How to Get Rid of Red Eyes

So how to get rid of red eyes? It happens that you look into a mirror, and you find out that your eyes are red. Another term for red eyes is “bloodshot eyes”. The word “bloodshot” sounds creepy, so we’ll just keep to the term “red eyes” for this article. A long list of factors can cause red eyes. If you have been in front of the television for too long or have been consistently using your computer for the past few hours, you’ll notice that your eyes get red because of such long exposure. In some cases, if this red eye condition is not treated well, it can get severe and cause irritation that it may not happen in the early stages. This red eye condition can also lead to swelling which can result to be relatively a lot painful than the previous stages. Too much or too less sleep can also cause red eyes. Thus, doctors advise people to maintain their time of sleep and their duration of sleep so that these anomalous medical conditions don’t affect our normal way of life. Those people who wear glasses also suffer from this condition. Too much usage of contact lenses can also cause this situation. For this purpose, eye drops are available that keep the eye moist and prevent any rashes or irritation. Variation in weather patterns also causes this condition. Other factors include eyestrain from too much exposure to anything that can harm your eyes. Too much rubbing of your eyes can also cause eyestrain leading to red eyes. Anything that causes dryness in your eyes can lead to redness such as less amount of production of tears.

How to Get Rid of Red EyesThere are an enormous number of medical conditions that can potentially cause red eyes and produce irritation in your eyes. Some simple medical conditions include Mild coughs or maybe fever, throat infections. These are only a few of the simplest conditions that affect normal people. But even if these factors seem insignificant, they can potentially cause red eyes. An advanced form of red eyes is the “pink eye”. If proper care is not taken the pink eye or the Conjunctivitis, can be a more alarming condition. An eye infection, known as Blepharitis, is also another potential factor that leads to red eyes and in this condition, layers of crust are formed over the eyes.

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How to Get Rid of Red Eyes

Self healing

If the red eyes are caused by simple factors such as the simple flu or a cough or maybe because of a small duration of sleep, it can heal by itself.

Washing with clean water

It is still better even in  worst these cases to rinse your eyes with clean water. Washing with water can produce a soothing effect when you feel that your eyes are sore or tired after long hours of work.

A small nap

Another possible remedy if you feel that being tired is the cause of your red eyes, you can always take a small nap. That will give enough rest to your eyes and they eventually feel better. But if it is because of a more serious medical condition then there are some ways in which they can be treated.

Eye drops

If you want to go for household medication, nonprescription eye drops can be useful. These aren’t household, but they are still medication that you can apply on your own without any required prescription from the doctor. But if you have a particular medical condition then it would be better to ask or consult your doctor so that matters do not get even worse. Eye drops mostly possess decongestants. These decongestants are used to constrict blood vessel that have swollen and to make them relax. The eye washes that are readily available have boric powder or boric acid and even saline solutions. All of them are helpful.

Doctors Consultancy

But it should be considered that prescription from the doctor should be the priority because some eyedrops can sometimes make the matter worse and increase redness. These eyedrops may result in further irritation and infections.

Precautions while using contact lenses

Our eyes have built-in moisturizing capabilities. We have tear ducts that produce tears. These tears are natural moisturizers and are also antibacterial. They provide a soothing effect when the eyes get dry. Over-the-counter eye drops may also provide a soothing effect, but if the redness pertains for some days, then you need to have expert’s advice. Those who regularly use contact lenses need to be pretty careful so as to use only high-quality lenses. Only those eye drops should be used with these lenses prescribed by eye-care specialist.

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Precautions while using eye drops

All the liquids that you pour in your eye when in need should be bought at a drugstore because your eyes are one of the most sensitive organs, and should be sterile. But in case any toxic chemical or fiery liquid enter your eyes, the first aid should be to wash your eyes with enough water and then seek professional help. There can be people who are fighting eye allergies. These allergies can also cause red eyes. Antihistamines can assist in fighting eye allergies. For allergies, your doctor will also recommend you antibiotics. There are people who have allergic reactions to some of the chemicals in eye drops such as preservatives.

Some facts about subconjunctival hemorrhage

There is another case that sounds a bit too creepy. Sometimes when you sneeze too hard, maybe rub your eyes too hard or vigorously, it can happen that you might accidentally seed a blood capillary in your eyes to burst! This condition is called, “subconjunctival hemorrhage.” Surprisingly the subject will not feel pain. The vessel can heal all by itself naturally. But it will take some time. This condition may also occur if you’re doing some heavy lifting, or you are engaged in some activity that causes blood to be directed toward your head a lot.


Even if you are suffering from long term disease such as diabetes or you are a patient of heart diseases or any other disease that can potentially affect your blood pressure. If any of this occurs a lot in a short amount of time, you should consult your doctor immediately for proper medication.

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