How To Get Rid of Eye Floaters

Have you ever seen a person who has a black, white, or gray spot in his eyes? It may seem strange but people do have such kind of unusual spots in their eyes that is sometimes quite visible or sometimes it requires a very keen eye to figure it out. If we define the eye floaters in technical terms then we can define them as :

“Eye Floaters are those motile dark spots that drag around your cornea (field of vision), these are merely undisclosed gelatinous substances that wander around the front and visible part of your eye ball, they appear to move away when you try to focus them”.

Eye floaters are sometimes due to the age factor and sometimes they emerge as a disease. They are generally formed due to the presence of red blood cells in the vitreous, liquefaction or may be due to the inflammation in the eye. Growing in years may also aggravate or speed up these eye floaters.

However nothing come without a remedy, we can tell you some of the ways to get rid of the eye floaters.

There are many natural remedies that can treat your eye floaters effectively and in the best possible manner.

How To Get Rid of Eye Floaters

How To get rid of Eye Floaters* Give Rest to your eyes

This is the very first treatment you could give to your eye, it is quite and simple it doesn’t take much effort or any medication, it merely needs a bit of care and it should be done very often, just place a pillow under your head and close your eyes for a while, if possible take a piece of cucumber and place it on the eye lid of your eye, it will give you a soothing effect and it will give the eye floater a push. You can also rub your eyes with the help of your hand palms. Gently rub them on your eyes and feel a bit comfortable, it will surely help you get rid of the eye floater.

* Surgical Operations

Surgery is not a good option for those who fear from it but it is a very good choice when you are left with nothing and you want to get rid of that unwanted eye floater, this is not a very hardcore operation nor it takes a long time to perform , many of the doctors use laser beams in order to dissolve the eye floater , in this process a laser beam is just focused on to the region containing the eye floater and it eventually dissolves it and within no time the eye floater perishes. This is a very effective method of treating the eye floater if you don’t fear the surgical methods of treating a problem. It give you no pain nor you are given any kind of anaesthesia to numb you or make you unconscious.

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* Curl your eyes in a circular motion 

This is also a kind of exercise that you should do in order to exterminate the eye floaters, not much effort is needed , you are supposed to roll your eyes in circular motion , just move your head to the direction of the ceiling above you , and start rolling your eyes first in the clockwise direction then in the anti clockwise direction then do it five times, firstly you will feel a pain in your eyes , later you will get a soothing feeling and with the passage of time you will feel the increment in your stamina regarding this exercise. It will help you get rid of eye floaters.

* Take excess of fluids

Hydrogen oxide or simply water is the most important liquid needed by the human body, all the chemical reactions takes place in almost aqueous conditions and it should be noted that lack of water contents in a body are a sign of abnormality, you should intake as much water as possible this will in turn helps you to dissolve the eye floaters, you might have heard that water can even hole the stone. Same is the case here, therefore drink plenty of water.

* Focusing any Sharp or thin Object 

This is also a kind of exercise and you can do it at your own in a very effective way. Your are supposed to take a ball pen and place it in your fist, your arm should be straight enough, then gently pull your arm towards your eyes, at distance of about 6 inches, focus it for about a minute, then move your arm away suddenly and then focus again, for maximum possible output, repeat the steps number of times and then see the results yourself.

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* Try Yoga

Yoga is a very useful treatment that can help you reduce your stress, stress can also aggravate the eye floaters and it should be noted that the eye floaters can be reduced to a minimum level by controlling the stress you take daily , just perform yoga and you will lessen your stress so would the eye floaters minimize.

* Taking Supplements

Supplements are no less than a blessing for the people suffering from many diseases, thanks to the pharmaceutical industry that gave us such a blessing. Eye floaters can also be treated by using different supplements. Special supplements that increase the blood flow to the bodily parts can easily dissolve the un dissolved protein lump in the vitreous humour of the eye ball. This is a very helpful technique.

* Terminate the intake of alcohol and Coffee

Alcohol is a powerful depressant it causes numbness and it dumbs your sensory abilities. Alcohol is not a good thing to consume on, it should not be consumed. Alcohol makes your eyes red and it also aggravates the production of eye floaters, caffeine on the other hand is also not a good beverage, coffee contains a lot of caffeine. These two liquids won’t do well to your eye floater. So discontinue the intake of coffee and alcohol if you want to stay healthy or floater free.

*Take Healthy Foods

Health can only be maintained if you take a very balanced and nutrient diet. Your diet must contain healthy ingredients for your whole body. In case of treating the eye floaters you must include plenty of vegetables and fruits in your meals that help nourish your eyes.

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