Natural Remedies for Anxiety and Depression

Depression is something that makes you feel helpless totally though this problem of anxiety and depression can be treated by different medication and by taking therapy also most of the times. But you can also fight with this annoying depression on your own there is a lot you can actually do to fight back.  Changing your lifestyle indulging yourself more of in physical activities, depression treatments and also by the way you think.

Anxiety is a disorder characterized by behavioral emotional and physical symptoms that give you a very unpleasant feeling that are also described as worry, fear, and uneasiness. All the people who suffer from this problem of anxiety frequently start avoiding people and also avoid going to certain places as well.

Natural remedies for depression and anxiety

Natural remedies for anxiety

Chamomile tea:

Try taking 3 cups of chamomile tea in a day in order to treat your anxiety, chamomile has such elements in it that help relaxation to be promoted and gives you a lot of reliefs. According to the study of a medical center the patients having anxiety disorder (generalized) who used supplements of chamomile were relieved of this anxiety problem with a decrease in it for about eight weeks.


Since an omega has got the folic acid in it, it is helpful in treating the patients having anxiety problems. It has got omega-3 which helps you reduce the level of your stress and lifts your mood up. Try having 1-3 grams of omega per day to keep yourself balanced. Also, eat all the food items having omega-3 such as salmon, tuna and canned fatty fish and walnuts.


Try getting sunlight at least 15 minutes a day this will naturally help you gain vitamin D which can also help you reduce your depression and anxiety level. According to a study of Japanese people who tend to walk in forests, tend to have the lower level if anxiety as compare to all the other people who do not get themselves involved in anything like this.

Balance a diet:

Keep a check on your diet and make sure you are not taking the larger amount of alcohol, caffeine and added sugar. As these are the ingredients that will increase your anxiety level and make you suffer more. Deficiencies of zinc and b12 have been also linked to the symptoms of increasing level of anxiety.

Blueberries and peaches:

It has been also proved by the numerous studies done on anxiety disorders that adding up blueberries and peaches in your daily diet would also help you to lower your anxiety, as the blueberries and peaches have naturally got the vitamins and elements that can help you calm your stress and make you feel relaxed.

Moreover, it is important for anxiety patients to include vitamin B and C food items in their diet and also the food that contains omega-3 folic acid in it.

Natural remedies for anxiety and depression

Following are some remedies that will help:

Maintain a routine:

Make sure you follow a proper routine if you are a depressed person. Getting into a routine is first and for most important step to be followed, according to different psychiatrist this has also been advised as well. Setting a schedule gently that can get you back on track and not letting one day melting into another one as depression changes the life structure completely.

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Goal Setting:   

You don’t really feel you can achieve anything when you are in depression and that’s when you feel the poorer of yourself and to avoid such reactions all you need to do is set you goals, goals that you wish to accomplish things you have always been working at and for make sure you get them despite being a depressed work on them and you will only end up achieving them.

But also make sure you start with a very small in the beginning do that you stay in your comfort zone. For example, doing dishes every other day and make sure you achieve your goal, after you are improved with your goal setting target you can also add further more daily challenging goals.

Taking an Exercise:

Exercise is something that you boosts you up and makes you feel good for long and short term both. It has got long term benefits to be admired for all the people having depression. Exercise not only makes your body works properly and relieves all the body problems but also relaxes your brain and encourages it to rewire in positive means. Now what you need to know is how much exercise you need on daily basis? Just walking few times a week is enough to get you out of this situation instead of marathon running

Healthy diet:

Depression is not treated by any of the magic diets that takes the problem out of you from it roots and completely. But it is always good to watch out what you are eating. And if you are a type of person that tends to overeat when in depression make sure you get an immediate control in your diet as this will also help you feel a lot better. All the foods containing fatty acids of omega-3 can help you feel better and may also ease you depression. Omega-3 type includes (tuna and salmon) do also include folic acid (such as avocado and spinach) in your diet. This will also help you ease your depression.

Get a hold on sleep:

It is very difficult to deal with sleep when you are in depression, it is nearly impossible to get a sound sleep in this particular situation you might shut an eye for a little time but then the little sleep ultimately makes you suffer more and you happen to feel the worse depression fraction ever.

Then what to do? Come up with a new change in your lifestyle  try changing your bed timings make a proper routine of going to sleep and waking up at the same time every day. Do also not take nap, make sure you don’t have any distractions in your room like any television no computer no pet no clock with a sound or a music reminder, and then it will become much easier for you to sleep in a comfort.

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Be responsible:

Take on the responsibilities when you are in a depression. You may feel life is nagging you and pulling you down and you give up on all the responsibilities you have at work or at home. Please do not do this instead stay more involved in taking responsibilities you can fulfill on daily basis as this can also work a treatment for your depression. The responsibilities you take make you feel successful and an accomplished person that will give you a sigh of relief in your state of depression. When you’re depressed, you may want to pull back from life and give up your responsibilities at home and at work. If you don’t have a proper work or school time routine do not worry, go and find some part time work something that you can do voluntarily.

Challenging negativity:

A lot of work is done mentally when you are in a fight against your depression. The way you think needs to be changed in depression you think of the conclusions that are possible the worse ever. You might also feel no one loves you or you are the only person to be mistreated but have you ever thought of the evidences behind all these thoughts spinning in your mind did you ever happen to find out the evidences for all the thoughts that you tend to think of.  You may also consider yourself to be the least wanted human being on the planet. But is this what is the reality? Or somebody ever came to you whispered and got back to his or her own work? You need to get yourself out of all these useless thoughts that don’t let you focus on any other thing but degrading yourself. The next time, you feel worse about yourself, think of logic and be logical with your thoughts, no one ever came to you telling you are the least wanted person on this planet according to research we had held. There think logical avoid negativity get you out of depression easily.

Try something innovative:

Try to get yourself involved in something new try and push yourself for something innovative, you need a new positive change. When you’re depressed person you stick to the boring routine and stick to it only but by this you only end up digging more yourself deep down in a depression. Therefore, find some interesting activities and why not try them they will work as a depression therapy for you and you also will start enjoying it. Get a book goes to a park grab a bench be seated and enjoy the book.

Hope that you get over your anxiety and depression by these remedies very soon. Stay happy!

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