How to Get Rid of a Sinus Headache

A sinus headache is an uncommon condition that makes one to feel dull and pain especially on the forehead. Before starting to treat your headache, it is crucial to know that the type of headache that you are treating. This can justify through the symptoms that you feel for instance, when one experiences headache, just the pain around on the forehead, then this is not a sinus headache since sinus headache is accompanied by other sinus problems.

How to get rid of a sinus headache

How to get rid of a sinus headache

• Compress the sinus using a hot object of ice, this will open up sinus and relieve pain. Moreover, this is also effective in reducing the inflammation and heal the sinus infection so does the sinus headache. For one to get rid of the blocked sinuses, it is advisable that a hot compress should be applied on a sinus for a period of three minutes, which is immediately followed by a cold compress for a period of a minute. This process should be undertaken three to four days.
• Even though most people will always look down upon a healthy diet, balanced diet will help solve problems regarding beauty and health. For one to achieve a healthy body, it is vital to put into consideration a well balanced diet which boosts immunity and enhances the ability of the body to fight against diseases through producing a lot of antibodies. This process is affordable as it is cheaper to prevent that to treat which would definitely cost one lot of money.
• Consider taking a lot of fruits to obtain vitamin C, it boosts immunity, thus helping in the fight against diseases such as sinus headache. Among the fruits that are rich in vitamin C are like strawberries, oranges, cauliflower, pineapples, lemons to mention but a few. Other than fruits, one can also look for other supplements such as lemon tea.
• An individual can also opt for substances that have anti-inflammatory as well as pain killing properties such as ginger that will help in killing the pain as well as curing the sinus headache. There is a range of ways on how to use this remedy; first, one can chew ginger directly after washing it using clean water, one can also blend it and drink its juice, one can as well make ginger tea and drink among others, in any of the ways, ginger will help get rid of sinus headaches.
• Consider opening the sinuses and reducing the inflammation by drinking clean warm water. The warm water should not only be taken once, it should be taken in plenty to minimize the pain soonest. Other than reducing the inflammation, drinking plenty of water is also one of the best ways to achieve good health because it enhances body functionality.
• Consider reducing the inflammation and pressure as well as increasing drainage in the nasal passages. If this is not well done, sinus headache will persist and would lead to death. Ideally, this can be achieved through using Neti-pot. The following are the procedures for using Neti-pot;

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– Fill neti-pot with warm salty water
– Sink the head into the solution side by side
– Place one corner of a net pot into the nostril (higher) without leaving space between them
– Ensure water flow from higher to lower nostril by lifting the pot
– Breathe through the mouth while undertaking the process.
– Blow the noise after the completion of neti pot process
– Relief sinus headache by repeating the same process for both nostrils
– This process should be done for a period of two to three weeks for best results

• Another way of relieving sinus headache is through acupressure. This is the process of applying pressure on a particular point. While relieving sinus headache using this process, one should apply pressure where the thumb and index figure meet which, when done appropriately then will help relieve the sinus headache immediately.
• Releasing sinus headache is as well as relieving the nasal passage as well as nasal congestion. This will reduce pressure on the mucus membrane and the process is done by first boiling water, draping a towel over the head and inhaling the steam from the towel. This will quickly clear the congestion on the nostril thus getting rid of the sinus headache. Moreover, to speed up this process further, one can opt for adding drops of eucalyptus oils, as well as peppermint oil in the steam, thus faster clearing of the congestion.
• Many people will be asking how the pain that is felt while one is bending it reduced. Well, it is also a matter of becoming physically fit by undertaking physical exercises on a daily basis to enhance body processes e.g. excretion, digestion, and ingestion among others. This will reduce the chances of suffering from sinus headache.
• Saline spray is also one of the best ways of unblocking nostrils, thus getting rid of the sinus headache. It is done as simply mixing some warm water with a pinch of salt then spraying into both nostrils. This will help to moisturize the nasal cavity, thus relieving congestion.
• One can also get rid of sinus headaches through taking jalapeno pepper; this is a spicy food that drains sinuses thus making one feel relived. Take bytes of this food and the sinuses will be relieved immediately. Moreover, one can also opt for eating pepper itself, though it is advisable that it is taken in low quantities.

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Nonetheless, it is vital to mention that getting rid of sinus may become quite challenging as one may not be able to achieve preparing maybe saline solution and all those, thus, it is advisable that when symptoms persist, they seek medical help. Why? This form of headache can be treated in hospitals by professional doctors, at affordable cost. Are you suffering from sinus headache? Worry no more as these remedies will probably help you get rid of sinus headaches.

Sinus headache symptoms

– Fatigue
– Pain while bending
– Fever and facial swellings
– Nasal discharge
– Fullness in the ears
– Sore throat
– Cough
– Loss of appetite

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