How to Get Rid of Headache

There are so many people who get into the trouble of having a headache time to time, either be it a pain in skull or the mild annoyances, there are different treatments for the different type of headaches you are experiencing. But these headaches are relatively and highly controllable to cure by trying some easy and long lasting remedies.

How to get rid of a headache without medicine

How to get rid of a headache

  • Drink a lot of water:

Drinking a lot of water can be an easy solution to your headache, several situations are mostly likely to encourage your headache like dehydration can be one fine reason, make sure you drink water in the very start when you start having a headache this is the best way to discourage your headache taking smaller sips of a water for an entire day can help you feel better and will ease your pain as well. Recent vomiting and hangover can also be a reason to have a headache

  • Rest at some dark place:

If you want to get rid of the headache fast it is important to make some effort that will give you quick and promising results eventually. However finding some dark place where you can easily rest without and destruction can be very helpful and effective for your headache, try to find some dark place where you can lie down and rest a little, shutting your eyes and turning off the lights and focusing on your breathing can help you a lot. Also, make sure the bed you are sleeping at is pretty comfortable for you and your neck doesn’t have to bear much of a stress on it. Room temperature makes a lot of impact on the  condition of your headache some people are only easy resting a cool environment whereas can not stand the cool environment and can only relax in warm environment also make sure you avoid much of a bright and unnatural lights as this lightening  effect has a lot do with your headache you also have an option of wearing an eye mask to protect yourself from the lighting that might effect you negatively.

  • Massage:

Including all other remedies that will help you to deal with your headache taking a simple healthy massage can also help you get rid of a headache and make you feel better, you can get benefited by trying some light massage to distract yourself from the pain move your finger gently on your temples in the circulation motion, take a shower and massage your head, for drier version you can use a bit of an organ or coconut oil into your scalp with your fingers. Even for better results ask someone else to massage your neck and back possibly the touch of someone else who cares will ultimately make you feel more relaxed and ask them to focus on an occipital region as well. However to treat migraine and sinus it is very effective to massage the bridge of your nose very gently. Massaging the space between your thumb and index finger can also work in your favor as the blood vessels in your forehead to constrict are allowed by the space in between your index finger and thumb.

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How to get rid of headache fast

Try relaxation techniques:

It is always good to stay close to your comfort zone but never hesitate to try new techniques that are tried by other people around the globe, different people try the most suitable techniques they think are curing them from this pain but variety of tricks can be applied and get benefitted from. Following are some east most famous and beneficial techniques you should try to get rid of your headache

  • Visualization
  • Deep breathing
  • Enjoying binaural beats
  • Calm down
  • Sleep enough
  • Meditation
  • Prayer

All the techniques mentioned above are not only relaxing your pain but making your will power more strong as well. Deep breathing can not only help you get rid of the headache but also from many other problems as well. Meditation is done in many different ways in different parts of a world, what is most important for you is to decide and meditate yourself with the chosen practice.

Symptoms are important to be recognized:

Before the migraine gets its hold it is important to discourage it initially, therefore to avoid such conditions it is essential to take care of all the details like its symptoms.Following are the symptoms to be recognized early and stop the pain to increase and get hold on you.

  • Tunnel vision
  • Nausea
  • Difficult to concentrate
  • Issues in finding appropriate words
  • Viewing zigzag lines and seeing stars as well
  • Temporary blind spot
  • Blurred vision
  • Pain in your eyes

Stop taking stress:

Low dopamine level is  caused by the stress you take and stress leads to migraine, do not take it for granted and start taking some precautions to help yourself from, not getting any headache or severe migraine.

Try the following remedies to make yourself feel better:
  • Relax yourself and pray, meditating will also be very helpful in fighting with your head problems, by following such techniques you will also feel inner peace, some relief, and some positive connection. Focus on just getting fine and not trying new and different techniques for now, try some simple and easy meditating ways to feel relieved, stick to what you know.
  • Shift the stress of your brain to some paper and list down all your problems, imagine them transferring from you head to the piece of paper. Keep jotting down the problems and stress you have got in your life and motivate yourself by saying you can easily and will deal with it. But if you once have written all the negativity on a paper stop thinking about it and let go of it.

Ice pack:

The pain will get numbed by placing and pressing an ice pack on your forehead, this technique will help in circulating your blood and will help in shrinking your blood vessels, especially if you have a problem of migraine or sinus this technique can help you a lot with it.

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The procedure:

  • Take a thin clothe or more preferably a thin towel and wrap fee ice cubes into it and bring these wrapped ice cubes near to your forehead keep holding the ice pack there for few minutes, the frozen vegetables can also be an effective substitute to cure this, but do never touch ice cubes with your skin directly or they can badly damage your skin and get you’re hurt by it.
  • Applying a wet cold cloth on your temples and head can also be a very helpful technique to be tried as well. Keep the cold cloth for about 10 to 12 minutes on your head and temples, also keep trying and repeating this process for quiet several times to get much of a relief.

Lemon :

Lemon has got the properties that help maintaining the acid-alkaline balance in your body. It is also one ingredient that is much relaxing and refreshing this is why this particular ingredient is used and recommended to use to get rid of the headache.

  • For immediate relaxation of a pain try lemon crust pounded into a paste and apply it on your forehead, by applying this paste you will feel much relieved and more energetic then before.
  • For the headaches that are caused by the stomach problems try squeezing one-half lemon into a glass of water, mix it well and drink this liquid, by drinking this liquid the intensity of your headache will be released immediately.

See a doctor:

If nothing else is helping you to work with your headache it is then the time for you to get serious and take some important measures, headache is not caused because of a one particular reason but there are plenty of diseases that even lead you to a severe headache, a busy schedule, an excessive workout, unnecessary panicking, academic pressure, much of outings, adventurous trips and much more. All the reasons mentioned above are most likely to be the basic ones and are treated well accurately. Whereas some people are born with the headache heredity who are quiet habitual and not panicking with the headaches, migraine and sinus are also the diseases of this particular type. However, some severe health issues also cause you a headache some issues that have to do with your overall health. In all these conditions it is important to you to go and see a doctor, the doctor will write you some health tests and will treat you according to the expertise required. Because of the updated technology and improving medical the medication has been much more reliable and noticeable, so it is important to take the advice from your doctor if you are not getting the satisfactory results from all the other techniques you tried and practiced.

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