Beauty Tips Without Makeup

Natural beauty without make up is an achievable goal for any woman. The key is to make caring for your skin a long term goal and part of your lifestyle. The way your face looks will reflect the food you are eating, the exercise you get and the state of your general health. Accompanying a healthy outlook, a thorough beauty regime is essential to optimise and maintain your appearance.

Natural beauty without make upBegin by assessing the effect your diet has on your looks. Junk food and processed ready meals can have a high hard fat and sugar content. These will clog up your system with access oil, leaving your skin looking dull and grey. Leafy green vegetables and fresh fruit are packed with vitamins, nourishing your vital organs and delivering a supply of wholesome goodness.

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The vitamin C contained in oranges, blueberries and sweet potatoes encourages the natural production of collagen. This protein boosts the capillaries under your skin, giving you an enviable complexion, that doesn’t need reapplying.Your skin is your largest organ and keeping it in peak condition is an on-going task. The maintenance required goes beyond drinking plenty of water.

The drying effect of the elements will wear away at the skins natural oils, causing a feeling of tightness and allowing wrinkles a foothold. Establish a morning and night beauty routine as early as possible in life. You’re never too young to use moisturiser, but as you get older this becomes more of a necessity. Set aside some daily quiet time, in order to properly clean away the dirt and access oil on your skin. You’ll be rewarded in no time, with an enduring healthy glow.

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Begin by squirting a walnut sized blob of cleanser into your hand and warm it between your palms before applying to the skin. Warm cleanser will keep pores open and clean more thoroughly. Remove with a cotton wool pad and apply toner to refresh your face.

This encourages your skin to properly absorb moisturiser. Then use gentle broad strokes, with the tips of your fingers sweeping the moisturiser over your entire face, but avoiding the eye area.

Finish with a specific product for your eyes and a slick of lip balm.Your skin has wonderful powers of renewal and restoration, treating it with care and respect will give nature a helping hand and you’ll enjoy a peaches and cream glow.

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