How to Get Rid of Nightmares

How to Get Rid of Nightmares

Nightmares are basically a series of bad, terrifying, scary, unwanted thoughts that are flashing your mind while you are asleep. Nightmares are more precisely bad-dreams in common terms. Some of the psychologists say that the nightmares may be experienced due to the unhealthy environmental conditions.

How to get rid of nightmares

What are Nightmares?

Nightmares are generally passive thoughts that just film in your mind when your mind is state of deep and sound sleep. Nightmares are generally presumed to be very scary and terrifying. the main subjects most people report to have been present in their nightmares is , fear , feeling of terror , elements trying to chase you to death that may be some creatures or any human beings , or some people running before you in order to kill you. Sometimes you get killed in your dreams and then eventually you get up from your sleep. In some severe cases people reportedly have woken up sweating and screaming. This is quite common in many of the people. Stress , poor health , lack of trust in yourself and unhealthy diet can also trigger the frequency of your nightmares.
However there are always remedies for everything in this world except death. You might lessen the occurrence of these nightmares to you sometime and sometimes they can be completely avoided depending upon your will.

Following can be helpful to get rid of nightmares.

Get rid of inappropriate medicines.

If you are taking a specific medicine that is not affecting your body or is not curing the disease you are taking it for, then you might discontinue threat medication as it can be the possible cause of the nightmares and it can also trigger your nightmares or in some severe cases it can also boost up the intensity of those nightmares. Therefore as a first precautionary measure , stop using that particular medicine that is not suitable for you.
It would surely help you.

Don’t Eat before sleeping

When you go to sleep it is quite preferable that you dont want anything as it would enhance the factor of having a nightmare in your dream, eating before sleep spans is not a good habit. You should eat 3 or 4 hours before you go to the bed. This can help get rid of nightmare also it can also help you improve your digestive system. Stomach also affects the activities of your brain and it should be kept in a very workable and best possible condition.

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Get rid of Stress

Stress is the main cause of many diseases and it can enhance your nightmares too. Stress can be regarding as one of the main factors that boost up the frequency of your bad dreams or simply the nightmares. Stress decreases the mental abilities and it can also cause many other side problems. You should be very careful and cautious about your routine; you should minimize the maximum possible stress causing phenomenons.
You should take a look at your daily routine and figure out the elements of stress causing things. You should take care of your health too.
If some person is bothering you or making you angry over certain issues , you should also take in account that your health and mental soundness is very very important , so you should curtail the stress causing elements.

Take a constant and complete sleep.

Sleeping is more of a blessing to the human beings by the nature and one having complete and uninterrupted sleep periods should be thankful to their creator.
If you’re facing the nightmare problem then you should be very much careful about your sleeping habits
You should care for your resting time. It should be constant and invariable for most of the time, until unless you are having your exams or very necessary tasks pending at your side and it should be very much clear that sleeping relaxes your brain it increases the mental abilities and in turn reduces the risk of having a nightmare while you are in the bed. You might have heard the very famous quote that early to bed early to rise , makes a man healthy wealthy and wise, nightmares and irregular sleeping patterns have a very direct and exclusive link with each other. So beware.

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Physical Workouts

If you are a very dull kind of person then you should shun off the very idea that you can get rid of the nightmares and it should be accounted that a person physical fitness highly affects the mental abilities of the brain and it must be kept in mind that doing small workouts can prove to be very very healthy for you and they can uplift the stress of your body and consequently you will feel that your nightmares are long gone, Nightmares are magically reduced with a mere addition of exercise in your daily routine.

Avoid Some Unhealthy Drugs

Unhealthy drugs such as the beverages containing alcohol, caffeine congaing drinks such as the tea and coffee are not a good thing for you if you really want to get rid of the scary bad – dreams.. These enhance the chances of getting affected by the night terrors and you should terminate and discontinue taking these drugs as soon as possible, it is a very good way to get rid of the nightmares. These are of no use to the body they just destroying our body silently in case of the above mentioned problem.

Stay Happy

Staying happy has no parallel in treating any problem, if you merely stay happy and keep yourself calm and ecstatic then i grantee you that a nightmare won’t even touch your bed at all. But it should be made sure that you indulge yourself in healthy activities like playing amusing yourself, spending time with your family and relatives, it would surely affect the intensity and frequency of the nightmares, and you must do it at once.

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