How to Get Rid of Ear Infection

How to get rid of Ear Infection? Ear infections can be the most dreadful experience which becomes a horrible nightmare for anybody suffering from it. Mainly there are two types of ear infections. The inner one and the outer one. The outer ear infection is a result of excessive exposure to water which leads to the inflammation of outer ear canal. It is most common in swimmers as it occurs due to water fungus. While the inner ear infection mainly occurs due to a virus or bacteria. The virus creates a hindrance for the Eustachian tube in the ear. It can be due to the increase moisture or earwax as well.

The infections can be awful as they cause itchiness, pain and uncomforting consciousness to you. Mostly ear infections also cause puses coming out of an ear. The inflammation caused by ear infection leads to severe pain and even fever. Individual suffering from infection will also experience hear loss ranging from minor to modest. Typically, ear infections are treated by anti-biotics but if the infection isn’t that bad then you can also go for some easy home remedies that are DIY.

How to Get rid of Ear Infection

  1. Garlic Remedy:

How to get rid of Ear Infection with garlic

Garlic is one of most known anti-bacterial and anti-septic substances. With its great anti-inflammatory properties, garlic oil will help providing relief in your aching ears. Simply pour a few drops of luke warm garlic oil in your infected ear and leave it for a few minutes.

  1. Herbs:

A herb named “Gingko Biloba” helps fight bacterias of ear infections due to its amazing anti-microbial properties. There are some other herbs as well which help boosting your immune system like Echinacea, olive leaf extract, including astragalus. All of these herbs protect against different kinds of ear infections specially ear infections.

  1. Vitamin C

How to get rid of Ear Infection with Vitamin C

Vitamin C is considered crucial for the immune system, the adequate consumption of vitamin C on a daily basis helps you to boost up your immune system. In consequence, it releases the infection and helps preventing it as well. Vitamin C also inclines white cell production which aids to get rid of ear infection.

  1. Vitamins & Minerals

The body becomes susceptible to different diseases and infections due to the lacking of manganese supplements. Ear infections also occur because of this lack of manganese. The functioning of ears improvises with the intake of 5 mg manganese on a daily basis. Some other constituents like zinc, Vitamin B6, B12 and B3 also helps in proper blood circulation to ears which prevent infections.

  1. Cleaning the Ear

How to get rid of Ear Infection with Cleaning the Ear

Mostly when an ear infection starts, a pus type white liquid starts to come out of the ear. It is very important to clean the discharge timely as by removing the pus will help lessening down the infection. If it will remain in the ear it will only cause deteriorating pain and there are chances that it may increase the infection more.

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If you experience that even after using the home remedies the infection is only getting worse, you must consult an ENT specialist or a general doctor to get treated. You can easily get rid of ear infection by using the above-mentioned remedies, but sometimes it may keep coming back so you will require to see the doctor immediately.

How to get rid of ear infections & Its Prevention:

Ear aches and infections are very common in people around the world. The cause of infection and earache may differ from person to person. Some people suffer from immense pain while some sense sweet and itching pain which pushes them to rub their ears badly to get relief. Before we jump to the ways to get rid of ear aches and infections, let’s first investigate what essentially causes them.

Who mostly suffer ear infections?

In the majority of cases, children are most commonly affected by ear infections. Every three out of four children suffer from ear aches and infections. Most of the time, they encounter Otitis Media infection of ears. The Age group of one to three years old undergo these infections.

How does ear infection occurs?

Excessive exposure to water can lead to ear infection and ear aches. Like swimming and sometimes taking a bath can also cause infections. This is because ear infections are caused due to confined water, moisture, and virus or bacteria growth inside the ear lobe. When the inner ear is infected with bacterias and moisture, it causes the Eustachian tube to swell which creates itching, frightful pain and discharge in the ear and you suffer from an ear infection.

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Sometimes allergies and cotton swab cleaning can also create ear aches and infections. All kind of infections causes swelling, pain, hearing loss and itching in the ear leading to a terrible experience. You must get rid of ear infection as soon as possible if you have one or you can also get rid of it even before its occurrence.

Stop the Agony Even before it starts

Following are some simple and easy ways to get rid of awful ear infections and ear aches.

  1. By keeping your nasal passage hygienic, you can truly diminish and lessen the chances of getting an ear infection. Our body organs are mainly inter-linked with each other and help either improvising each other’s performance or create hindrance in it. Ear, nose and throat are supposed to be connected to each other as well hence they can hinder other’s performance.
  2. The finest way to avoid the infection is to keep your Eustachian tube free of pollutants and irritants. By doing so, you will free the water to drain out via throat which will lessen down the chances of ear infections and aches.
  3. Another way to reduce the ear infection pain is to chew gums or using the chewable sweets and gums. When you will chew the gum it will help your ear lobes to be in the exercise which ultimately helps in removing the pollutants through the throat and reduces the chance of infections.
  4. If you are already experiencing any sort of pain or infection in your ear then it’s best to either use the above-mentioned home remedies or go to your local doctor to get some anti-biotics.

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