How to Get Rid of Fleas

Fleas not only affect pets such as dogs and cats, they also affect little children because they like warm vertebrates hence readers should beware. Of course there are lots of home remedies for fleas but, it is vital to acknowledge that what works for me might not work for you. Moreover, it is vital to put into consideration that remedies that have been used to eradicate fleas such as cider vinegar, lemon juice, peppermint, tree oil among others can also suffocate the animals even children to death if they are left in a poorly ventilated room without proper care. If your pet has fleas then be sure that you also have fleas and in order be at peace, treatment should be done all round.  The big question is, how does one get rid of fleas naturally?

The first thing that should be observed is hygiene when getting rid of fleas at home.  Make sure that all foods are covered at all times and that there are no stagnant waters around the home that would make a breading place for insects. Moreover, grass should be kept short and good sewage system should also be put into place.

Home remedies for fleas

Home remedies for fleas on dogs

Dogs are human friends. They are also warm vertebrates that fleas won’t spare. They cause itchiness on dogs.  Well, even though dogs cannot eat garlic when raw, the owner can take the responsibility of preparing dog’s meals using garlic. But, it is vital to note that when dogs take garlic in large amounts, it affects them adversely hence care should be taken on the quantity of the garlic taken by the dogs

Fleas only survive on high temperatures of 65-80 degrees Celsius  thus why not consider creating a lower temperature of about 20 degrees to make them inactive and prevent them from moving from one host to another?  Did you know that most of the remedies that are available in the market today only focus on eradicating adult pests while forgetting their eggs, well, when the eggs are denatured too, their cycle won’t complete and that simply means that after a while, there will be no more fleas?

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Fleas can also be done away with by a suitable dog comb to comb the dog thoroughly and get rid of them one by one. After combing the dog, consider washing the dog using appropriate antiseptic such as lemon juice to kill the micro-organisms that might be present such as flea eggs.

According to most veterinarians, borax detergent works best while getting rid of fleas on dogs at home.  This is because fleas do not have little or no fat on their bodies hence once they get into contact with this detergent, it goes direct into their system and believes me you, and they die without hesitation. One good thing about this detergent is that it not only kill the adult fleas, it also eradicates the eggs hence  if the procedure is repeated, there will be no more breeding for the fleas and sooner or later, they will be long gone

Another way of killing fleas on dogs is through suing a mixture of apple cider vinegar, salt, water and baking powder. Put same quantities of these products and mix properly, after which, the mixture should be applied on the dog’s hair and leave for a period of twenty to thirty minutes for the reaction.  Then rinse using warm water. This process should be repeated on a daily basis for a period of two to three weeks and there will be no more fleas.

Home remedies for fleas on cats

There is no doubt that fleas cannot cope up with the smell of lemon, fight them with what they hate most.  Using the most suitable cat comb, comb the cat while keeping in mind to fall off the fleas on soapy water. After combing, apply the citrus all over their body while keeping in mind to keep off their eyes, this scent will keep them off and they will not want to ever come back. All the same, one can extract the lemon juice, add some little amount of water into the juice them pour the mixture in a spray and spray the cat all over the body, this works best as it is appropriate and saves time.

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Did you know that fleas on cats can also be fought biologically? Well, this kind of warfare has worked perfectly well for most people and today they are happy to see their cats roaming freely in their gardens without fear. Nematodes had done it before and they are still getting rid of the fleas. People will be asking how they manage to do it.  Nematodes depend on insects for survival, they are not harmful to pests and human beings, but, they do destroy flea larvae only under suitable conditions.   For one who is looking forward to reducing the fleas on their cat, it is crucial to provide these worms with moist soils.  They are simply placed near the fleas and within no time, an individual will realize the impact on the fleas’ population.

One should make good use of the fact that fleas like high temperatures and they also like light.  Well, just trap them using light and warm soapy water. This is as simple as ensuring light by placing a shallow plate with warm soapy water in place.  In return, they will hop towards the light and in the process they will be stack.

Just as discussed earlier, one solution will work for me but it won’t work for you.  This is as a result of different locations and altitudes. Moreover,  one should not give up  after trying out one remedy in vain, the other one should also be considered and so does the third idea altogether. Moreover, it is recommended that only one remedy should be considered at a time as mixing them might worsen the situation by interfering with one another.  Create a conducive environment for your pets by learning how to get rid of fleas that are roaming in the garden

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