Home Remedies for Constipation

Constipation is one of the most faced due to the disorders of digestion, it is also commonly faced by the people of almost all age groups. Constipation creates a difficulty for a person to pass the stool.

There are so many reasons that result to this problem of constipation for example all the people having acne problems can face digestive issues at the same time and constipation also, bad breath, loose of appetite, acidity problems depression, headache and mouth ulcer are also the reasons you might have to face this problem of constipation.

home remedies for constipation in adults

Constipation also is a cause of bad diet, no or less physical activity, problem in abdominal tissues, increase intake of fewer medication, hemorrhoids and etc. which you need to be careful about to avoid upsetting your digestive system you need to be careful of all the above mentioned daily problems.

Following are some natural remedies to avoid such problems of the digestion disorder or constipation:

Home Remedies for Constipation

We have some natural remedies for you that can help you deal with all your indigestion problems and can make your life easier without having to pass your stool difficultly.


Lemon is a first remedy we suggest you about, it is commonly followed and also very effective remedy to avoid such problem of digestion like constipation. A lot of people have tried this particular remedy and have been satisfied with it as well. Whereas there are so many people, on the contrary, that are unaware of this food item working as a blessing for their constipation problems.

You can take a lemon or more preferably the juice of a lemon it will help you stimulate the function of you digestive system and will help in moving the things. It is also one of the simplest and effective remedies as well.

Take a lemon slice it into two equal parts and take the juice out of one part of a sliced lemon only and this juice into a half glass of water (warm) if you want you can also add table salt (one-half teaspoon) only into the juice made of lemon and water and can also add a little amount of honey as well.

Keep drinking this lemon water when you wake up in the morning on an empty stomach, for an early solution you can also take this juice even in evening.

Keep following this remedy for some days regularly and see the results working in your favor within few days only.


Constipation can be highly relieved by the numerous benefits of honey. You can increase the intake of honey by taking it regularly and can see the wondering results working in your favor. Take around two teaspoons of honey for about almost 3 times in a day. Like mentioned in the above remedy you can also use honey along with the mixture of a lemon juice and warm water on an empty stomach every morning to see better results.

Castor oil:

Castor oil has been encouraged from the past centuries for its uncountable benefits, especially when it comes to constipation as castor oil has this quality of worms that are intestinal.

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You can include the use of castor oil regularly to get better and quick results, take a tablespoon full of  castor oil and drink it all alone without adding anything to it, but if you cannot take or afford this remedy due to the idea of its intake you can also go for another option which is take a tablespoon full of castor oil add it into a glass of warm milk and then you can drink it, keep trying this remedy for some days and make sure you drink this milk with castor oil at night before going to bed.


The usage of oranges also can be very effective and beneficial remedy for you to get over all the digestion upsets and specially constipation. Oranges are enriched with a large amount of vitamin c in it, but they also have a large quantity of a fiber in it. You can use oranges as it is they are you don’t have to add or extract anything out of it before the consumption. Simply take 2 oranges and add them in your daily diet schedule you can eat them twice a day in a morning and in evening also. This will help you getting much relief.

Home remedies for constipation in kids

So constipation, as discussed earlier, can be a big problem for any age group especially for children. It makes them feel nasty and slow. Although it’s a very common problem that children face. It is mostly characterized by bowel movement that are not frequent or hard stools in children. There could be many reasons of constipation when it comes to children, some common may include some diet changes, extra or over eating. Even at the time of toilet training children often develop constipation problem.

Following are some home remedies that can help your kid to be relieved of this constipation problem:
  • Increase the intake of fluids in your kids daily routine so that he can consume the more of drinking extracts for your body.
  • Massaging on the belly of your kid can also be very helpful and useful technique to give him some instant relief from this problem of constipation.
  • Make your kid take a warm bath this will also give you child much of a relief to get over this problem of constipation
  • You also need to be very careful with a diet of your children and make sure you are giving them a proper balanced diet that can help them or prevent them from all the problems that are related to their health. You need to be aware if the fact what are some healthy food items for them and what should they eat most and regular.
  • Give your child an intake of fruit and prefer giving them the whole fruit instead of a fruit juice
  • Vegetables have their own importance and benefits, make sure you know the worth of the vegetables and you increase the intake of it your kids’ daily life to prevent them from all the general regular health issues.
  • An increase in the food items having the fiber in it can also be very essentially helpful for your children to get rid of all the health issues.
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Home remedies for constipation in adults

Although, constipation is a problem that can affect anyone’s life besides of what age group you belong to. Then again we have to point out that adults, having such digestion problems like constipation, can face more problems on the contrary as they have to manage all their daily life responsibilities. We can help all you adults to find out how fast and easily can you deal with your constipation problem with only following some home remedies


  • Take a walk every day and increase your walk timing gradually start it with 20 minutes and then slowly increase it to 30 minutes, 40 minutes and so on.
  • Try some exercise on a regular basis to make your body flexible, start some gentle exercise steps to help yourself stay away from all the problems like constipation and other.
  • Make sure you increase an intake of fluid in your daily life and make yourself drink for about 8 to 10 glass of water on an average on a regular basis. Also, avoid beverages having alcohol and caffeine as it might increase your problem of dehydration.
  • Try taking some fresh fruits that will also help you to deal with your constipation problems and also increase an intake of vegetables in your daily diet, fiber intake is also an effective diet to help you overcome this problem of constipation do also include fiber containing food items in your daily diet to feel much comfortable with your problem of constipation.
  • Poor habits of bowel will also lead you to the problem of constipation and in order to avoid it you need to improve your poor bowing habits and work with them get great and effective results.
  • There are also some medicines that can help you treat your problem of constipation, you can consult your doctor who is aware of your medical history and can suggest you well and proper about the medication of constipation.
  • And also there are some other home remedies that are easily implacable and effective like mentioned above treating your constipation with lemon or you can treat it with castor oil, or honey, oranges (also make sure you increase intake of fruits as in whole and vegetables)in your diet.

Although this is one of the most embarrassing issue to be discussed by any of us with some other person. Besides all the embarrassments we all have to understand that this can be a very severe problem if not taken proper care of. So, try these easy and always available home remedies to discontinue your discomfort and prevent it from coming back to you.

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