How to get rid of Hiccups

Hiccup is a sudden contraction of diaphragm muscles which occurs due to eating or drinking too quickly.  Hiccups often produces unpleasant sound and makes you feel uncomfortable while sitting in a gathering so for that purpose you had to use very sensible and reliable techniques “how to get rid of hiccups“.

Before going to discuss the techniques which will provide you assistance in dealing with the problem we will give brief introduction why hiccups occur which could may serve as a precautionary measure for you

How to get rid of Hiccups

How to get rid of Hiccups

Major causes of why Hiccups arises include:

  • Eating or drinking at a very fast rate.
  • Excessively eating in a limited period of time.
  • Drinking chilled drinks.
  • Eating food which irritates the digestive system examples include of spicy or fatty meals.
  • Any kind of irritant which irritates the nervous system controlling the diaphragm muscles.

Methods which would provide assistance to get rid of the hiccups problem include:

  • Eating or Drinking At a Steady Rate at different orientations

In this method what you actually had to do is to eat or drink something at a steady rate by using different kind of techniques.

Some people simply had to drink a glass of water in such a way that a gulping sound is produced while others may have to try other methods of eating or drinking which generally include drinking water while sitting upside down or drinking water with two straws or having a glass of water while leaving the glass on table and trying to drink it without using your hands.  Eating something  sugary or something buttery which may be a spoon full of peanut butter. It is not necessary to eat something sugary or buttery but it’s up to your taste for example if you take some kind of acidic like lemon juice or vinegar it would also feel you better and would heal you.

  • The further technique which could be employed to get rid of the hiccups includes inhaling the fresh air in such a way that you inhale maximum amount of fresh air and do not letting the air out by holding the breath, further addition to this method could be made by inhaling the air and then breathing in and out in such a way such as to close the nasal and mouth path in order to exert greater pressure on the diaphragm. The next method which could be employed involves the movement of your body this method is more suitable for a person who was at rest and if now starts moving then relative change in motion of the body causes hiccups to reduce or even stopped.
  • Furthermore one could try the method of suddenly initiating some kind of movement for example if one is sitting then suddenly lie down or someone who was standing may suddenly sit down in order to disrupt the nervous system and causing hiccups to cease. T he method which is most easy to apply is the method what you had to do is to frighten the person who is hiccupping by talking something which is really scary and frightening for the person this sudden frightening of the person will cause hiccups to stop at once.
  • One could also try the diaphragm related techniques of sitting straight on chair and then squeezing both the arms while hands at the back of the head causing pressure to be built up on the diaphragm and chest region. Another diaphragm related technique is that you inhale in a lot of air slowly and steadily until you feel that you can’t inhale anymore will also give a lot of comfort to you as it exert a greater pressure on your diaphragm which will eventually cause the hiccups to stop
  • Different methods which could be employed include swallowing the air until person receives a burp a burp will cause the resetting of nerves and stopping hiccups. Another method which could be used for ceasing your hiccups is to stop the airflow through the neck region by bending your neck so tightly that capturing all the air which is in the lungs region which disrupts the hiccups cycle and then releasing the air by loosening the neck once hiccups have stopped. Self initiated coughing also helps the hiccups to cease at a faster rate because the coughing causes the distraction of nervous system. If you are ticklish then ask someone to tickle you this will also cause your hiccups to stop because tickling would cause your attention to be diverted from Hiccups and relieving you off the problem. One could also try to be relieved of his/her hiccups by stretching the body in a way that the hands are stretched upward with thumbs tightly fixed with your palm.
  • Increasing exhaling and inhaling rate also help in getting rid of hiccups the breathing rate could be increased by opening your mouth and exerting fingers in the ears this will cause exhalation rate to be increased and allowing more and more fresh air to come to your body. When more and more air is exhaled and inhaled at the same time concentration of CO2 decreases inside the body and the concentration of O2 increases eventually leading to hiccups to cease.
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Precautionary measures for avoiding regular hiccups

Precautionary measures for the people suffering from hiccups includes you had to remain calm and stay relaxed if you often had hiccups, the other precautionary measure is that you had to eat carefully and eat it at slow speed with proper chewing and crushing of the food because often hiccups occur due to eating food at a fast speed not properly chewing the food.

People who are suffering from hiccups from a long time must consult their doctors especially if they feel any kind of slightest pain in their stomach or chest region. It is not advisable to them just to rely on the temporary techniques of getting rid of the problem because prolonged hiccups problem may pose a threat to their health and especially their digestive and nervous system.

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