How to Make Fake Nails at Home

Tips to protect against Infection from artificial nails

Tips to protect against Infection from artificial nails

Artificial nails can make your fingers look attractive and beautiful, but it is more important to make sure you do proper care of them and keep them free from infections.
The Dermatologist suggests that:

  • Use artificial nails only if your own nails are healthy.
  • Artificial nails may decline nail infections and other problems, possibly leading to nail loss.
  • For avoiding any problem first apply one nail initially to make sure that you don’t have an allergic reaction to it.
  • Wash hands clearly with water and soap, Also use a brush to clean underneath your nails.
  • Then dry your hands and nails completely.
  • Attach again if any artificial nail is loose.
  • Take care of it and remove the nails after some time every two to three months.
  • Always wear gloves when you wash clothes and dishes or while doing some yard work.

Artificial Nails and Preventing Nail Fungus and its cure

Artificial Nails and Preventing Nail Fungus and its cure

Nail fungus is generally called onychomycosis It occurs more frequently in toenails.
When finger nails are overlaid with the plastic of artificial nails, a barrier is made to the normal air flow. Fungus always grows in dark and moist places. Artificial nails can get loosened from the nail they are pasted to and an air hole can be created between both nails, that allows water to get entrapped. This gives a great breeding ground for the nail fungus to grow.
The worst problem with nail fungus infections is that they are really hard to cure and may also repeat again easily.
Nail fungus mostly grows at the tip of the nail where it touches the skin.
Nail fungus can seem as discolored, thickened, ragged or brittle at the ends of the nail.
You will have to wait for few months after treatment for the new healthy nail to grow, especially if the infection occurs again.

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The nail fungus is treated by applying a topical cream

If the nail fungus is very small the it can be treated by applying a topical anti fungal cream.
Lamisil cream consists of the alive elements of terbinafine, that fight against nail infections and other skin fungus problems.

Advantages and disadvantages of it

There are many Advantages and Disadvantages of the making fake nails.
Here are some:
Benefits of it

1. They are much stronger than natural nails

Fake nails are an another way of having beautiful nails if natural does not grow enough, or they break, and peel.
You won’t bite them and simply you will get the perfect manicure for longer.

2. Perfect French permanent

It is now possible to fulfill a dream of having a classic French manicure. You will get ideal and non hurting nails for a few weeks. It does not mean that you will leave all the other daily activities, it just means that your nails will suffer well with all tests.
You can also get some minor problems with it such as bumps or grooves on the surface of the nail but it is avoidable..

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3. Long nails

If you do not like your natural nails to keep they grow and make it long.
Protective gel helps to keep the actual length that you want to keep. Moreover, then you can use fake nail as long as you want and your natural will be protected.

4. Beautiful nails

You can get the nails of your choice by using fake nails. It is very effective and look very attractive and beautiful. You can simply make it for an event very easily.

Disadvantages of it

1. Natural nail must be filed

There is the thought that acrylic or gel strike and destruct the natural nail. Actually, it is true that natural nail is not affected too much, but because of the fabrics, but in reality that you have filed for the gel has easy hold. But still this process is not harmful to the nails than hair dye.

2. Maintenance

Even if you like it or not, false nails tighten every 2 to 3 weeks. Differently, it will look totally hideous appearing and a visible difference between gel nails is increased again.
Moreover, it depends on the length of the nails and the daily exercise and activity increases the risk of wound.

3. Addictive

Possibly the biggest defect is that it is really addictive!
They are highly practical and exclusive permanent looking nails, no longer break.
No one price is not excessive, if we count as a normal manicure charge us, but one that will be required weekly.


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