bowel movements are the main cause of Hemorrhoids. There are  some circumstances, where pregnancy also leads to Hemorrhoids. All these conditions result in hyperbolic pressure at intervals the hemorrhoidal veins that causes them to swell.Other conditions which may be associated with hemorrhoids are Aging, Chronic diarrhea, Obesity and Genetic disorders.

  • How to get rid of Hemorrhoids naturally!

In most of the situations, following some straightforward routines, result the atrocious symptoms become normal and symptoms gets cured naturally. Thus, it is good to know how to get rid of hemorrhoids at home? Follow the below procedure and see how to get rid of hemorrhoids fast!

  • Healthy Bowel Movement

A main reason of hemorrhoids is unhealthy bowel movement, and this is not a good for  health. This leads to hemorrhoids and to overcome this, one should have a healthy bowel movement. For that you need to follow a healthy diet plan. Increase the fluid intake and dietary fibers. This will gradually lower down the level of constipation and pressure along the rectal and anal level during your bowel motion and scale down the symptoms of hemorrhoids.

  • Warm Sitz Baths

Warm water is the best cure for many inflammations. This is helpful in the scenario of hemorrhoids also. Prepare a bathtub with warm water. Sit in that water for 15-20 minutes. Perform this procedure at least three times a day. This will be helpful in lessening inflammation of the hemorrhoids. It is important to keep anal area moisture free so use a hair dryer to do so, after the Sitz bath procedure.

  • Use of Non-Prescribed Drugs

Try some non-prescribed painkillers like Acetaminophen, and nonsteroidal drugs like Aspirin and naproxen to reduce pain and inflammation. Before using medicine carefully read the guidelines and make sure that, you don’t have any allergies to the drugs you are engaging in this scenario. Always be sure about the side effects and ill effects of chemical drugs.

  • Keep the anal area clean

Try to take a shower daily and clean the skin around your anal region with warm water. Use of soap should be prevented as they may aggravate the problem, as most manufacture uses dyes and scents to improve their products. Dry the anal area after each shower. Only use moist wet toilet paper that does not contain fragrance or alcohol.

  • Ice Pack

Ice Packs can be helpful in tumbling inflammation. Try an ice pack on the affected region. This will be a great assistance in reducing inflammation and offer pain relief.

  • Natural Remedies and Supplements

There are some good natural remedies and supplements are effective with hemorrhoids. As we already stated that ‘fibers might help to relieve hemorrhoids symptoms. There are abundantly of sources of fibers like fruits, vegetables and grains. Fruits rich in vitamin c often known as citrus fruits like oranges and lemons are rich with ‘Bioflavonoids’. Bioflavonoids results in reducing inflammation and pain caused due to hemorrhoids. An ointment made of ‘witch hazel’ can be applied to affected areas in form of layer or compressed pads reduce inflammation and bleeding caused by hemorrhoids. ‘Butcher’s broom’ is another helpful natural supplement. It triggers alpha-‘adrenergic receptors’, which provide repairs for cell wall of veins. It is available at drugs store in the form of capsule or tea pouch. French maritime pine bark extract has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, equally it is a source of flavonoids, proanthocyanidins, and phenolic acids. This is also helpful in reducing the symptoms of hemorrhoids.

  • Ointments and Creams

Ointments and creams that are skin protectors like zinc oxide and petroleum jelly are the best non-prescribed ointment for our scenario. Coconut oil can also used as another natural cream. A cream that holds a steroid named hydrocortisone, can be applied to reduce inflammation.

  • Exercise

Exercise is helpful in maintaining our body weight and control obesity. Obesity is one of the factors that leads to hemorrhoids. Exercise has a broader effect on hemorrhoids and it also reduces stress levels and provide peace of mind. Always remember, stress is a major reason of constipation.

  • Prevention of Hemorrhoids

Adopting a healthy lifestyle and taking a few precautions will be helpful and simply diminish the irritating symptoms of hemorrhoids. Attempt to familiarize these steps and keep a healthy lifestyle.

  • Avoid Constipation

Constipation always considered as the main factor, resulting unhealthy bowel movements that cause hemorrhoids. Try to consume a healthy and balanced diet. This is helpful in reducing constipation.

  • Healthy Bowel Habits

Use your toilet when there is urge, do not exert pressure and be slowed down. Leave things to happen naturally and do not sit for long continuance.

  • Change Your Daily Activates

Add some time in your schedule and start doing workout. Take out some time and attend some body and mind activities like yoga and aerobics. These are good for your health. Do not sit for a long time and use a cushion or medicated pads to take a seat. Avoid lifting heavy objects where possible.

  • Few Other Things You Take Care

Take some rest and contribute time to your body to work on inflammation. Get proper rest and sleep properly on a soft bed. Use cotton made undergarments, as they prevent moisture build-up. Avoid any tight fitting clothing.

  • When You Should Consult A Doctor

Home remedies and all precautions are helpful in many scenarios and always help you to reduce hemorrhoids symptoms. Still, they cannot simply substitute your doctor. Try all these safeguards. Always bear in mind that hemorrhoid leads to other grave health issues like rectal cancer. Try to follow these home procedures for two to three days and you should consider visiting a doctor if there are no good results.

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